What To Wear If You Are A Short And Chubby Woman (14 Ideas)

In this guide, I present to you 14 photos of what you can wear as a short chubby woman and look absolutely wonderful in them.
What To Wear If You Are A Short And Chubby Woman

Can’t find stunning outfits to wear as a short and chubby woman?

First things first, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, which means we are all beautiful on the inside and out. 

So you shouldn’t really be bothered if you can’t wear all those trendy clothes you see all around, those who truly love you would love you regardless.

Now putting that aside, it can be hard to find clothes that fit our figure if we happen to be either too tall, too slim, too short, chubby, and so on. 

And if you belong to the short and chubby group then throw your worries out the window.

Because it is possible to find outfits that would fit you perfectly and you would look absolutely stunning while wearing these outfits. 

In this guide, I present to you 14 photos of what you can wear as a short chubby woman and look absolutely wonderful in them.

Chubby and short styling tips

14 Outfit Ideas For Short And Chubby Women

1. Peplum Dress

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Honestly, a peplum dress isn’t something you can wear every day of the week, but it is a dress that is sure to give you the best shape when you do put it on even as a short chubby woman.

2. A Short Cardigan

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As a short chubby woman, it is best if you avoid long cardigans, instead, you should go for a shorter cardigan, one that is just about as long as to get to your waist at most. 

It helps to add natural layers to your body and it complements anything else you wear.

3. Sleeveless Oversized Vest

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One of the best tops to wear as a short chubby woman is a sleeveless oversized vest.

Oversized vests help to compliment your body while you rock it and look good doing it.

4. Oversized Winter Cardigan

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Easy to look good with a winter oversized cardigan with a nice short velvet skirt. 

Tuck your oversized cardigan into the skirt for a nice casual fashion style, with that, you won’t see any belly bulge showing out.

5. Wrap Dress

Recreate this look:

You can hardly look wrong even as a short chubby woman in a dress like this one, the fluffy arms and the design of an aesthetic dress usually add natural layers to your body. 

Oversized clothes even as a dress are always a good choice for chubby women.

6. Monochrome Outfit

Recreate this look:

Another way to look good as a chubby woman is by dressing in monochrome. 

Wear a shade from top to bottom that is very similar, this would help you make your frame look more elegant.

7. Oversized Blazer

Recreate this look:

Feel fresh and look alive with an oversized blazer, easy to move freely in and it is sure to freshen up your look.

Have you looking smart and ready and it would compliment your shape.

8. Tube Dress

Recreate this look:

Do not let anyone deceive you into believing that chubby women can’t wear tube dresses, they absolutely can.

You can rock a tube dress like this one and even copy the entire style and wear a matching hat and sunglasses.

9. High Neck & Slip Dress

Recreate this look:

An outfit for winter. 😉

Want to wear your beautiful slip dress in winter and want to stay as warm as possible, then wear a high neck with the slip dress and you can still look absolutely gorgeous in both clothes.

10. Asymmetrical Dress

Recreate this look:

A great outfit idea for summer, get asymmetrical dresses like this one and look like a queen in summer. 

Show off that even a short chubby woman like yourself can look stunning just as much as anyone else. 

Top it up with some nice sandals.

11. Black Nylon Rain Jacket

Recreate this look:

Sure this jacket was designed for when it is raining to keep you warm and keep your body dry, but it is a jacket that goes with everything you pair it with. 

Just take a look at the jeans and white inner she has on, the jacket fits so well with it.

12. Blazer and Pant Set

Recreate this look:

You can also join every other lady out there with a nice blazer and pants set. 

With an oversized blazer and oversized high-waisted pants with a white ladies' singlet, your time to look gorgeous has arrived.

13. Asymmetrical O Neck Straight Dress

Recreate this look:

I believe this dress speaks for itself, you won’t even have to worry and looking shapeless or too big with a dress like this. 

The straight dress design helps you add layers to your body and prevents any belly bulge from appearing.

14. Satin Button Down Shirt

Recreate this look:

One of the best ways to wear a satin button-down shirt like this one is with a nice blue oversized jean, not baggy regular oversized jeans so that can fit you well as a chubby lady. 

Tuck in one part of the shirt into the jeans and leave the other part out, you would look nothing more than amazing in it.


Do not forget that no matter how it may look we are all beautiful, beauty is in the eye of the beholder as it is said. 

But even with that we all still want to look as good as we can whenever we can.

Sometimes it is hard to find what to wear as a chubby and short woman, but it isn’t impossible. 

This is why we have gathered a list of outfits to wear as a short and chubby woman.

You can rest assured that you will look amazing in the outfits listed above. 

So, browse the list and begin to choose the outfits that speak to you that you know you would love.

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