10 Aesthetic Stanley Cup Accessories Every College Student Needs

In this post, you will see fun, low-budget, and cute Stanley Cup accessories that every college student needs.
10 Aesthetic Stanley Cup Accessories Every College Student Needs

Even though a lot of people are yet to get obsessed with the Stanley Cup, we won't be missing out on this trend.

The Stanley cup holds liquid at its initial temperature for a long and that is one of my favorite things about it.

I'm sure you wouldn't want to put cold water in a water tumbler and come back to lukewarm water; that is one of my biggest challenges with some tumblers these days.

When you are in college or high school, a bottle or tumbler is important for your favorite liquids and that is where this popular cup comes in.

You can also accessorize the Stanley Cup to your taste, with fun inexpensive things to match your everyday mood or unlock extra features on the cup.

In this post, you will see fun, low-budget, and cute Stanley Cup accessories that every college student needs.

10 Aesthetic Stanley Cup Accessories Every College Student Needs

1. Stanley cup coaster

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If you want your Stanley Cup to last for a while, then you must get this silicone slip-on coaster.

This will prevent the paint from chipping around the edges; will also add a little bit of friction at the bottom to keep the cup steady on slippery surfaces. 

2. Stanley pouch

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This is quite an invention and I love the idea behind it.

To be honest, the Stanley Cup is not lightweight and it can get quite heavy on the hand after holding it for a while and that is where this pouch comes in.

This pouch makes it easy to carry this tumbler all day long and can also be personalized with the first letter of your name. 

3. Stanley charms

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I love that there are so many cute and affordable options for Stanley letter charms now, too—they act as cute charms that let you personalize your cup however you want. 

4. Stanley straw covers

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These straw covers for Stanley cups cost like $7 and they are super cute.

Straw covers have a lot of cute options, and the most important use of them is how you can use them to protect foreign objects from getting into your drink. 

5. Custom Stanley nameplates

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Want to further personalize your Stanley tumbler/cup then get these.

They cost about $15 on Amazon; funny enough they are durable and easy to clean. 

6. Spill stopper

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No product is ever perfect to be honest, not even the popular Stanley Cup.

These easy-to-install spill stoppers will help your drink stay in even if you mistakenly push your cup over. 

7. Stanley handle

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More like the Stanley pouch, these cup handles are also a good investment for any college student.

They are sturdy but easy on the hands, really made for holding onto medium to lightweight items. 

8. Extra straws

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Extra straws in your backpack will always save you the embarrassment of having to beg for one or slurp your drink like a weirdo in public. 

9. Stanley's snack tray with lid

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If you want to be nibbling on some snacks while enjoying your favorite drink with the Stanley Cup then invest in this tray.

Another good reason to get this Stanley snack tray is to save space especially if you stay in a dorm and you don't want the extra bulky items. 

10. Drink fruit flavors

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If you want to step up your water-drinking game then check out these water flavors.

They are super healthy and can make any plain drink interesting and you can sip while in class. 


And that is all I have today on Stanley cup/tumbler accessories for college students.

In summary, these accessories are quite important to improve the look and unlock extra features in the popular Stanley Cup.

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