18+ Tennis Skirt Outfit Ideas For Women That Are Totally Breathtaking

So if you are a big tennis fan and you love to have some really nice tennis skirt outfit ideas, then you are in luck because in this guide we will...

Do you love tennis, and you want some really nice tennis skirt ideas?

Are you a huge tennis fan and have you ever wondered what it would feel like to have a comfy, sporty, flirty tennis skirt of your own to look good in just like most female tennis players do while they play the sport?

You don’t need to be an actual tennis player to get these really nice-looking tennis skirts. 

You can also substitute your biker shorts with these tennis skirts as most of them have inbuilt shorts for modesty and comfort.

So if you are a big tennis fan and you love to have some really nice tennis skirt outfit ideas, then you are in luck because in this post we will provide you with some nice tennis skirt outfit ideas that you can choose from.

18+ Tennis Skirt Outfit Ideas For Women That Are Totally Breathtaking

18+ Tennis Skirt Outfit Ideas For Women That Are Totally Breathtaking

1. Bottled Up Tennis Skirt

18+ Tennis Skirt Outfit Ideas For Women That Are Totally Breathtaking

Just look at how stunning this tennis skirt design is, any lady would look absolutely breathtaking in this outfit. 

A pretty bottled tennis skirt that both young ladies and moms would look good in.

2. Old Money Tennis Skirt


I mean just look at this skirt and tell me wouldn’t you rather be playing tennis if you had one of these? 

Old money tennis skirts that students love to wear as they resume school, high school, or college?

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3. Pleated Tennis Skirt


Look your absolute best with this brown pleated tennis skirt

It goes with any fashion style you want in any season, can’t think of a reason why you won’t want a skirt like this as a tennis lover.

4. Green Tennis Skirt


Gorgeous green tennis skirt.

See how well the green snickers compliment the skirt and the turtle neck top. 

Recreate your outfit with this green tennis skirt

5. Plaid Pleated Tennis Skirt


A Plaid Pleated tennis skirt that you can use in any season, looks absolutely stunning as you recreate the winter outfit with the tennis skirt. 

The skirt matches the boots and sweatshirt so well that it is like they are meant for each other only.

6. Pleated Skirt With Built-in Shorts


The beautiful white pleated skirt can be worn for different occasions, to the beach, for special occasions, and for outdoor sports, a perfect replacement for your biker shorts due to the built-in shorts.

7. Courtside Tennis Skirt


A courtside tennis skirt, feel like an actual tennis player when you wear this skirt.

One of the best tops to wear on a tennis skirt is a polo, I mean look at this outfit, it looks like a match made in heaven.

8. Summer Tennis Skirt


Look extremely hot in the summer with this summer white tennis skirt.

Top it up with this sleeveless white crop top polo and white sneakers to complete the outfit.

9. Black Cheak Schoolgirl Tennis Skirt


Planning a reunion with your school girls, is one way to go about what to wear.

This tennis skirt would have you looking your best among the rest, match it with white Nike sneakers and a lovely yellow sweatshirt of your choosing.

10. Mesh Pleats Mini Tennis Skirt


I absolutely love this tennis skirt. 

A flirty, comfy tennis skirt matched with a nice V-neck armless sweater with white sneakers. 

Don’t you just love how nice this outfit looks?

11. Casablanca Pleated Tennis Skirt


Look like the fashion superstar that you are with this Casablanca pleated tennis skirt.

Complete the look with the full outfit, that is with the white jacket and white polo.

12. Off-Court Tennis Skirt


A perfect tennis skirt for off off-off-court outfit. 

Show off your love for tennis with this off-court tennis skirt, which matches easily with any nice top, be it a polo, sweatshirt, or shirt.

Finish it off with nice heels.

13. White Shimmer Pleated Tennis Skirt


The shimmer pleated tennis skirt is available in multiple colors not just white.

There is a pink shimmer color, green, cream, and black. 

All colors look stunning by the way.

14. Breathable Slim Mini Tennis Skirt


A slim mini tennis skirt that can be worn anywhere and at any time. 

Can be worn even when you’re traveling, complete the outfit with a nice denim jacket and pretty white sneakers.

15. Tech Twill Pleated Tennis Skirt


Look like a real pro with this tech twill pleated tennis skirt. 

The skirt matches so well with the polo you would be mistaken for an actual tennis player in this outfit.

16. High Waist Skater Tennis Skirt


Sweatshirts and tennis skirts go so well together.

This classic high-waist skater tennis skirt with this ash color sweatshirt and white headband look is an absolute killer.

17. Nike Aces Tennis Skirt


Nike knows how to make the perfect tennis skirt style.

This white Nike skirt with black V-neck black long sleeve crop top accompanied with white Nike sneakers is just a “chef’s kiss".

18. Venus Williams Pleated Tennis Skirt


Become the world-renowned tennis star ‘Venus Williams with this pleated tennis skirt which was made to look just like the one she wears.

Go pro with the full outfit and take stunning pictures like a real tennis superstar.


As a lover of tennis, it would be nice to get some nice tennis skirt outfits to celebrate your love for tennis and show off that tennis is an amazing sport.

The design of these tennis skirts is sure to capture the hearts of people who see you as you wear them. 

Some really nice designs are done on these skirts which look absolutely fabulous.

This guide has offered you 18 very nice tennis skirt outfit ideas that you can get and express your love for this beautiful sport. 

I hope you find what you’re looking for here.

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