Is July Too Late For A Graduation Party?

When is the best time to throw a graduation party? well, we intend to answer that question in this guide, with some other important tips for hosting..
Is July Too Late For A Graduation Party?

Are you thinking about throwing a graduation party in July, but wondering if it would be too late?

A graduation party happens to be one of the best things about graduating, as it shows the end of one part of our lives and moving to something new, something bigger, and something better.

The party celebrates the graduates, all the graduates' struggles, achievements, failures, yes even failures, because without failure we can’t truly grow. 

However, there are lots of things to consider when planning a graduation party.

From the graduation décor to the theme, the drinks, the food, and then there is the time. 

When is the best time to throw a graduation party? well, we intend to answer that question in this guide, with some other important tips for hosting a lovely graduation party.

Is July Too Late For A Graduation Party?

July is not too late for a graduation party. 

June and July are pretty much the best time to host a graduation Party, this is around the time of the holiday when most people would be at home.

Once August comes, most people will be going back to school, so August would be too late for a graduation party, better to avoid planning for any graduation party at that time, or else you and your parents might be the only ones to attend the party.

The best time to plan a graduation party would be June and early July. 

Late in July can work as well, but some people might already have plans for that time, so early July or middle July is absolutely perfect for the party.

Also have it in mind that it is best to schedule the party hours to a time during the day that would be convenient for everyone to arrive, sometimes not too early and sometimes not too late, at least 3 or 5 hours in the afternoon or early evening works just fine.

We recommend weekends for a graduation party, and early evening to be precise, this way everybody would be home, and they would have finished pretty much anything they have to do at the time, however, if the afternoon is more convenient for you, then go for it.

Picking The Perfect Time For A Grad Party

As noted earlier, weekends are pretty much the best time to throw a graduation party to accommodate everyone as weekdays can get really busy. 

However, you aren’t the only one who graduated, your entire class did, so everyone would want to throw a graduation party of their own.

A very useful tip would be to have your graduation party a couple of weeks after graduation, or later, just be sure it isn’t too late, this is why July is one of the best times to host your graduation party, because everyone else would have celebrated theirs.

Best to have an open conversation about it with the guest you’d like to have at your graduation party, to find a perfect time to host the party so all your friends and family can be there to enjoy your graduation party.

Throw A Joint Graduation Party To Minimize Expenses

Aside from hosting a lovely graduation party in July, which can get really exhausting and expensive, you can decide to throw a joint graduation party. 

If your best friend wants to host his graduation party in July as well, you guys can combine your parties into one.

It Is a great way to save costs and make a much more entertaining graduation party. 

However, you guys should be conscious of things like the guest list, so you don’t end up inviting too many people, which would attract more cost, and a bigger venue space.


So, the answer is no, July isn’t too late for a graduation party, it is the perfect time alongside June, that is. 

Hosting a graduation party in July helps you avoid your party clashing with that of your friends, and other graduates from your class.

It is also a time before August when most people would go back to school, or head off to their next adventure, so they can enjoy a lovely graduation party, before heading off to their next chapter in life.

Hopefully, this guide has been able to give you the answers you seek concerning graduation parties in July, with some added information as well, which can be beneficial to you.

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