What Size Are The Beds In Dorm Rooms?

Finding out the particular bed size in your dorm room and any other detail concerning your dorm room should not be hard, as the details concerning...
What Size Are The Beds In Dorm Rooms?

 Are you looking to find out the size of beds in dorm rooms?

Usually, beds with mattresses are provided in dorm rooms for students who would be making use of the room for whatever period they would be staying on campus.

The mattresses provided by the school for students are usually not too comfortable so a lot of students get a mattress topper or they just get a new mattress altogether.

Trying to get your mattress into the dorm, you would need to know what size the bed dimensions are to get your mattress which would be more comfortable for you.

What Size Are The Dorm Rooms Beds?

There are two common bed sizes you would find in college dorm rooms, and they are the Twin-size beds and the Twin XL.

The sizes of both beds are slightly different, the Twin-size beds for instance do not always come in standard size, the twin-size beds are usually 75 inches long and 38 inches wide.

The Twin XL is 80 inches long and 38 inches wide, so that is pretty much the same width for both beds.

But the lengths are slightly different with the Twin XL being slightly longer than the Twin-size bed.

To further explain:

1. Twin-size bed

This bed size is usually used by people who are of average height, it is not that much ideal for students who are on the tall side.

Having a Twin-size bed in your dorm room means you would need to get accessories in twin size, using the accessories for a Twin XL bed would work too if you do not mind tucking away the extra sheet parts.

2. Twin XL 

This is the most commonly used bed size among the two, this is because it can easily fit for almost everyone. 

There are some places (very rare occasions) that have full, full XL, and even sometimes (also very rare occasions) students have queen-sized beds in private rooms.

So your dorm room bed is most likely the Twin XL bed, which is 80 inches in length and 38 inches in width. 

The beds of kids, teens, and some young adults at their homes are usually Twin XL beds.

The Twin XL bed is 5 inches longer than the regular Twin-size bed, this makes it have the same length as the Queen size bed. 

If you are the type who is more concerned with width then 38 inches seems adequate.

Whereas the Queen size bed which was designed to accommodate two people, is 60 inches wide.

So the Twin XL is more than half the width of the queen-size bed, meaning it is adequate for anyone.

So the Twin XL and the Twin-size bed which are the two typical dorm beds gives 8 inches more space.

This is more than enough for anyone to feel comfortable on and to enjoy cuddling with a teddy, sprawling, and sleeping.


Finding out the particular bed size in your dorm room and any other detail concerning your dorm room should not be hard, as the details concerning your particular dorm should be available on your school’s website.

Seeing as a significant amount of dorms give dorm bedding to students, it would make it easy for you to find out the exact bedding that fits the dorm mattress perfectly.

Even though some students find the idea of the dorm providing mattresses in their dorms disturbing, it makes it easier for you to find out the size of the beds in dorm rooms.

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