19+ Quick Football-Themed Dessert Ideas To Try

Now if you are looking for delicious football-themed dessert ideas then you’ve come to the right place, we intend to give a list of some of the...
Superbowl dessert ideas

Are you a football lover, and do you wish to make nice desserts that are football-themed?

One of the best ways to celebrate a victory of your favorite football team is by having a nice football-themed dessert.

These types of desserts would put a finishing touch to the taste of victory that’s already on your lips.

They are also a good way to cheer yourself and your friends up after a loss, I mean your favorite football team can’t win every game they play. 

After all good food is an important part of a lovely football experience no matter where you’re watching the match from.

Now if you are looking for delicious football-themed dessert ideas then you’ve come to the right place, we intend to give a list of some of the best football-themed dessert ideas in this guide.

19+ Football Theme Dessert Ideas To Try

1. Football Marshmallow Pops

football marshmallow pops with coconut grass recipe

Here we have football marshmallow pops with coconut grass, a lovely marshmallow pops for dessert, especially after a game. 

You can even take them during a game, either way, they are perfect for a game-time session either at home or out with your friends.

2. Football Cheer Cake Pops

Football Cheer Cake Pops recipe

Another lovely football-themed pop that is a lovely choice for dessert during or after a game. 

They are soft, chewy, and extremely delicious, a nice way to boost up that football spirit as you enjoy the game or celebrate a win from a game.

3. Chocolate Football Cookies

chocolate football cookies

Lovely chocolate football cookies are shaped like a football, and they are super delicious. 

Lovely chocolate football cookies are shaped like a football, and they are super delicious. 

They are easy to design, and you can make it a nice activity for you and your guys or family every time your favorite football team has a match. 

Make sure to freeze the chocolate cookie dough for 10 minutes before you bake it so the football shape will be retained.

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4. Potato Chip Cookies

Potato Chip Cookies recipe

If you love potato chips, and you love cookies, then you would love these sweet and salty potato chip cookies.

They are chewy in the middle, and sweet, salty, and crunchy on the outside. 

These potato chip cookies have become a lovely dessert option for any game day, and you can make it yours as well.

5. Football Whoopie Pies with Cinnamon Cream

Football Whoopie Pies with Cinnamon Cream recipe

Super cute, and super delicious. 

An excellent choice for a lovely dessert, they have a football design to show that they are made in the spirit of a football game, and they are a lovely choice for you and your guests to have during or after a game. 

6. German Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

German Chocolate Sandwich Cookies recipe

A delightful dessert choice for a Super Bowl evening. 

These lovely, crunchy, chewy, and sweet chocolate cookies are very similar to the popular cake and are perfect for a game night. 

Everyone would surely love to munch on these cookies as the game kicks off.

7. Football Cupcakes

football cupcake recipe

A chocolate-dipped football cupcake, that you and everyone watching the Super Bowl game would love, they are delicious and cute looking.

I mean who wouldn’t want one of these as they sit and watch the game with anticipation for their team to come out victorious?

8. Zebra Semifreddo

Zebra Semifreddo recipe

A zebra semifreddo is a nice dessert that is a perfect choice for a game night, or a game party celebration, like your favorite team winning the league.

They are semi-homemade desserts that look fancy but are super easy to make.

9. Peanut-salted Slab Pie

Peanut-salted Slab Pie recipe

The perfect dessert option for a game night if you’re having a lot of guests over, it is also perfect for a Super Bowl party. 

This slab is a good choice to feed your entire guests for the night, it is crunchy, salty, and sweet, something everyone would love.

10. Chocolate Chunk Cupcakes

Chocolate Chunk Cupcakes recipe

Cupcakes have always been a good choice for dessert, and a dessert for the super bowl needs cupcakes.

Chocolate chunk cupcakes are perfect for your Super Bowl merriment, you can add food coloring to the cupcake to make it match the color of your favorite team.

11. Wacky Cake

wacky cake recipe

Chocolate seems to be one of the main ingredients for a nice football-themed dessert, and this wacky chocolate cake is one of the easiest to whip up. 

A soft and moist chocolate cake with toasted pecans and chocolate icing at the top.

12. Chocolate Chip Cookie Shooters

Chocolate Chip Cookie Shooters recipe

Add some fun to your football-themed dessert with these chocolate chip cookie shooters. 

This is a sweet-looking and playful dessert idea that pairs delicious foods of chocolate chip cookies and milk, this is a nice way to enjoy the Super Bowl with a nice meal.

13. Deep-dish Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookies

Deep-dish Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookies recipe

The best way to make a chocolate chip cookie that has just been baked even better is by making it a deep dish.

Use a cast iron skillet to bake it to get it super soft, crisp around the edge, and gooey on the inside of the cookie.

14. Chocolate-Mayonnaise Cake

Chocolate-Mayonnaise Cake recipe

An ultra-moist chocolate cake that would get the job done for a lovely dessert during a football game. 

The mayonnaise is the secret ingredient that holds together this sweet and moist chocolate cake. 

There is no way you can go wrong with this dessert idea.

15. Sweet Potato Pound Cake


A lovely pound cake dessert idea for a Super Bowl. 

A healthy dessert thanks to the addition of nutrient-rich sweet potatoes to the traditional pound cake, a nice option for a game day, easy to cut out a slice of this delicious pound cake as the game kicks off.

16. Spiced Pear Hand Pies

Spiced Pear Hand Pies recipe

This hand-held pie has been said to be the pie made for Super Bowl, you should give it a try, drop the other type of pies you usually make, and give this one a trail, it is surely going to let everyone at the game enjoy themselves.

17. Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge Bar

Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge Bar recipe

You would get a lot of cheers when this fudge bar is introduced in a game celebration, they are fudgy, nutty, and a perfect dessert for a game celebration.

Get ready to get more cheers some for the team and others for this lovely treat. 

Every bite comes with a lovely flavor.

18. Football Cake

football cake recipe

You can’t get more prepared for a game day dessert than this, I mean this cake was made specifically for the Super Bowl. 

The shape of the cake being made like a football the design and everything, and even how sweet it tastes and the feel it leaves in the mouth, all make it the perfect choice for your football game day dessert.

19. Cookie Dough Egg Rolls

Cookie Dough Egg Rolls recipe

One of the best desserts to have on hand once the game starts is a fusion of egg rolls wrapped in rich cookie dough. 

The perfect dessert treat especially when it is served with chocolate dipping sauce, it would make the taste buds of your guests seem like it is in heaven.


Watching the game with your friends or family is always lovely, fun, and extremely exciting, especially when your favorite team comes out victorious.

And what better way to enjoy the game than with nice dessert treats?

There are so many football themes and dessert ideas that can make the game even more enjoyable, either during the game or after the game to celebrate victory or cheer up everyone after a loss.

Be it lovely chocolate treats or other types that are designed after an actual football.

Hope you can get something that suits you from the list of football-themed dessert ideas that we have listed for you above in this guide.

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