10+ Essential Cleaning Supplies & Tools To Have In A Dorm

This guide however has made it easier to know what to use most products for; we have provided you with some really good cleaning supplies to have...

10+ Essential Cleaning Supplies & Tools To Have In A Dorm

Want some really good cleaning supplies for your dorm room?

Fresh into college you’d be excited about, living away from home and with the watchful eye of your parents you can get to be your person. 

Sleep when you want, go to class when you want, and so on.

Your dorm room is the most essential part of your newly found freedom, and keeping it clean should be one of your top priorities when making your dorm room well organized.

When you have a clean dorm room you can study better, relax better, and prepare for tests and exams better. 

Getting some really good cleaning supplies will help you achieve this.

Now in this guide, we will provide you with some really good cleaning supplies for your dorm room so you can have a clean and safe space to relax, study, and be at home.

10+ Essential Cleaning Supplies & Tools To Have In A Dorm Room

1. Lightweight Vacuum

We start this list with a Vacuum cleaner, this is because it is an essential cleaning supply to have.

Since it is for your dorm room and not a large apartment like your parent's home you can get a “Small Vacuum”.

The small vacuum is perfect for a student in a dorm room as it doesn’t take up much space so storing it away is easy, usually the school provides a vacuum cleaner but most of them don’t usually work, so it is best to get your own.


2. Disinfecting Mist

You need to have a disinfectant spray in your cleaning supplies.

It is great to have one of these as it can be very handy to have in your dorm room.


3. Disinfecting Wipes

Once you get the disinfectant spray, you have to get the wipes as well.

When you spray you use the wipes to wipe off the stain.

Also, they are good for wiping down hand surfaces that are prone to dust, like desks and shelves, etc.


4. All-Purpose Spray

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The name "All-Purpose" pretty much tells you what this does, it is very vast in what it can clean.

Once it is used to clean something, it gets it cleaned out completely.

You should read the label to know what it can’t be used to clean.


5. Glass Cleaner

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Having a glass cleaner is good for when you need to clean your windows, mirrors, glass shower walls, or any other glass-related material you have in your dorm room.


6. Trash Bags

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You can’t have cleaning supplies without a trash bag to pack all the cleaned-up trash.

Get Glad ForceFlex trash bags cause they fit any trash can, if u have a tall trash can Glad trash bag is tall, if your trash can is short, well just fold the trash bag to fit in.


7. Wood Cleaner

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It is impossible to live in a dorm room without having any wooden furniture.

Some stains just won’t come off wooden furniture, this is where a wood cleaner comes in.

Those stains that won’t come off your wooden furniture will get cleaned by a cleaner made specifically for wood.


8. Broom and Dustpan Set

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I wouldn’t know how anyone can be in the business of cleaning their dorm room without a broom and dustpan.

They are simple tools that are necessary to have, to use when u want to quickly sweep off dust, hair, or any other little substance on your floor.


9. Easy-wring Microfiber Spin Mop

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Mops help to clean off liquids from the floor and also to remove sticky stains from the floor.

Pretty much anything a broom or vacuum cleaner can’t clean, a mop can clean it off the floor.


10. Scrub Sponges

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Sponges are really good cleaning tools that come in handy.

They are mostly used for cleaning sinks, dishes, showers, or baths, there are a lot of purposes.

You can even use a clean sponge to clean certain surfaces if you happen to be out of wipes.



When getting good cleaning supplies, you have to consider the things you have in your dorm room, that way you can know at least 80% of the supplies you would need.

What you want to clean would determine the product and tools you would use, also follow whatever instructions are given on each product before use.

This guide however has made it easier to know what to use most products for; we have provided you with some really good cleaning supplies to have in your dorm room, get them now to clean and enjoy a safe space.

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