15+ Easy Easter and Spring Dessert Charcuterie Board Ideas That Your Guests Will Love

Keep reading to discover these kick-ass dessert charcuterie ideas for Easter and Spring.

15+ Easy Easter and Spring Dessert Charcuterie Board Ideas That Your Guests Will Love

So, it’s Spring and the Easter celebrations are almost here and as an attentive person, you have been looking for quick and easy dessert board ideas to serve your guests?

Don’t worry, look no further as I have got you covered in that area; your Easter/Spring dessert board is about to be the most talked about this season.

When trying to compile a spring or easter dessert or charcuterie board for your loved ones, you need to pick the dessert items based on the people who will be attending.

Or in the case where you are just making this board for personal use, then you don’t have to worry too much as you already know your favorite type of desserts.

However, whether you are hosting a bug crowd or just yourself and your family, these Easter/Spring dessert boards will impress them.

The recipe ideas for making these boards are so simple, that most of them do not even require any cooking; so, keep reading to discover these kick-ass dessert charcuterie ideas for Easter and Spring.

15+ Easy Easter and Spring Dessert Charcuterie Board Ideas That Your Guests Will Love

15+ Easy Easter Dessert Charcuterie Board Ideas That Your Guests Will Love
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Before I get started on this list of easy Easter and Spring dessert board ideas, you need to take note of a couple of things when trying to create dessert boards:

  • The best type of containers or plates for dessert boards are usually these ones.
  • When trying to compile a dessert or charcuterie board always pick the items based on the people that will be eating it.
  • The more colorful your dessert board is, the more attractive and delicious it will appear.

With that, let's get started on the list:

1. Rabbit ears and macaroons trail mix

This easter dessert board of macaroons, Easter bunny candies, crackers, marshmallows, cheese, and candy eggs is the perfect idea for this season.

You can easily recreate this without having to use all the items that you see in the photo; just go for a smaller plate and you are good to go.

2. Spring umbrella

This dessert board is super cute, and I especially love the umbrella carrot candies.

The coated strawberries look so creative too, and this is a board you would never go wrong with.

3. Egg nest candy board

This dessert board is so cute that without a good eye and strong taste buds, you might not be able to tell what is on it.

If the type of dessert board you are looking to serve your guests this season is candy-themed, then this is the board for you.

4. Partly Vegan Easter dessert mix

When you are not sure of the caliber of the crowd that will be attending your Easter/Spring party where you intend to serve dessert, this vegan/non-vegan mix charcuterie board is the board to copy.

5. Green life dessert board

This non-vegan/vegan dessert board will impress your easter or Spring party guests.

This contains a little bit of everything, including veggies; tell me how you could go wrong with serving this.

6. Grape and carrot veggie board with dip

Okay, I love this healthy dessert board idea, and I hope you do too.

This one contains grapes, carrots, orange slices, bacon, pretzels, and any delicious dip to go with it.

7. Candy and carrots charcuterie board

This is hands down the cutest board on this list and the proof is in the photo.

If your guests have a sweet tooth, then this is a lovely dessert board to recreate for their sake.

8. Stuffed carrot dessert board

Have you ever seen anything so creative? I bet you haven’t.

Trust me, if I ever get my hands on this board, you bet I will try the stuffed carrot first.

9. Strawberry for Easter

You know, uncoated strawberries aren’t made just for Valentine’s Day; you can use them almost any season.

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I especially love the cheese cuts, the biscuits, and of course the dip.

10. Raspberries, eggs, grapes, and cheese Easter grazing board

This is another great Easter or Spring dessert board idea for a couple of vegan guests.

The trick is in the arrangement, so what makes a dessert board attractive is usually the initial arrangement.

11. Bunny ears icing

This is a perfect dessert board for Easter; from the Oreos to the cute icing bow tie.

Tell me how you could ever go wrong with serving this.

12. Coated dessert board for Spring

Another great dessert charcuterie board inspiration that you can recreate this Spring.

This is great for guests who have no issues with sugar and lots of cake icing.

13. Simple Easter/Spring dessert board

Just as the name implies, this is a very easy-to-recreate charcuterie board that you can serve your guests this season.

The effortlessness in this is super cute and I am definitely going for something like this if I decide to serve desserts at my parties this Spring.

14. Everything Easter eggs

I don’t know what else would scream “Easter” to your guest than this platter.

I am really loving the adorable varieties of Easter eggs almost in every spring color you can think of.

15. Mister Easter Bunny dessert board

For an easter themed dessert board, this is super cute and healthy and should be framed.

From the asparagus to the broccoli, everything looks super neat and appetizing.


As you can see, I wasn’t kidding when I said that these are the easiest and the most delicious dessert boards that you can share with your loved ones during Easter or Spring.

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Even if you are not so good in the kitchen, the time it would take you to recreate any of these boards is almost less than 30 minutes.

If you loved these posts, then I bet you are going to love these even more.

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