17+ Best Easter Tablescape Ideas To Get Festive For The Season

If you are looking to host a few friends and family over on Easter day, you might want to consider nice table settings that match the celebration. H..
17+ Best Easter Tablescape Ideas To Get Festive For The Season

Are you looking for table setting or tablescape ideas that are Easter-themed?

If yes, then you are on the right blog, I have got you covered on that.

If you are looking to host a few friends and family over on Easter day, you might want to consider nice table settings that match the celebration.

If you didn't know already, table settings and tablescapes are almost the same thing but the latter requires more elaborate decors like centerpieces, and co.

So you must have that in mind when trying to decorate a table for an Easter dinner or any occasion.

However, the ideas you will see as you scroll will be a mixture of both tablescapes and table settings, and because you now know the difference you will know exactly what you want.

17+ Best Easter Tablescape Ideas To Get Festive For The Season

This post is about the best Easter table settings and tablescape ideas.

However, before we get started with the list, here are a few things to consider when retreating an Easter table setting:

1. You need to have Easter-themed dinnerware set even down to the napkins; the centerpieces too have to match the occasion.

2. Try to keep the decor simple and less cluttered.

3. There are a lot of table theme ideas to pick from like:

Pastel: requires the softest of colors, plain colorful dinnerware, napkins, and centerpieces.

Eggs and bunnies: recreating this will need you to match the classic Easter theme, almost everything on your table has to match an egg and bunnies or have a photo of either.

Elegant: this one is sticking to the basics (gold, rose gold, silver) with maybe one or two items on your table matching the occasion. The trick to creating elegant Easter tablescapes is to be as minimalist as you can.

Rustic and vintage: want a rustic-themed Easter table setting, then you have to be yourself, no need to break the bank; it's all about trying to find beauty in simple things.

Garden fresh: since Easter comes spring, throwing a garden-themed party will never be a bad idea.

You only need to make your table as flowery and fruity as you can, you should be able to see what I mean as you scroll.

1. Lemon-themed tablescape


This Easter tablescape idea is so cool!

Looks really easy to recreate, even down to the plastic lemon on the plates.

All you need is a few flower centerpieces, a similar dinnerware set, fake candles, and customized napkins, and you are ok to go.

2. Pink-themed Easter tablescape


Here's a simple yet charming Easter tablescape idea.

This is quite easy to recreate; with a few napkin art skills as shown in the photo and that's it.

3. Classic Easter table


Okay, this seems more elaborate but very elegant.

Doesn't seem like replicating this will take too much especially if you own a dinnerware set similar to this.

4. Elegant and chic


This is a good example of what an elegant Easter table setting looks like.

It's so easy to recreate because the decor isn't much.

Even the Easter eggs can be substituted with Easter bunnies.

5. Vintage pink


The Easter bunny centerpiece is a nice touch for this vintage-inspired table setting.

Overall, this seems too easy to recreate even if you don't have a pink dinnerware set.

6. Rose gold garden


Want to throw a garden-themed dinner for Easter, here is a visual guide for you.

This table setting is perfect for a dinner for 3 and doesn't require much decor.

7. Garden and eggs


This is the type of table decor to go for if you want less cluster and want to mix two or more table decor themes.

I love the tulips and napkin art; very festive.

8. Bunnies in a cup


For a dinner of 4 or fewer, this table-setting decor will serve.

Wow your guests with the cute table bunny figurines, I think they cost about $17 on Amazon.

9. Carrot fresh


It took me a while to figure out what to name this table setting and the only thing I could come up with was "carrot fresh".

This table setting is a great way to showcase your creativity to your guests during Easter or spring.

10. Outdoor Easter table setting

outdoor Easter table settings ideas

And for the outdoor dinner enthusiasts in the building, here is a visual idea I bet you will love.

11. Blue Easter

blue Easter bunny table settings ideas

Another adorable Easter table setting; love everything about the table decor.

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Even the fake-knit bunnies and the blue eggs are just too cute.

12. Long table decor

elegant Easter Tablescape Ideas

If you will be hosting a big crowd this Easter then I think you will love this.

It is so easy to recreate especially if you already have an Easter-themed dinnerware set, the only decor you might not are the grass bunnies and tiny garden baskets.

13. Plaid napkins Easter table setting

chic Easter Tablescape Ideas

Another simple Easter table decor idea that you can't help but want to copy.

I love how the decor was kept to a minimum yet everything stands out.

14. Green and pink

green and pink Easter Tablescape Ideas

Okay, this is a table I want to eat from.

The theme is quite rustic, not what most people would consider elegant but I love the simplicity.

15. Easter vintage breakfast table

vintage Easter Tablescape Ideas

You can never go wrong with vintage breakfast tables.

I mean just look how festive everything on that table is; very okay for an intimate breakfast.

16. Lemonade party

lemon Tablescape Ideas

When I want to host a spring versus easter dinner party, this is what I mean.

I love the lemon detailing down to the yellow candles, very springy.

17. Black and white Easter table setting

Easter Tablescape Ideas

Yes, I saved the best for the last, and if you read up to here congratulations.

If you are anything like me, you are going to love recreating this table decor.

All you will need is plaid napkins, a plain white or black dinnerware set, the bunny ears, and the thorns centerpiece.


And that is all I have for now on Easter table settings and tablescapes that are too charming not to recreate.

In summary, sticking to a theme in the simplest way is the key to creating the perfect Easter dinner table.

And know that these table setting ideas are not just limited to Easter, most of them can be used throughout spring.

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