22+ Butterfly Nail Art Ideas That Are Strikingly Cute

In this guide, I will provide you with 23 of the best butterfly nail designs that would make your nails look stunning.
Butterfly Nail Design Ideas

Are you looking for really nice butterfly nail art ideas?

In nail art, you can say that the butterfly design has become one of the most popular designs for years now. 

And it is no surprise that that is the case after all butterflies are regarded with beauty.

So it is safe to say when you get the butterfly nail design, your nails become beautiful, and that in turn makes you beautiful. 

There are so many butterfly designs to choose from and new designs are even coming up from time to time.

We have seen some of the best butterfly nail designs that we know you would love, so in this guide, I will provide you with 23 of the best butterfly nail designs that would make your nails look stunning.

22+ Butterfly Nail Art Ideas That Are Strikingly Cute

Before I get on with the list of butterfly nail art ideas, I would like to point you to some of my favorite nail tools that you would want to use to DIY butterfly nails at home:

Nail prep:

DIY star nail art:

Note: To avoid drawing the butterflies on your nails, you can opt for the stickers.

1. Blue Butterfly Nails

blue nails with butterfly nail art

These nails are nude but with a touch of blue to form different designs, there are also glitter stones added to the design. 

One nail on each hand has two pretty blue butterflies, this is a really pretty design idea.

2. Clear Butterfly Nails

jelly white nails with butterfly nail art

A subtle way to get on the butterfly nail trend is with a clear butterfly nail design. 

However, the color of the butterfly on the clear nails can be any color you wish, white, blue, purple, or even a mixture of colors, either way, you would get nice butterfly nail art.

3. Purple Butterfly Nails

nails with butterfly nail art

These purple butterfly nails are bound to get you noticed, it is an absolutely pretty butterfly design and it is very feminine, it is also flashy which would be easily noticed by anyone. 

It works as a really good substitute for the pink butterfly nail design.

4. Nude Butterfly Nails

nude nails with butterfly nail art

One of the fun things about nude butterfly nail design isn’t just the fact that pink is a lovely color, but the fact that you can be creative with it.

You can design one finger with butterflies or two like the one in this picture and paint the other fingers with plain ol’ pink.

5. Light Pink Butterfly Nails

tan nails with butterfly nail art

If you love pink nails but don’t want it to be too obvious like the regular ol’ pink then the light pink nail design is for you. 

One thing about this design that I love is how much it fits with almost anything you wear any day of the week. 

So it is a pretty nor too obvious pink butterfly nail design.

6. Red Butterfly Nails

red nails with butterfly nail art

Some colors are just bound to bring attention and this red butterfly nail design happens to be one of them.

The red butterflies on one finger per hand might be a common style, but the red color itself makes it a classic.

7. Multiple Color Butterfly Nails

rainbow nails with butterfly nail art

When you don’t know which color to pick for your butterfly nails then you should consider trying out the multiple-color butterfly nails idea.

I mean just look at this one, a mixture of purple, pink, blue, green, and yellow, isn’t it lovely?

8. White Butterfly Nails

white nails with butterfly nail art

This was the most popular butterfly nail design a few years back, and to date, it is still among the top most-used nail designs. 

The design is classic, timeless, and will forever be in vogue. 

It matches easily with any outfit and any accessories making it a style to always consider.

9. Butterfly Nail Art on Ombre Nails

blue ombre nails with butterfly nail art

Adding butterflies to an ombre is like adding gas to a fire, this is because ombre nails on their own are very trendy and pretty. 

Now adding butterflies to it is just making it extra trendy and pretty which would catch the attention of people even more.

10. Butterfly on Nail's Tip

french tip butterfly nail art

You don’t necessarily have to go all out by having butterflies across your entire nails when you can go with a simple yet unique style by having the butterflies at the tip of every nail on each finger.

11. Two Color Butterfly on Nails

purple ombre nails with butterfly nail art

A simple nail color design that you can recreate with a nude base and any light color at the tip then two different color butterflies are painted on two of the fingers side by side.

12. Clouds and Butterflies on Purple Nails

marble nails with butterfly nail art

These long nails with purple color look really good, top it up with clouds and butterflies on two nails while there are glitter stones on the middle finger leaving the first and last fingers with plain ol' purple.

13. Pink Nails with Clouds and Butterflies

pink nails with butterfly and clouds nail art

Just like the purple nails with butterflies and clouds, this is the pink version. 

They might have the same idea, but the way they are designed is different, this one has clouds on all the nails and two big butterflies on two fingers.

Very pretty butterfly nail design idea.

14. Black Butterflies on Dark Nails

black and nude french tip nails with butterfly nail art

A very stunning butterfly nail design. 

Who says butterflies can only be pretty with bright colors, this is a nice example that butterflies can be dark on dark nails and still look absolutely gorgeous. 

Black on the tip of each long nail but one finger without black tips has three dark butterflies.

15. Beautiful & Colorful Butterflies

clear nails with butterfly nail art

A colorful butterfly nail design that is beautiful thanks to the different butterflies on the nails. 

The butterflies are so colorful that it glitters making it a bright and flashy butterfly nail design.

16. Light Purple Nails with Purple Butterflies


I really love this butterfly nail idea. 

It is simple, not too flashy, the nail's length is beautiful and the mixture of pink for the nails and purple for the butterflies is just absolutely stunning. 

All the nails are pink with one having two purple butterflies on it.

17. French Mani & Butterfly

brown nails with butterfly nail art

French manis are already very trendy nail designs that people love to do, by adding some beautiful butterflies to them, they would become twice as trendy as they initially were. 

The tips of the nails have glitters and half butterflies on each finger and when you put two fingers together it forms a whole butterfly. 

Pretty neat right?

18. Nails with Butterfly Wings Art

purple nails with butterfly nail art

Sometimes the best type of butterfly nail idea is to have butterfly wings only on your nails, just the wings no full butterfly. 

There are a lot of butterfly species out there so there is a wide range of colors and patterns to choose from when you want your nails with butterfly wings art done.

19. Glitter Butterfly Nails

pink nails Butterfly Nail Designs

Shine bright like a diamond with this glitter butterfly nail design. 

This is a super pretty and feminine butterfly nail design that has a pretty unique symbol around it. 

Butterflies are a symbol of change and transformation, so shine bright as you transform in beauty.

20. Nude and Butterfly Nail

nude nails Butterfly Nail Designs

Speak of simplicity with this simple butterfly nail design. 

Nude nails with two halves of a big butterfly on two fingers only, put those two fingers together to bring out the full butterfly. 

A really cool butterfly nail design idea.

21. Nude Ombre with Blue Butterfly

blue nails with butterfly nail art

Look classy with this mix-match of nude ombre and blue. 

One finger has plain ol' blue while another finger has nude ombre, another finger has nude ombre mixed with blue and glitters and the last finger has nude ombre mixed with blue with glitters and two blue butterflies.

Very beautiful butterfly nail design.

22. Short Nails with Butterfly


Most nail designs are better on long nails, but some designs are just as good on short nails.

The only drawback with a short nail is the details of the design on the nails would be limited.

However, this short nail butterfly design is still absolutely stunning.


Butterfly design in nail art has somewhat become a timeless trend, and it just seems to be getting bigger each year.

And the best part about it is there are just so many butterfly designs to choose from.

With the fact that there are so many butterfly species and new ones are found from time to time, it is safe to say that new butterfly nail designs would also keep being made and honestly that’s for the best.

I have provided you with over 21 butterfly nail art ideas for you to choose from and you don’t have to just choose one, choose as many as you like, these are some of the best butterfly nail designs available anywhere.

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