12 Unique Art-Themed Graduation Party Ideas That Will Make Your Party The Best On The Block

Let’s now explore some nice art themes for your art-themed party...
12 Unique Art-Themed Graduation Party Ideas That Will Make Your Party The Best On The Block

Are you interested in using nice art themes for your special graduation party theme?

As a fresh graduate, having the best graduation party is one of the things you look forward to. 

And if you are an art lover, what better way to celebrate your graduation than with a lovely art-themed graduation party?

When throwing an art-themed graduation party, there are so many things to do, and so many art décor to choose from and to implement to bring that special graduation party you’ve always dreamed of to life.

With that said, let’s now explore some nice art themes for your art-themed party.

Art graduation party Ideas

12 Unique Art-Themed Graduation Party Ideas That Will Make Your Party The Best On The Block

1. Diploma Cookies

Art-Themed Graduation Party Ideas

One of the coolest ways to show your art style and create an art-themed graduation party is with artistic snacks, and this diploma cookie is just what you need.

A cookie dough folded up like a scroll, and chocolate frosting designed on it like a ribbon

2. Chocolate Graduation Cap Dessert

Art-Themed Graduation Party Ideas

If you’re going to make desserts available for your graduation, then you should consider these nice chocolate graduation caps cupcakes. 

They also make nice appetizers before the main party meal is served.

The chocolates are designed to look like graduation caps with ribbons on the top.

3. Create A Nice Centerpiece With Crayons

Art-Themed Graduation Party Ideas

A nice art-related centerpiece. 

Crayons are good for drawing and coloring, which makes them a nice tool for creating art, now we can use them to create an art-themed graduation party centerpiece.

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Get a nice flower jar filled with pretty flowers, and then attach crayons all around it you can add a picture of the graduate to the top to make a cool art-themed centerpiece.

4. DIY Art Themed Grad Banner

Art-Themed Graduation Party Ideas

Create your graduation banner by painting it yourself. 

Get a big board for a banner, some nice art markets of the colors red, blue, and white, then design the board.

Write congratulations, and the name of the graduate, then draw a graduation cap and graduation scrolls on both sides with the cap in the middle, and then draw some little decorations on the board.

5. Grad Party Balloon Garland

Art-Themed Graduation Party Ideas

Get creative with your graduation décor, and style your balloons as a garland to look nice, creative, and unique. 

This balloon garland is perfect for an outdoor party celebration, it is big and made up of deep blue and shiny blue balloons, shiny brown balloons, and gold balloons as well.

6. Art Themed Grad Party Snacks Table

Art-Themed Graduation Party Ideas

Set up a nice art-themed snacks table, with snacks like cupcakes, cookies, diploma cookies, and some drinks.

A banner on the wall behind the snacks table that says “The World Is Your Canvas is", is designed with black and purple colors for a nice banner art.

7. Art Palette Cookies

Art-Themed Graduation Party Ideas

There is nothing else that would spell out art at your art-themed graduation party than these art palette cookies. 

The basic design of these cookies is to make them look exactly like an art palette, with a frost of different colors like white, green, red, orange, and so on with a brush, your guests would enjoy eating these cookies.

8. Art Party Table Cover 

Art-Themed Graduation Party Ideas

Cover every table at your graduation party with beautiful and colorful table covers with art splashed paint designs all over the table cover. 

The best part about this art design is that you can get it done yourself even if you aren’t a professional artist, it is easy to do.

9. Colorful Art Grad Party Backdrop 

Art-Themed Graduation Party backdrop Ideas

Bright and colorful art-themed graduation party backdrop.

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Designed with different colors, different art designs like sun, and flowers, two different types of banners with different colors, a glittering graduation cap and graduation scroll in the middle, and “Congrats Grad" written in the middle, painted in different colors as well.

10. Art Party Favor Bags

Art-Themed Graduation Party favors Ideas

These art party favor bags are just what you need when you’re sending off your guests and you want to thank them for showing up to your graduation party. 

Package gifts in these art party favor bags, like chocolate, candies, cookies, or even those lovely chocolate graduation cap cupcakes.

11. Art Themed Grad Party Cake

Art-Themed Graduation Party cake Ideas

Creativity at its best, doesn’t get much better than this when baking an art-themed graduation party cake. 

A cake baked with two steps, and an art paint design, cake frosting of a paint bucket pouring paint on top of the cake, with a paintbrush, with two paint containers on the side, two other mini paint brushes and an art palette with the graduate’s name on it.

12. Art Theme Drink Station

Art-Themed Graduation Party Ideas

Create your nice art theme drink station. 

All you need is a two-step stand, a water dispenser bottle, lots of disposable cups, and straws.

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Set up the drink in the water dispenser bottle filled with juice and a tap attached to it, tie up an art-painted sign on it that says “Creative Juices", and put watercolors, paint brushes, and a thank you sign at the bottom step. 


Throwing an art-themed graduation party allows you to get creative with all the things that would be available at the party, like the décor, the food, the drinks, the snacks, and so on.

When throwing a special themed graduation party like that of an art theme, if you’re an artist, then it is better to use designs that you like, something that you connect with.

There you have it, 12 lovely art-themed graduation party ideas to help you create the fun and memorable graduation party that you deserve.

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