32+ Cute Short Nail Designs That You Should Copy Today

In this guide, you will pictures of the cutest and prettiest short nail designs that you will want to recreate.
60 Cute Short Nail Designs That You Should Copy

Looking for ideas on the cutest short nail designs you can copy?

Short nails are very practical, especially for everyday use.

It is easy to pull off even, as opposed to longer ones.

They are my favorite as they are easy to do things with, especially as I am a writer.

Truth be told, it is hard to maintain long nails.

For me, after a while, I get bored and shorten them or even soak them off with acetone.

In this guide, you will pictures of the cutest and prettiest short nail designs that you will want to recreate.

32+ Cute Short Nail Designs That You Should Copy:

1. Star of the show

60 Cute Short Nail Designs That You Should Copy

How good do these look?

A simple yet beautiful nail design with stars black and white on two fingers which would make your friends adore your fingers as they look super cute.

2. Blue heat map

Blue is a beautiful color I mean just see how beautiful this nail design is, get the blue heat map nails to look extra cute anywhere you go.

3. Pink flowers

Who doesn’t love pink or flowers, this cute short nail design with flowers on one finger is where it is at for Pink nails. 

You can’t look any other way but cute with this nail design.

4. Blue chrome tips

Chrome nails have been a classic for nail designs for some time now, and this nail with a blue chrome tip is one of the cutest. 

You can’t look wrong with this nail design.

5. Swirls designs


It is impossible not to look gorgeous with this cute nail design. 

These swirl nail designs are just perfect, and they are perfect for you.

6. Green Frenchies

Similar to the blue chrome tips, the green is also on the tip. 

I love how simple yet cute and captivating it looks, it also blends so well with the skin.

7. Plain ol' pink

One color ladies are always attracted to is pink. 

You can never look wrong with this cute plain and simple nail design, it would match any of your pink outfits and I can bet you have a few of those.

8. White streaks

Your fingers won’t be able to help but stand out among your friends with this cute nail design.

This nail matches any outfit easily, it is cute trendy, and down for the season.

9. Pink ombre

Oh my God, this is one of the cutest pink nails I have ever seen. 

It is so simple and beautiful with the acrylic tips, it will transform you into a pink goddess.

10. Coffee marble

A nude cream marble nail that makes your fingers look like they were sent from above, dial the heat of attraction up to 11 with this cute nail design.

11. Pink hearts

Acrylic nails with a pink heart on one finger and pink tips for that shiny, simple, and superb look. 

Show off your love for your nails with this cute design.

12. Black hearts

Black is a unique color, as a goth girl you can rock this cute nail design for Valentine’s Day and show off on the season of love.

13. Orange swirls

Can it get better than this, I doubt it. 

Look extremely classy with this peach and purple color. 

The touch of colored waves on two of the fingers just improves the design.

14. Smiley

Mixing your nail design with a smiley face, heart, flowers, and different colors is a nice way to go when you can’t make up your mind on which design to pick. 

Also, the smiley face is sure to put a smile on your face.

15. Thin swirls

Nails for the summer. 

The thin swirls design on these nails makes them so trendy, I can guarantee you will be so hot wherever you go.

16. Chrome tips

Get good with the green. 

Be one with nature as you rock this beautiful green cute nail design, mix up nude with stars and green on the tip of all the fingers to get this adorable nail design.

17. Pink flowers

A pink nail design that sets the mood for class without going overboard. 

Plain pink on two fingers, flowers at the tip of two other fingers, and a light pink on the tip of the last finger. 

Talk about a unique style.

18. Light pink

Spice up your nails with this light pink with swirls nail design, your fingers will look like it is the fingers of a queen.

19. Wavy coffee

Think you’ve seen it all, well think again. 

You can look ridiculously cute and sexy with this nail design with brown, nude, and colored swirls on two fingers.

20. Blue starry nails

Not to brag but looking wrong with this nail design is impossible, stay simple yet adorable with this nail with blue stars on each finger.

21. Almost plain

Nothing ever looked so simple yet cute as these white nails with mixture of chocolate with sparkles on them, the compliments will surely flow in for you.

22. Funky green nails

Such dreamy funky green nails with swirls, it is sure to steal compliments from whoever sets their eyes on them.

23. Flowers peek

A sweet French nail with pink on the tip and white flower on the side of two of the fingers, so perfect for summer. 

Look fresh and pinky with this nail design.

24. Glitter swirls

These short pink acrylic nails with swirls make it fabulous. 

I mean who doesn’t want to look fabulous, you can with this cute nail design.

25. Plain pink

I mean just check out these pink beauties with no designs on them.

26. Double Frenchies

Love the double French designs on this set.

Perfect for summer.

27. Stars and tips

Nails for the summer, with swirls, stars, and pink tips. 

My heart just melts when I look at these nails with the subtle stars around the tip of the nails, it is no wonder I feel this way.

28. Green everything

Can’t pick which color you want for your trendy spring nails, then go for this cute nail design with a mixture of pink and green with green swirls on two of the fingers.

29. White and pink flowers

This nail has just one goal to make you look pretty, but how about when you add one more element to it aside from the flowers and pink on the tip, make just one finger plain white and see how prettier your fingers would look?

30. Blue stars

Wow, just wow. 

These blue aura nails are blowing my mind here, how the stars match with the blue, and how much the blue on the tips of two fingers compliments the whole design is breathtaking.

31. Sparkly chrome

It is time to shine bright like a diamond with these twinkle-star nails. 

Get to glittering everywhere you go as you rock this cute nail design.

32. Red starry nails

60 Cute Short Nail Designs That You Should Copy

Want to feel like a star on Valentine’s Day, now this is the design for you.

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Swoon someone up as you celebrate the day of love with this cute nail design.


And that is all I have today on gorgeous and cute short nail designs that you can recreate.

Hopefully, these designs bring you happiness and creativity to try out even more designs.😁

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