20+ Old Money Nail Ideas That Are Too Classy Not To Recreate

In this post, you will see over 20 images of nails that are generally considered old money style, and why you need to recreate them.
20+ Old Money Nail Ideas That Are Too Classy Not To Recreate

So, you are looking for nail ideas that give off the old money vibes?

You know, the kind of nails you get done that screams sophistication, elegance, and class.

Well, you have come to the right place, I have got you covered on that.

Old money fashion statements have been trending for a while and while it may seem a little vintagey to some people, the style still favors some.

If you are a minimalist person, you may even find out that the “old money” style kinda suits you.

If you don’t know what “old money” means, it is wealth that has been passed down from generation to generation; the kind of wealth you see in movies (Example: Gossip Girl’s Nate Archibald).

So yeah, one way or the other, people started associating the old money term with fashion pieces and it sort of stuck; fashion pieces like nails, outfits, cars, and more have since started adopting the “old money” style.

In this post, you will see over 20 unique images of nails that are generally considered old money style, and why you need to recreate them.

20+ Old Money Nail Ideas That Are Too Classy Not To Recreate

So, before we step into this era of sophistication and timeless class, you need to know that not every nail polish can be used to recreate old money nails.

When you want to spend old money on your nails, it is best to consider darker shades, nothing too bright and all over the place.

The designs on any old money-themed nails MUST be minimal, nothing too much, no grunge or geometric designs.

Also, these are nails you can wear almost anywhere; the best thing about old money nails is that they almost match any occasion or outfit.

Moving on, let's get started with that list:

1. Simple French tips

french tips ideas

As I mentioned, everything about old money nails should be simple and a simple French tip nail is a good example.

2. Glossy beige

old money nail design ideas

Another example of the minimalism of old money nail designs.

Sticking with a glossy nail finish will never go wrong and here is the proof.

3. Soft pastel yellow and glitter

If you are not into the very dark shades of nail color then this is a set you can copy.

The glitter designs on them are not all over the place, I can say she did a good job on them.

4. Soft marble

old money nails with marble designs

If you love marble nails then this is a look for you.

There isn’t any occasion you can’t wear this nail too, which is a good thing.

5. Medium heart nails in pastel pink

Medium heart nails in pastel pink

Here is any simple nail design that screams old money.

The pastel pink is a good choice and the designs are adorable.

6. Nude French tip

french tips old money nails

Okay, I am a big believer that French tip nails will never go out of style, and with the way she replaced the popular white color with a buff one, super creative.

7. Gloss over soft pink

glossy old money nail ideas

The way this nail set is sparkling, you would never believe that the main color is actually soft pink; super cute!

8. French tips nails with a little twist

french tip nails with hearts

If you want to switch things out a bit on classic white French tips nails, you can always add little hearts in red or blue colors just like in the photo.

9. Jelly nails with hearts

clear nails with hearts

This set is as far as minimalism can go IMO.

I can immediately imagine the clean look these nails will give to the wearer.

10. Soft red

Red is not usually a soft color and we all know why.

This soft blood-red color is actually a good one to recreate old money nail designs.

11. Gold lines

white old money nails

The first time I saw these nails I had difficulty deciding what it was, I finally settled for beige or light purple.

But these are cute, the gold lines further elevated the look.

12. Soft blue almond nails

blue aesthetic old money nails

The beauty of old money nails usually lies in their length and here’s the proof.

The soft almost baby blue color is a good choice and I love how she minimized the designs.

13. Silver hearts

aesthetic old money nails

I talked about the simplicity of jelly nails in No.9 above and here is another example.

This time she added more stars; white, black, and silver.

14. Pink and red

aesthetic pink old money nails

Okay, bright-colored nails aren’t really popular with the old money style but I would totally rock these if I had generational wealth, so why not you?

15. Twin nails

double color nail ideas

This design is a great way to tone down your favorite bright-colored nails without doing too much.

The little hearts however aren’t that necessary, you can always do with them.

16. Galaxy almond nails

galaxy nail design ideas

Another minimal way to effortlessly slay the old money fashion here is a look for you and you’re welcome.😊

17. Medium blush pink

long old money nail ideas

This blush or lemonade pink nail set is so adorable I couldn’t resist including them in this list.

It is so simple, can be paired with any outfit and you bet it can pass for a Gen Z old money nail design.

18. Sequins and marbles

sequin nail ideas

This nail set is just too elegant to miss out on.

The dedicated sequins design is my favorite and I love how they look like what I could wear on New Year’s Eve.

19. Bossy old money nails

black old money nail ideas

This is almost similar to the previous nails but in darker shades of nail polish colors.

I love the boss lady vibes it gives off and I would definitely be rating this design an 8.

20. Short classic rose nails

baby pink old money nails

Okay, this nail color could be a baby pink or classic rose but the important thing is how cute they are.

I love how short they are and the no-design look somehow speaks volumes.


And that is all I have for now on old money-themed nail design ideas that are very classy and scream elegant.

In summary, the best thing to consider when trying to get nails with the trendy old money style on them is to keep things minimal, the colors and the designs most importantly.

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