18+ Graduation Cap Décor Ideas That Will Turn Heads

The list below has some nice grad cap décor, some of which are my favorite, and the favorite of lots of graduates around the world.
18+ Grad Cap Décor Ideas That Will Turn Heads

Are you interested in getting some nice graduation cap décor ideas to use during your graduation?

Everyone looks forward to their graduation, that is the day when they get to celebrate the end of years of hard work, ups and downs, and the struggles they went through being a student, be it a high school graduate or a college graduate.

One of the best things to do when celebrating your graduation is to decorate your graduation cap, as a show of joy for your enduring all those years of hard work, it is never an easy thing to pass through school.

So how do you get creative with your graduation cap décor? Well, this is what we are here to assist you with, we have arranged a list of 18 nice ideas that are perfect for decorating a graduation cap.

18 Grad Cap Décor Ideas That Will Turn Heads

1. She Doesn’t Even Go Here Anymore

credit: Pinterest

This grad cap décor idea is really funny. It is an idea that is perfect for ladies, first get the grad cap painted pink with glitters, some shiny stones, and letters that spell out “She Doesn’t Even Go Here Anymore".

A good way to say goodbye and look good while doing it.

2. Psyched For New Adventure

credit: Pinterest

A grad cap décor idea that psychology students love, it is dedicated to them especially so why won’t they love it?

Either way, it is a beautiful grad cap décor that anyone can recreate on their graduation cap, the floral design on it is lovely too.

3. 14 Years Later Grad Cap Décor

credit: Pinterest

I love this grad cap idea, maybe because I’m a big SpongeBob fan, and it is also a hilarious décor idea to have on anyone’s grad cap. 

If you’re a big SpongeBob fan like me, then try out this grad cap décor idea, you and anyone who sees it would love it and have a nice laugh about it.

4. Let All You Do Be Done In Love

credit: Pinterest

Love is a universal language, and anyone who does anything out of love is truly an amazing person, who would be blessed all the days of their lives. 

So let all you do be done with love, I love this advice truly. 

The flowers also add a nice touch to the grad cap décor, indeed one of the best graduation cap ideas out there.

5. On To The Next Chapter

credit: Pinterest

The only way to go in life is forward, so we keep moving no matter what, and this time, we move from one chapter of our lives to the next chapter through graduation. 

A simple yet lovely grad cap idea that anyone can recreate.

6. Four Years Later

credit: Pinterest

Another SpongeBob grad cap décor idea and I’m sure true SpongeBob fans would read this in that voice that usually says it in SpongeBob. 

It’s a good way to laugh with your friends, and if they are also SpongeBob fans, then they’d love it even more.

7. The Best Is Yet To Come

credit: Pinterest

Affirm something beautiful to yourself as you graduate with this grad cap décor idea.

Tell yourself that the best is yet to come, that it’s only going to get better from here on out. 

It is a nice way to end one chapter of your life and begin a new one.

8. A Tribute To Those Who Believe In You

credit: Pinterest

Naturally, we always love when we have people who believe in us, it makes it easier to push forward and fight for what we want. 

So, use your graduation cap décor to make a tribute to everyone who believed in you throughout your time in school.

9. Pretty Educated & Graduated

baddie graduation cap
credit: Pinterest

A nice grad cap idea for female baddie graduates. 

They show off that they are not only pretty, but also educated, and now graduated, a nice way to celebrate their graduation, and then move on to something better.

10. A Fairy Grad Cap Decor

peter pan grad cap
credit: Pinterest

Make a nice pun with a fairy-like Tinker Bell from Peter Pan. 

This is a grad cap idea that Peter Pan and Tinker Bell fans would love. 

All it took was faith, trust, and pixie dust. 

If only magic truly does exist in the world.

11. Long Story Short, I Survived

credit: Pinterest

It might be a graduation, and all anyone would be doing is celebrating the passing out from school, but no one would forget how tough it was, so why not utilize that into your graduation cap décor with the “Long Story Short I Survived" grad cap décor. 

Then add some nice flowers to make it look beautiful.

12. Taylor Swift Grad Cap Décor Idea

credit: Pinterest

Use a quote from Taylor Swift on your grad cap, a quote that says “I Was Miserable But Magical". 

Meaning that despite all the hardships, struggles, downs, and miserable days there were also the ups, fun times, memorable moments, and magical moments.

13. Simple Grad Cap Décor

credit: Pinterest

No rule says you have to do something unique or amazing for your grad cap décor, you can just use something very simple, and people would still admire it. 

Just some light string design to the cap, and write “Class of ‘whatever year you graduated in',” on the grad cap.

14. Jack Sparrow Grad Cap Décor

credit: Pinterest

As a huge fan of Jack Sparrow, this is one of my favorite graduation cap décor ever. 

This line was from Pirates of the Caribbean 4, and if you are also a fan of Jack Sparrow, then you’d love this grad cap décor. 

I also love how it plays on the fact that once you are graduating from school, it is forward ever, and never going back, “Did Everyone See That Because I Will Not Be Doing It Again.”

15. Next Onto The Pursuit Of Happiness 

credit: Pinterest

Understandably, this grad cap décor is the favorite of so many graduates. 

Everyone wants to be happy, so we pursue happiness, and that is what you would be moving onto after graduating, the pursuit of happiness. 

This quote is inspirational, and then there’s also the décor, who wouldn’t love this?

16. What Feels Like The End Is Often The Beginning

credit: Pinterest

Another grad cap quote that is highly inspirational, what feels like the end is often the beginning. 

This mainly means that the best part of your life is just beginning, so your real life just started, a nice grad cap décor to celebrate your graduation.

17. By Any Means Necessary 

credit: Pinterest

The quote on this grad cap décor says it all, you required more than just strength to pass through the years you did in school, and now you’re at the end of it, and you did it by any means necessary. 

I love this one too.

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18. Billie Eilish Grad Cap Design

Billie Eilish Grad Cap Design
credit: Pinterest

A nice grad cap décor idea for ladies. 

Lots of ladies out there love Billie Eilish and a grad cap décor with her face on it is one they would love to recreate. 

It also says you should see me in a gown, which is like a way of inviting everyone to your graduation party after the graduation itself.


Graduating is a beautiful thing, it is something most graduates look forward to, especially when the time to graduate draws closer. 

And before the graduation party comes up, there are other little celebrations that we do.

And one of the major ones is decorating your graduation cap, with fun and nice graduation cap décor. 

There are so many beautiful decorations with inspirational quotes, that would make the graduation day so much better.

And that’s all we have for you on graduation cap décor ideas. 

The list above has some nice grad cap décor, some of which are my favorite, and the favorite of lots of graduates around the world.

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