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24+ Best April Nails And April Nail Designs You Need To Recreate

Discover the best collection of nails that are trending this April.

Are you looking for nails to copy for your next nail appointment for this new month of April?

If yes, then you are in luck as today your inner eyes will be fed with beautiful nails appropriate for April.

Best April Nails And April Nail Designs

April is a lovely month, to say the least; it is in April that we find Fools' Day and sometimes the Easter celebrations depending on the Catholic church calendar.

So with the events that happen during March, it is only safe to say that the most popular nail polish colors for April are red, purple, white, pink, and all the other bright colors around the world!

In April, you can opt for nude colors too for elegant and chic looks if you are not into bright colors like me.

24+ Best April Nails And April Nail Designs You Will Love To Copy

Most people like me in the past used to consider April a very "busy" month.

I always look forward to the month because it's my birth month, yay!

I have always paid attention to it and January, February, December, and even October.

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Well now, you know why I am super excited for this month and all that comes with it.

With that said, let's get started on some of my favorite nail design Ideas for April.

1. Black Chrome Nails

Best April Nails And April Nail Designs
credit: Pinterest
This is a very trendy nail design that’s perfect for April, this design typically uses a black polish with a chrome powder over the top which creates a reflective appearance. 

This design isn’t too shiny, which makes it a very pretty black nail design.

2. French Tip Almond Nails

Best April Nails And April Nail Designs
credit: Pinterest

Very colorful nails, that look stunning. 

A mix of vibrant colors could be replaced with elegant neutrals, either way, it would create an eye-catching manicure.

Add glitter polish to the finish for a splendid shine, and negative space designs which give it a modern finish.

3. Gothic Heart Acrylic Black Nails

Best April Nails And April Nail Designs
credit: Pinterest

If you are a lover of black nails, and you wish to add a little bit of twist to them, then this nail design is perfect.

This nail design is catchy, and bold, with a beautiful gothic design.

The heart design on two fingers makes it unique and complements the entire nail design.

4. French Tip Acrylic Press On Nails

Best April Nails And April Nail Designs
credit: Pinterest

A very pretty nail design, with a mix of bright and vibrant colors.

The colors are used to form a nice flower design on the nails, with most of it extending to the long French tip of the nails. 

Easy to recreate, and the acrylic material is long-lasting.

5. Vaveah Stiletto Press On Nails

Best April Nails And April Nail Designs
credit: Pinterest

Short and colorful nails that are super trendy, with a mix of 5 different colors with two shades of the same color on each finger.

This is certainly an eye-catching nail design, the slanting stripes make the nail look beautiful.

6.  Rainbow French Short Coffin Nails

credit: Pinterest

A nail design that would be admired this coming April, with its colorful design that makes the nails more charming and elegant.

The mixture of different colors with nude, and curvy colors, and glitter polish to the finish all bring out the beauty of this nail design.

7.  Short Green Acrylic Nails With Swirls

credit: Pinterest

Short nails are always so pretty, and so are these short green acrylic nails.

The swirl design made with white color with no obvious pattern makes the nail design unpredictable, and that is one of the best things about these nails.

8. Purple Ombre Nails With Flowers & Glitter

credit: Pinterest

A flashy nail design for April.

If you plan to look flashy with class this April, then this nail design is for you.

Long nails with purple ombre, with glitter on the tip of four fingers while one finger has a purple flower design.


9. Pink French Manicure Nails

credit: Pinterest

Very pretty nails, pink is associated with sweetness, and that’s exactly what this nail is, very sweet looking.

It is also eye-catching, the deep flower design at the end of two of the nails and the black dots on the two nails, make the design beautiful.

10. Funky Mix & Match Nails

credit: Pinterest

A nail design with not just one design, just like the name implies, mix and match.

Mix a few designs on each finger and they would match, different colors on each finger, and each finger with different designs, flowers, stripes, patterns, and so on.

Funky and pretty.

11. Almond Nails Shorts With Swirls

credit: Pinterest

Short nails with almond shape, little glitter, cream color, and swirls.

Some parts of the swirls have glitters on them on some fingers, the cream color is placed at the tip or end of the nails, and some swirls are made of the cream color, a very classy April nail design.

12. Gorgeous Pink Floral Nails

credit: Pinterest

Just as the name says, gorgeous.

That’s all this nail is, absolutely gorgeous, the floral design on two of the nails adds depth and makes the nails look perfect.

A gorgeous and simple nail design that would transform your fingers this April.

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13. Acrylic Easter Glitter Nails

credit: Pinterest

If Easter eggs could shine, they would look like this nail design.

Each finger has a different color from cream to blue to nude, to green and pink, and each has glitters on it, making them shine.

You would look like you’ve got a diamond on your hands.

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14. Light Purple Nail With Glitter Polish

credit: Pinterest

A very simple nail design, each nail is covered with light purple paint, with no extra design, and it has a glitter polish finish, that allows the nails to shine.

If you want something elegant and simple, then this is a great choice.

15. Colorful Floral Nails With Glitter Polish 

credit: Pinterest

stylish floral nail design, it is mixed with different colors, with flowers on two fingers, one finger has colorful flowers gathered mostly on the tip, and the other has the flowers from the tip to the side and the end.

16. Cute Nude & White Nails With Swirls

credit: Pinterest

The design of this nail makes it look super cute.

The tip of the nails is with swirls in the middle and are nude as the rest of the nails.

The swirls are made with glitter, giving the nail design some extra bit of shine.

17. Stunning Cat Eye Nails

credit: Pinterest

A very trendy April nail design.

This cat eye design is stunning and trendy, its simplicity also shows a bit of class, and the swirls on two fingers bring out the beauty in this nail design.

18. Pink French Nails With Butterflies

credit: Pinterest

This nail design is so pretty to the eyes, with a little clouds-like design that is almost impossible to spot, light swirls, flowers with different colors on some fingers, and then the pretty nude butterfly on one of the fingers.

19. Pink Snowman Coffin Nails

credit: Pinterest

Pink just always looks good with pretty much any design.

This nail has a half snowman design on two fingers side by side, when both nails are put together it forms a snowman.

And there is glitter on one of the nails to make it look more flashy.

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20. Pink Baddie Colored Acrylic Nails

credit: Pinterest

This nail design is perfect for girls who like to look like baddies, with some nice colored designs on it, like spider weddings with hearts, ghosts and hearts, white stripes, and so on. 

A nail design that can be installed for different occasions.

21. Beautiful Rhinestones Nails

credit: Pinterest

A nice nail design that would make you look expensive. Rhinestones make Beautiful nail designs, with the gold rhinestones placed on the tip of every finger.

With a gloss finish that makes the nails shine more.

22. French White Nails With Patterns

credit: Pinterest

A unique nail design, where the second and last nails have nice white snake skin patterns, and the two nails between them have white paint on the tip which extends to both sides of the nails and then to the end.

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And a little glitter stones cross on one finger.

23. Cute White Pink Nails With Swirls

credit: Pinterest

A cute nail design made with a mixture of white and pink, with swirls on two fingers, and little glitters on 3 fingers.

A simple nail design, with simple swirls and little glitters on the nails to give it a modern look.

24. Adorable Nude Almond Nails

credit: Pinterest

This nail design is very adorable, despite its simple design. 

It has an almond shape which is part of what makes it so adorable, with the body of the nail painted nude, and then white on the tip of each finger, with 3 dots on the pinky finger.


And that is all we have for now on "Best April Nails Ideas".

In summary, a couple of events happen in April and it is always best to always keep your nail fashion updated as much as you can.

Also, April nails should be classy, cute, give baddie vibes, or just plain; in any length, shape, or color, depending on you.

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