23 Old Money Home Décor Ideas That Scream Sophistication

When it comes to old money décor you need decorations that don’t show off with heavy price tags, flashy showy logos, known expensive brands...

Are you a fan of old money style and decorations, and you love to get old money décor ideas for your house?

Old money is a fashion trend that some refer to as stealth wealth or as some people say, wealth that you inherited but not work for. 

Or you can also call it quiet luxury, this is all basically associated with old money.

Let’s just put it in a simpler term nothing to prove, or not trying too hard to show off your wealth. 

To wear expensive things but without flashy logos or expensive labels, and so on.

When it comes to old money décor you need decorations that don’t show off with heavy price tags, flashy showy logos, known expensive brands, etc.

Now let’s take a look at some really nice old money décor ideas.

23 Old Money Home Décor Ideas That Scream Sophistication

1. Old Money Hallway/Entryway Décor

Old Money Home Décor Ideas

Looking to style your hallway or your entryway with old money décor, then this is a really good option. 

A lot of old money homes have a timeless entryway table that is rich in color, a nice vintage chair, and a cool vintage rug.

2. Old Money Living Room

Old Money Home Décor Ideas

You have to admit an old money living room décor like this one looks really good. 

Everything in the décor works so perfectly together, the wall art with timeless frame, the cozy chairs, the vintage table which is rich in color, and finish it up with a nice vintage chandelier.

3. Old Money Wall Art Gallery

Old Money wall Décor Ideas

One of the ways to make your home interior décor scream old money is by having the empty wall space in your home filled with nice vintage wall art. 

Get brass picture frames and insert pictures of your family, yourself, or any other art piece that you love.

4. Large Picture and Candle Scones

Old Money living room Décor Ideas

A large picture with nice vintage art is a good way to decorate your home in old money style. 

Mix up the large picture that has a brass picture frame with candle scones, your home is definitely going to have that old-money feel with this décor idea.

5. Old Money Bathroom

Old Money bathroom Décor Ideas

A very classy bathroom that speaks old money. 

With the wall scones that are brass exactly like the brass mirror with vintage design, and the vintage tap and handle design. 

You get a classy and clean old money bathroom décor.

6. Old Money Bathroom Cabinet

Old Money cabinet Ideas

Replace your bathroom cabinet as well to an old vintage style bathroom cabinet.

A dark cherry bathroom cabinet would definitely create a vintage style to match with the vintage style mirror and wall scones.

7. Old Money Bedroom

Old Money bedroom Décor Ideas

When setting up your home décor to an old money style, you can’t forget the bedroom. 

Just imagine having a timeless old money bedroom like this one, with the brass bed with deep cherry color and the nice bed shelf to match it. 

Get a silk, velvet or satin bedsheets to get that luxurious old money feel.

8. Old Money Kitchen

Old Money kitchen Décor Ideas

Style up your kitchen in an old money fashion to match with the other old money décor in your home. 

A vintage French stove, vintage top shelves and vintage bottom shelves all in dark cherry color.

9. Old Money Aesthetic Wallpaper

Old Money living room Décor Ideas

Wallpapers are one of the major décors for an old money home interior. 

Get lots of vintage classy looking wallpapers with different colors and design and set them up around your home to bring that old money décor to life.

10. Old Money Dinning Room

Old Money dinning room Décor Ideas

Bring that old money ambiance to your home by getting nice old-money dinning room décor. 

Get a nice vintage chandelier with candles and timeless dinning table set, made of nice brass wood with dark cherry color.

11. Old Money Hallway Décor

Old Money Hallway Décor Ideas

A lot of houses have many hallways, and if your home s one of them, then consider adding a few pictures in vintage frames in the hallways, add nice timeless mirrors and vintage hallway tables as well.

12. Corner Old Money Décor

Old Money entryway Décor Ideas

If your home has a small corner, then this is your chance to give it a gorgeous old money décor. 

Get a small table and decorate it like an entry table, place a table top, candles, plants, books and some nice wall art in vintage frames.

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13. Vintage Bar Cart

Old Money bar Décor Ideas

Using a bar cart to add that old money décor to your home is a nice idea.

First you get a brass vintage bar cart, then decorate it with things like candle sticks, flowers, vintage drinks and so on.

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14. Old Money Entryway

Old Money entryway Décor Ideas

A gorgeous old money entryway décor idea. 

This entryway screams old money, in a lot of old 80s and 90s movies, those wealthy people always tend to have an entryway that looks a lot like this one, especially the wall décor design.

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15. Vintage Old Money Closet

Old Money wardrobe Décor Ideas

I can’t think of any other décor in your bedroom that can give off old money vibes as much as a vintage old money closet. 

You can also get an old money candle chandelier to add more old money touch to your bedroom coupled with the vintage closet.

16. Old Money Office Space

Old Money study table Décor Ideas

If you are someone who works from home and you have a home office space, then you can decorate to become an old money office. 

Get a nice vintage table and chair, and a vintage office closet all in vintage color like dark cherry or black.

17. Vintage Lounge Chair

Old Money couch Ideas

Old money homes as seen in a lot of 80s and 90s movies always have a nice vintage lounge chair by the window. 

To give your home that old money vibe, get a vintage lounge chair and place it by the window and a small table for a relaxation spot.

18. Vintage Old Money Nightstand

Old Money nightstand Décor Ideas

A nice vintage nightstand that speaks old money. 

Further create the old money feel with some nice nightstand décor, like flowers, a cute old country house picture in vintage frame, books and a table lamp.

19. Vintage Minimalist Bedroom

Old Money bedroom Ideas

There are many ways to transform your bedroom into a nice old money bedroom. 

This is a simple yet gorgeous old money bedroom style for the minimalist lovers out there, the dark vintage wall color and the large wall art really brings the style to life.

20. Vintage Vanity Idea

Old Money vanity Ideas

You can get that extremely wealthy rich girl vibe from this vanity setup.

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The brass frames on the vanity dresser and mirrors really brings the old money vibe to life. 

A stunning old money décor idea that’s perfect for ladies.

21. Old Money Center Table

Old Money centre Ideas

You can’t have a complete old money living room décor with a nice vintage old money center table. 

The round design of the table to the dark cherry color all make this old money table gorgeous and the final piece to make your living room into the old money living room you’ve always wanted.

22. Old Money Chandelier

Old Money Chandelier ideas

An old money chandelier gives all that old money décor to your living room that it was lacking. 

This chandelier is not only beautiful but timeless and makes your living room really gorgeous.

23. Vintage Old Money Console Table

Vintage Old Money Console Table

A nice vintage old money console table is a good way to add final old money touches to your home. 

They are a great choice for storage and small spaces, design the table with timeless lamp, flower, picture and a nice mirror in vintage frame.


Getting that old money décor in your home is a very good way to make your home look absolutely great and stand out among your friends’ homes.

There are so many old money décor ideas that can transform your home into a wealthy looking home from the 80s or 90s.

23 of some of the best old money décor ideas have been listed above for you to choose from and recreate. 

These old money décor ideas are sure to give you the old money home you’ve always wanted.

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