14+ Lovely Easter Church Decorations To Try

Spaces like the altar of the church need lovely Easter decorations, as the altar is a powerful space where we center our attention to the lord, and...
14+ Lovely Easter Church Decorations To Try

Are you interested in decorating your church in a nice way for Easter but you aren’t sure how to go about it?

Well then, you’re in luck because we intend to list some nice Easter church decorations that can help you set your church up for Easter. 

Spaces like the altar of the church need lovely Easter decorations, as the altar is a powerful space where we center our attention to the lord, and it represents hope as well. 

So, it should be well decorated when celebrating Easter.

However, we intend to give decorations for other parts of the church not just the altar, we are going to look at ways to decorate the church in preparation for Easter in this guide.

14+ Lovely Easter Church Decorations To Try

1. Easter Altar Space Décor

Easter Christian Decorations

As mentioned above, the altar is one of the most important spaces in the church, it is where we center our attention to the lord, and the most holy place in the whole church.

Decorate the cross and altar for Easter with nice white curtains, green and white flowers, more green flowers on altar pillars, and two big vases with flowers on the left and right of the altar.

2. Decorate with Greenery

Easter Christian Decorations

You can easily decorate the cross on the walls around the church with white curtain robes and green garlands all placed around the cross. 

You can also add red curtain robes to match the robes that Jesus had on during his time on earth. 

This is a nice and simple Easter church décor.

3. Place Flowers Around The Church

Easter Christian Decorations

To get the interior of the entire church in the mood for Easter, you can get lovely flowers and place them at every corner of the church, any little special or pillars available around the church can have different types of beautiful flowers hanging there.

4. Full Church Easter Floral Design

Easter Christian Decorations

You can decide to go full floral décor for your Easter church celebration, placing different types of pretty flowers all around the church. 

Make a floral cross at the altar, attach flowers to the choristers’ section, and place beautiful green and white flowers at the side of every seat for the church congregation.

5. Easter Egg Church Décor

Easter Christian Decorations

When decorating the church for Easter, the outside of the church is also important. 

You don’t have to go all out with that, but using something as simple as placing giant Easter eggs all around the garden or front of the church can set the Easter mood high.

6. Easter Church Centerpiece 

Easter Christian Decorations

When setting up the church decorations for the Easter celebration, it is always a good idea to get lovely centerpiece flowers.

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Get a bouquet of different colors, white, purple, yellow, green, and so on, and set it in a nice flower vase.

Decorate all the tables in the church with a lovely centerpiece.

7. Rustic Wood Easter Church Sign

Easter Christian Decorations

You can have a simple sign décor inside or outside the church. 

Get a nice big rustic wooden board and paint a faint white rabbit on it with the words “Silly Rabbit Easter is for Jesus" with a cross sign all inside the giant white rabbit or something similar.

8. He Is Risen Rustic Sign Board

Easter Church Decorations

Welcome members to Easter church service or celebration with a nice rustic sign board that says “He has Risen".

A DIY church décor, all you need is a rustic wooden board, paint it white and design a cross on it, and write the words. 

You can make a few of these and place them at the entrance of the church and other parts.

9. The Resurrected King Banner

Easter Church Decorations

Decorate the hallway of the church with a nice Easter banner. 

Get a round metal stand with legs to keep the round metal stand upright, and attach a nice brown banner to it with the words “The Resurrected King Is Resurrecting Me" written on it. 

Also, design the metal ring with lovely flowers.

10. Easter Church Backdrop

Easter Church Backdrop

Have a lovely Easter backdrop made for the Easter celebration at the church. 

A grass wall with three backdrop stands each taller than the other, set side by side, and has a white banner placed on the one in the middle with the words “From The Empty Town To The Upper Room". 

Attach lovely flowers to each backdrop stand, and curtains to decorate the other two stands.

11. He Is Risen Backdrop

Easter Church Decorations

A lovely green rug backdrop where church members can take lovely Easter celebratory pictures for lovely memories to look back on fondly. 

A large green rug backdrop with the words “He Is Risen" written on it, pretty paper flowers on the side, and a nice green bench where members can sit to take pictures.

12. Easter Church Egg & Banner

Display lovely Easter eggs with different colors like blue, white, and pink, and use a string to hold them up at the entrance of the church. 

String up a nice banner below with “He Is Risen" written on it.

13. Rustic Wooden & Paper Flower Easter Backdrop

rustic Easter Church Decorations

Set up a nice rustic wooden backdrop at the entrance of the church so everyone can see it as they come in, and also have access to it to take pictures later on. 

Get a nice rustic wooden board and attach lovely paper flowers to it, and a nice white chair with a colorful chair pillow for a place to sit beside the backdrop.

14. Easter Floral Altar Steps Décor

Easter Floral Altar Steps Décor

With the high focus placed on the church altar because of its importance, it should be a place with beautiful decoration during Easter, and this lovely floral décor would do just that. 

Set up different colors of flowers, green, purple, pink, white, red, and so on, from the top of the altar steps to the bottom.


Easter Being a celebration that is directly related to Jesus Christ and Christianity, it is only normal to want to have the house of God (church) properly decorated for the occasion. 

Spaces like the altar being the most holy place in the church where atonement flows, it is paid special attention during the Easter decoration, other parts of the church are also decorated with beautiful décor.

I hope this guide has been able to provide you with enough Easter church decoration ideas that can help you set up the church in a worthy way for the Easter celebration.

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