31+ Festive Christmas Nail Ideas to Get You in the Holiday Spirit

To make this Christmas more personal, I have compiled sparkly, cute, and gorgeous nail design pictures.

Christmas is upon us and so are SPARKLY and GLITTERY nails!

Festive Christmas nail designs

If you love perfection like me, you will know that I like to match my nails to the occasion and outfit for that day.

I adore nails more than clothes, to be honest, and I think it's cute.

Christmas is mostly about happiness, winter, and shiny things, so nails should match.

And what a great way to end the year than matching your fingertips to the occasion.

To make this Christmas more personal, I have compiled sparkly, cute, and gorgeous nail designs pictures that will make your fingertips the talk of the town this season.

31+ Festive Christmas Nail Ideas to Get You in the Holiday Spirit

If you are in the mood to join up your Christmas fashion wagon, then let's get into the best Christmas nail designs you will want to recreate ASAP!

1. Swirly snow:

short Christmas Nail Ideas

How does the red color make you feel when it's Christmas? Happy right?

I love the way the nail tech incorporated the gold and white on these nails, so festive.

2. Red snowflakes:

Christmas Nail Ideas

In this post, you are going to be seeing a lot of red nail art but that's not my fault, it's the season for it.

The addition of the snowflakes makes this simple French tips nail design worth it.

3. Short French tips with silver rims:

If you want to go really short this Christmas, then go short with this design.

The silver details improve the look of this set and it's really cute.

4. Simple gingerbread French tips:

Another way to improve the look of simple nails during the festive season is to indicate.

How? By nicely blending in the symbol of that season just like she did with the gingerbread man on this set.

5. Indie grinch nails:

indie Christmas Nail Ideas

Recreate these nails:

What's not to love about indie fashion, especially nails?

Dark green is a nice touch for this style of nails, I also think red or purple can work with the design too.

6. Candy cane red:

Christmas Nail Ideas

Candy canes are supposed to be a thing this season and what other way to show your loyalty to the season than to match your long nails to candies?

7. Green royalty:

green Christmas Nail Ideas
I bet you have been waiting to see other colors on this list. 😂😂 

As mentioned, green is also a good color for Christmas and I love this set and what was done with the gold and snowflakes decals.

8. Candy reindeer:

Christmas Nail Ideas
Candy canes and reindeer on long nude nails? Absolutely.

This set is so cute and if you haven't got any issues with the length then you should get them this season.

9. Long pink glitter nails:

pink glitter Christmas Nail Ideas
Here's another one, pink candy canes but make them nails.

The pink glitter vibes are a look to copy in a hurry too.

10. Simple black Christmas nails:

black Christmas Nail Ideas
Want to go simple this festive season? Then this set is the one for you.

You can also switch the shape to square for a very minimal look.

11. Short Christmas plaid nails:

short Christmas Nail Ideas
Plaid means Christmas in my world.

Want to look Christmassy and also academia this season, then this should be the nail art you should be going for.

12. Elegant snowflakes:

Christmas Nail Ideas
These elegant snowflake nail art with a touch of candy cane designs in white are a vibe.

There's no other reason not to get these nice festive-looking nails for this season; you don't need to wait for the 25th.

13. Shimmering grey:

Christmas Nail Ideas
Grey is not a vibrant color generally but with the shimmery base, everything is alright with this set.

14. Hot chocolate:

brown Christmas Nail Ideas
Brown is not a very popular nail color for his season but dares to be different. 

I love how plain these are, but an addition of a shimmering top coat on your pinky finger will put you in the mood this festive season.

15. Plaid and gingerbread:

Christmas Nail Ideas
Gel nails have been very understated this year but I am bringing it back to your screens today.

Love love the gingerbread brown designs and white snowflakes.

16. Black snowflakes:

black Christmas Nail Ideas
Black nail art can also work for Christmas if you ask me and the proof is in the pudding.

17. Icy candy:

black Christmas Nail Ideas
Want to switch things up a bit look into getting icy candy designs in one or two of your fingers just like in the picture.

18. Simple Christmas blue nails:

blue Christmas Nail Ideas
If you are looking for minimalist Christmas nail art to copy this season, here's one.

The silver glitter designs on them are what helped them appear festive.

19. Black stiletto Christmas:

black Christmas Nail Ideas
White and black stiletto nails during the Christmas? Hello, yes!

The little ribbon design on the index finger is just so pretty.

20. Candy canes and bread:

simple Christmas Nail Ideas
Red, white, and gold on short nails are so popular this season.

Why not go crazy with the designs too like she did on this set?

21. Glittery burgundy:

Burgundy is one of my favorite colors for most seasons so why not Christmas?

The glitter gives this set a rich and sparkly vibe.

22. Christmas strawberry:

I love how strawberry-like this set looks even though it's all Santa Claus and mistletoe.

The shimmery pink look is also beautiful too.

23. Red moose:


Talk about sparkly Christmas nails and bring up this set.

I love what the nail tech did with reindeer horns, so cute.

24. Silver present:

Ribbon nails art are trending now and it would be interesting to join the bandwagon ASAP.

Silver equals Christmas and so does this set.

25. Christmas day gloss:

Glossy Christmas nail art? Hell, yes!

I love how the nail tech included the tiny candy canes, it makes this set so cute.

26. Short sparkles:

Very short Christmas nails with gold decals for Christmas? Yes, yes, and yes!

I love the base coat too, very festive.

27. Green shimmer:


Just like pink glitter nails, there are green glitter nails too and they are pretty perfect for this season.

28. Short Christmas tree:

Moss green nails for Christmas?

Very unlikely but these are really cute and you can copy them if you must.

29. Candy duck:

Getting the infamous duck feet nail designs for Christmas is so edgy and who doesn't want that?

The candy designs are just the tip of the iceberg on how pretty these nails can get.

30. Elegant glitter green:

Dark green nails for Christmas are so elegant.

The gold detailing is beautiful too, what else could one ask for this season?

31. Green locket:

Green Christmas nails
I saved the best for the last and I'm sorry.😂

The more I look at this set the more I fall in love with them.

The different shades of green, the raised gold studs, just wow!


And that is all we have today on Festive  Christmas Nail ideas that will stun everyone you meet this season.

In summary, Christmas nails can be in any color, length, or shape but never forget the glitter and candy canes!

So, if you are sleeping on this Christmas nails trend this season, I don't know what to tell you.

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