18+ Old Money Outfit Ideas For Women That Scream Class & Elegance

So to put it simply as old money is more like a “quiet luxury" look, this is because it is a fashion style that doesn’t display wealth in a...
18+ Old Money Outfit Ideas For Women That Scream Class & Elegance

Are you a fan of old-money outfits, and you’re thinking about getting some for yourself?

When they say old money outfit it means to dress in a stylish way that shows luxury, wealth, class, and all this would be shown without you having to wear trendy outfits, popular labels, showy logos, and so on.

Instead, it shows off its style from the luxurious fashion of those extremely rich families of the past. 

So to put it simply as old money is more like a “quiet luxury" look, this is because it is a fashion style that doesn’t display wealth in a flashy and obvious way.

It focuses more on quality over quantity, it is one of the best ways to dress luxuriously if you ask me. 

Now let's take a look at some nice old money outfit ideas for women.

18+ Old Money Outfit Ideas For Women That Scream Class & Elegance

1. Old Money Blazer


A standard old money blazer, unlike the tight-fitting blazer this oversized blazer gives it the vintage look it requires. 

A blazer is always a classic outfit in the old money aesthetics, you are sure to look more sophisticated wearing this old money blazer.

2. Classic Old Money Top & Pants


One of the easiest ways to get a full old-money look is with classic pieces. 

A blue simple button-up shirt and a suit pant, you can look stunning yet casual with suit pants like this one and a simple button-up shirt.

3. White Trousers, Black Button Up Shirt & Sandals


Look polished and put-together with this old money outfit. 

A black vintage button-up shirt, white wide-leg pants, and black sandals. 

You can recreate this outfit during summer days and warm spring, it is perfect for those seasons.

4. Timeless Sweater + High-Waisted Jean


The simplicity of old-money outfits is one of the things that make them so sophisticated. 

A timeless round neck sweater tucked into a high-waisted blue jeans, with a brown leather belt and gold chain and your old money outfit is ready.

5. Go With The Neutrals


Going with the neutral color palette is more like the key to the old-money look. 

Old money outfits aren’t the bold or flashy kind, instead, it is classic and conservative kind, so it is best to go with timeless colors and stay away from bold patterns.

6. Quality Fabrics & Tailored Fit


Old money outfits usually have clean lines, slim silhouettes, and pleating, they are always well-tailored to fit. 

They are never skin-tight or baggy, this is to make sure they don’t look frumpy or extremely casual.

7. Cashmere Crewneck & High-Waisted Pants


You can easily recreate an old money outfit like this at home if you have the necessary pieces required. 

Get a cashmere crewneck sweater like the one in the picture tucked into tailored high-waisted pants, you are going to look elegant in it.

8. Classic White Dress


An all-white dress is sure to bring out the old-money aesthetic that you’re going for, you would look nothing short of elegant with this all-white dress. 

Complete the look with a white vintage jacket and a black accessory.

9. Button Down Dress


An old money substitute for the button-up shirt. 

Keep the button-up dress aside and get this modest button-down dress which shows class with a feminine touch without being flashy, showy, or too obvious.

10. Cashmere Sweater & Trouser


A cashmere sweater and tailored ivory trousers with black accessories. 

A well-styled old money outfit looks like money with this old money aesthetic outfit, well styled, and is not in any way flashy or too casual.

11. Pleated Trousers & Button-up Shirt


A well-tailored pleated trousers and a blue button-up shirt with brown accessories, a simple yet elegant old money outfit for you to look your absolute best with ease.

12. Old Money Trench Coat


This is a perfect outfit to master the quiet luxury that is old money aesthetic. 

An iconic timeless outfit for your everyday life, they are affordable but you would still look and feel like money.

13. Old Money Sweater Vest


A neutral beige old money sweater vest, can be paired with different outfits like jeans, skirts, or dress pants, and can be a casual or work wear. 

Wear it with a nice high-waisted pair of jeans and nice black accessories to complete the outfit.

14. Neutral Blazer


A neutral cream color blazer, paired with a high-waisted jean and white accessories, and a white inner sleeveless shirt, perfect for traveling and special occasions. 

A perfect old-money aesthetic outfit.

15. Old Money Button-Up Silk Shirt


A classic button-up silk shirt. 

You and everyone else are definitely going to fall in love with you when you wear this old money satin and silk shirt. 

Set up with cream color-tailored pants and this classic silk button-up shirt.

16. Old Money Straight-Leg Jean


A fashionable straight-leg old money jeans, good for winter, a good trousers for a special occasion or casual occasion as well. 

Pair it with a nice cashmere sweater or a button-up shirt to look your absolute best.

17. Turtle Neck Sweater & White Trouser


If you want to look simple and elegant with your old money aesthetic outfit then this is one way to go about it, with a brown turtle neck sleeveless sweater and white tailored trousers with brown sandals. 

Perfect for spring and summer.

18. High-Waisted Jean & Zip Sweater


It doesn’t get any better than this, there is hardly any easier way to go old money than with a nice white zip sweater and white high-waisted jeans complemented with brown accessories to finish it up. 


Show off luxury, wealth, and class in your old-money outfits without trendy outfits, popular labels, and logos, instead, it would show off the luxurious style of wealthy families of the past 

Keep in mind that you don’t need a closet filled with luxurious pieces to recreate your old money outfits. 

All you need are classic pieces and you can have your old money outfit ready to go.

I hope you’ve found your answer on how to get your old money look with the right outfits and the proper pieces you’d need to recreate your old money outfits from this guide.

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