How To Soundproof A Dorm Room

Looking for easy and effective ways to soundproof your dorm room?

How To Soundproof A Dorm Room

Looking for easy and effective ways to soundproof your dorm room?

Living in a basic dorm room means you would be living about 5 feet away from two or more people.

So if you are not familiar with how the layout of a dorm room then you are lucky.

Now the problem remains how to soundproof your dorm room from the noise, music, and other sounds coming from the dorm rooms of other students, well there are ways to go about this, so let's find out how.

How To Soundproof A Dorm Room 

A dorm room comes with a Twin bed on each side of the room, and a dorm room is approximately about 10 feet X 13 feet. 

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There are usually desks at the end of the beds and two dressers available for students to use which also separate the beds.

To soundproof a dorm room, you need to fill up space, use soundproof decors like curtains, or just focus on soundproofing your doors or windows.

Here are a few ways to on how to soundproof your dorm room:

1. Fill up space

One of the best ways to soundproof your dorm room is by soundproofing your walls, and you can do this by filling up the space in your dorm room walls.

Dorm rooms are usually not filled up, they usually just have little furniture with a lot of space especially in the walls which allows for echoes and noise to easily get in.

Fill up the space on the walls with bookshelves, wardrobes, or objects that can take up space on the wall.

The more furniture you have, the less noise gets into your dorm room.

2. Use soundproof curtains

Research has shown that soundproof curtains do reduce noise in a dorm room drastically, they filter out about 60 to 80 percent of noise coming in from outside your dorm room.

That is an outstanding improvement, so get a soundproof curtains like these to help reduce the noise coming from outside your dorm room to make staying in your dorm room more comfortable.

3. Soundproof the windows

This is also another good and effective option when soundproofing your dorm room, use weather-strip window inserts to seal around your windows.

Using weather-strip window inserts would help seal around your windows and filter out noise as best as possible from your dorm room.

4. Soundproof the doors 

The door of your dorm room is one of the easiest places that noise comes in through, mostly through the space under the door.

So, soundproofing the door is a good and effective way to filter out noise.

You can make use of a draft stopper to close up the gaps around your dorm door including the space under the door.

You can also make use of a rug pad or a thick door mat under the door which would help you keep out noise.

Note: There are some other ways to keep out noise like using earplugs, using white noise machines, using noise-canceling headphones, and so on.

However, these methods don’t keep noise out of the room itself, it just stops you from hearing it.


And that is how to soundproof a dorm room to contain noise and other sounds.

In summary, these are simple, fast, easy, and effective ways to soundproof your dorm room, you can use any of these methods or all if you wish.

The more method you apply to your dorm room, the more sound gets filtered out.

These soundproofing methods are user-friendly, dorm-friendly, and effective in keeping out noise so you can get quieter days, better sleep, and a cool environment for studying.

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