27+ Smart Dorm Room Gadgets For An Easy College Life

In this guide, we have put together some of the best smart dorm room gadgets for you, to make your life in a college dorm room that much easier.

27+ Smart Dorm Room Gadgets For An Easy College Life

Looking for some smart gadgets to fill up your dorm room?

With the advancement of technology, as we have it now, the things we can get done from the comfort of our beds are just wonderful.

And who wouldn’t want to have such technology in their home or dorm room?

As a student in college, you would want the easiest and quickest ways to get things done so opting for smart gadgets in your dorm room is certainly a way to go about it.

In this guide, we have put together some of the best smart dorm room gadgets for you, to make your life in a college dorm room that much easier.

27+ Smart Dorm Room Gadgets for An Easy College Life

1. Mini Fridge

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Dorm rooms usually come with fridges, but not all the time. 

So in case yours doesn’t come with one, you would have to get a mini fridge for yourself.

2. Keurig

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This is an excellent smart gadget to have in your dorm room, especially if you are a coffee lover it would help you a lot, especially during preparation for exams where you’d pull an all-nighter reading.

Also, Keurig doesn’t only brew coffee, it cooks a lot of other things like noodles, pasta, oatmeal, and so on. 

This makes it a must-have gadget in your dorm room.

3. Mini Microwave

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If your dorm room doesn’t come with a microwave then you need to get one yourself. 

You would make a bond with this gadget I can assure you to heat things and make cool mugs.

4. Noodles Cooker

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Can’t think of any college student I’ve met who doesn’t eat noodles, especially when there’s no time to get other meals. 

Noodles cooker makes cooking easier for you.

You can even boil other things in it, like pasta, soup and egg. 

It is a reliable smart dorm room gadget as you can easily cook a fast meal while in your dorm room.

5. Mini Neck Massager

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Getting extremely stressed comes with the territory of being a college student. 

A mini neck massager is a good smart dorm room gadget to have, it is very helpful in relieving neck pains, and it is comfy and lightweight.

6. Echo Dot

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I recommend Echo Dot to any college student I know, it pretty much does the work for you as you lay in bed. 

You can set an alarm in case you need to wake up early, ask for time, have a conversation when you’re bored play music, and so on.

7. Blender

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A portable Blender would come in handy for a college student, you can make some of the yummiest smoothies with it from the comfort of your dorm room. 

It also has a USB cord to use for charging, a perfect smart gadget for college life.

8. Steamer

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Getting wrinkles and creases out of your clothes is something everyone does even as a student, and most dorm rooms don’t allow irons and iron boards, there is also a matter of the space it would consume to store them.

Get a mini steamer instead, it is very good for getting wrinkles and creases out of your clothes, it won’t take up much space to store it in your dorm room.

9. Electric Kettle

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Here is another smart gadget that would be very useful in your dorm room, its use stretches from boiling water for tea to boiling water for ramen and also water for pasta among other things.

10. Instant Pot

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This is perfect for students who love to cook their meals from the comfort of their dorm rooms, instant pot is you guys. 

You can easily make your yummy meals with this without going through much stress.

11. Vacuum Cleaner

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When you move into your dorm room newly, I can bet you that the dorm room carpets haven’t been cleaned in a long time.

The best option is a mini vacuum cleaner.

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It can also come in handy for future use.

12. Air Fryer

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You can make healthy meals by yourself with an air fryer. 

If you’re the type who loves baking treats then this is for you, also there are lots of recipes online you can use your air dryer to make.

13. Mini Toaster

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Can’t think of a reason why you wouldn’t want to have a smart gadget like a mini toaster in your dorm room. 

Do you know how nice it is to be able to make your toast from the comfort of your dorm room, get a mini toaster today.

14. Oil Diffuser

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Let your dorm room smell nice while you relax and inhale the white smoke to sharpen your senses with this oil diffuser. 

See how cute and minimal this looks, it also works for a nice decoration in your dorm room. 

A highly recommended smart dorm room gadget.

15. Boiled Egg Maker

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If you are into taking boiled eggs then I recommend this boiled egg maker. 

Boiled eggs make for a quick breakfast before class and they are nice for healthy snacks as well.

16. Egg Bite Maker

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There is a huge chance that if you love boiled eggs, you would love egg bites as well, so get this egg bite maker alongside the boiled egg maker. 

Egg bites also make for a healthy breakfast and snacks before you head for class.

17. White Noise Machine

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Dorm rooms can get very noisy even at night and you might need to wake up early the following day, get this white noise smart dorm machine to enjoy a good night's sleep. 

Also, make sure your roommate is comfortable with it.

18. Hot Plate

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You can make the best foods with a hot plate. 

You can pretty much make anything you want with this hot plate. 

A really exciting smart gadget for people who love and enjoy cooking.

19. Brita Water Pitcher

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It is very unhygienic to drink the tap water in dorms, everyone should have a Brita water pitcher. 

It would give u fresh filtered water, and you can keep it in your fridge to get chilled fresh filtered water.

20. Mini Fan

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The AC in most dorms is liable to break down at any time and when this happens, I can assure you the heat can get unbearable. 

So, it is better to have a mini fan on standby in case the dorm AC breaks down.

21. Waffle Maker

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Waffles and pancakes make for a good breakfast before heading to class. 

If you like waffles, then this smart dorm room gadget is a must-have.

22. Milk Frother

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Do you like to brew coffee? then you need this milk frother. 

If you want to add an extra touch to your coffee then this milk frother is just for you, it also doesn’t take up much space in dorm rooms.

23. Cold Brew Coffee Maker

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If you prefer your coffee cold then a Keurig is not your way to go. 

It is easy to use this cold brew coffee maker, and you can have it pitched at the beginning of a week and it would last that entire week. 

Amazing right?

24. Mug Warmer

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If you are the type who drinks a lot of coffee or tea then this mug warmer is for you.

With this mug warmer you can keep your tea or coffee hot any time of the day.

25. Tile Mate

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This dorm gadget might seem small but what it does is incredible. 

Attach it to your Keychain and connect it to your phone, if you lose anything by mistake you can track the missing item with this gadget through the app on your phone.

26. Mini Bag Food Sealer

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Having a food bag is one thing, being able to properly close it so the snacks in it don’t lose their crisp is another thing. 

So, if you love to eat snacks and keep some stored in a food bag then you need a food bag sealer to properly seal the bag.

27. Mini Rice Cooker

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Rice is that one food everyone eats a lot of, if you are someone who loves to eat a lot of rice, then this smart dorm room gadget is for you. 

With this you can get freshly boiled rice from the comfort of your dorm room, it is also small and takes up little space.


With smart dorm room gadgets, you can transform your ordinary dorm room into a place you would hardly want to leave.

With these gadgets, you can get pretty much everything you need right in your dorm room.

Get these smart dorm room gadgets now so you can enjoy your college life to the fullest. 

I hope this guide has been able to provide you with the type of smart gadgets for your dorm room that you are looking for.

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