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20 Lovely Easter Party Decor Ideas That You Can Recreate

With this list of 20 Easter party ideas we have provided in this guide, there is no excuse for you not to be able to create the perfect Easter party..
easter party decor ideas

Are you wondering what to do for your Easter party celebration as Easter draws closer with every day that passes?

When it comes to planning an Easter party, there are so many things to do, and lots of really nice Easter party ideas. 

It might get a little stressful with the party preparations, but as long as it is done right it will all be worth it.

The best part about it is you can do simple things and still have a fun Easter party, like plan fun Easter games, use nice Easter decorations for the party, and plan a nice Easter brunch, the list is almost endless.

It could be an Easter party for your kids, or one for you and your friends, or a full family Easter party. 

Either way with the party ideas we have prepared for you in this guide, you would have a really lovely Easter party.

20 Lovely Easter Party Ideas That You Can Recreate

1. Bake A Cake

Easter Cake Ideas

Usually, people only bake cakes for very special occasions like weddings, birthdays, sometimes anniversaries, and so on.

But you can bake a lovely cake for your Easter party just like this 80's “Oh I Wanna Dance With SomeBunny" Easter cake, your guests are going to love this for sure!

2. Easter Bunny Cupcakes

Easter Bunny Cupcakes

You can decide not to do something as glamorous as a huge fancy cake for your Easter party, instead, you can opt for lovely Easter bunny cupcakes. 

Extremely delicious cupcakes with bunny toppings, this is sure to get everyone’s mood up.

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3. Easter/Spring Party Centerpiece

Easter/Spring Party Centerpiece

Add depth to your Easter party decorations with a lovely bunny floral centerpiece. 

You’ll need a nice table tray, a bunny vase with two bunnies joined together with one having its ears up and the other its ears down, in a flower nest with white eggs, with pink and green flowers beside the bunnies.

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4. Easter Party Garden Theme Tablescape

Easter Party Garden Theme Tablescape

To spread the Easter spirit more in your Easter party celebration, you should consider recreating this garden-themed tablescape.

Use the plates to serve food, and the cup to serve drinks, set every table at the party with a lovely garden tablescape.

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5. Easter Gingerbread House

Easter Gingerbread House

Gingerbread houses are common mostly to Christmastime, but no law says that is only when you can have one. 

You can order a nice Easter gingerbread house for your Easter party, it has carrots, a bunny, and a chick as part of its design, isn’t it lovely?

6. Breakable Chocolate Easter Surprise Egg

Breakable Chocolate Easter Surprise Egg

This Easter party idea works best if you have kids at the party. 

Kids would love the chance to break this chocolate surprise egg, you can set it up as a game like swinging at piñata, have the kids blindfolded, and let them take turns trying to find and smash the egg with only three swings each. 

Your kids and their friends would love this.

7. Decorate With Easter Banner

Easter Banner

A lovely Easter decoration goes a long way to get the party in the Easter spirit, your guests would enjoy the party better if there were nice decorations around. 

Like this Easter bunny banner, it is adorable, looks good and it is something you can easily set up yourself.

8. Bunny Ice Cream Cones

Bunny Ice Cream Cones

Aren’t these just adorable?

Having delicious bunny ice cream cones at your Easter party is an idea everyone would love both kids and adults alike, instead of holding a cup of fruit juice, have everyone hold an ice cream cone instead. 

A sweet treat to sweeten up the party.

9. Beautiful Easter Egg Wreath

Easter Egg Wreath

Make it a point of duty that something nice greets your guests as they arrive for your Easter party. 

And what better way to do that than with a lovely & shiny Easter wreath like this one, with gold pink, and silver eggs that all glitter, your guests would love the party as soon as they get to the door.

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10. Fruit Kabobs With Peeps

Fruit Kabobs With Peeps for easter

If your Easter party features kids, your kids, their friends, and perhaps your neighbors’ kids, then this is a nice Easter party treat idea to consider.

Add colorful bunny peeps on fruit kabobs of strawberry, pawpaw, pineapple, grape, blueberries, and red globes. 

All the kids would gobble these up in no time.

11. Send Out Lovely Invitation Cards

Easter Invitation Cards

Here is how to make your Easter party egg-stra special, you should send out lovely invitation cards to all your friends you want at the party. 

Due to technology, the easiest way is to send out email inventions and all, but where’s the fun in that? 

This party idea works best for an Easter party for you and your pals only.

12. Bunny Gift Bags

Bunny Gift Bags

Make sure your guests don’t just leave empty-handed after the party, arrange nice bunny gift bags with treats as an appreciation for their attendance at your Easter party. 

Design a paper bag to look like a bunny, and fill it with juicy Easter treats.

13. Easter Party Carrot Juice

Easter Party Carrot Juice recipe

Is it a party if there are no tasty drinks around? 

You literally can’t have an Easter party with drinks, so you have to make arrangements for lovely drinks like this Easter carrot juice. 

Have the carrot juice in a dispenser and disposable cups so everyone can get drinks themselves anytime during the party.

14. Easter/Spring Bunny Chocolate Appetizers

Easter/Spring Bunny Chocolate Appetizers

Before the main meal is served at your party, make provisions for appetizers. 

A no better way to go about that than with this delicious Easter bunny chocolate strawberry appetizer. 

Dip the strawberries in hot thick chocolate then put them inside a freezer and let it get frozen, do this a night before the party so they can be ready and served at the party.

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15. Easter Party Bunny Bowling

Easter Party Bunny Bowling

Set up a lovely game for your kids and their friends at the party to play and enjoy.

Adults can join in as well, set it that anyone who knocks out all the bunny bottles in one hit wins and gets a gift. 

Attack cardboard bunny heads to an empty water bottle add a little liquid to make it heavy enough to stand but light enough to be knocked over by the ball, and you have your Easter party bunny bowling ready to go.

16. Organize Easter Party Props

Easter Party Props

Organize Easter party props for your guests and yourself so everyone can look like the Easter mood not just feel it. 

Take fun pictures with the props, look silly with the props, play games with them, and so on. 

It could be bunny props, chick props, egg props, and so on.

17. Easter Party Balloon Backdrop

Easter Party Balloon Backdrop

Having a nice backdrop at your Easter party is a lovely party idea, it is a nice way for you and your guests, kids, and adults alike to take nice pictures.

You can match this up with the party props and take silly pictures that you all can look back on fondly. 

Get a green rug wall, and arrange colorful balloons around it.

18. Serve With Easter Egg Tray

Easter Egg Tray

Serve foods, drinks, appetizers, or desserts with this Easter-themed egg tray. 

Add some nice colorful Easter eggs on the size of the tray which is also shaped like an egg, as you use it to serve your guests. 

You can even package it as a gift for your guests, they would love it.

19. Easter Bunny Piñata 

Easter Bunny Piñata ideas

We know what you’re thinking, isn’t piñatas a birthday party thing? 

Sure but that doesn’t mean you can’t have one at your Easter party. 

Your guests would be thrilled to break this adorable piñata open as there would be lots of Easter candies inside.

20. Easter Egg Cheesecake Dessert

Easter Egg Cheesecake Dessert recipe

Organize a delicious Easter-themed dessert to end the party, just like how we are using this Easter party idea to end the list. 

Give your guests the final taste of something delicious like this Easter egg cheesecake for dessert, your guests would love it, seriously who wouldn’t?

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Bring your friends, loved ones, and family together for a lovely time this Easter with a nice Easter party celebration, it would be a good way to reconnect, bond and have lots of fun with one another.

There are lots of things to do, play games, hang out, take nice memorable pictures, and if that isn’t their thing then there’s always the food, nobody says no or dislikes sweet free food.

With this list of 20 Easter party ideas we have provided in this guide, there is no excuse for you not to be able to create the perfect Easter party this coming Spring.

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