14 Romantic Candle Ideas for a Cozy Valentine's Day

If you plan to have a beautiful Valentine’s Day with your partner without having to go all out with plans and spending a lot on excessive gifts and de
Romantic Valentine's day Candle Ideas

Working in preparation for the upcoming Valentine’s Day, and you need beautiful Valentine’s Day candles?

Sharing Valentine’s Day with your partner is one of the most beautiful holidays that couples look forward to.

The gifts, the memories created, the planned vacations, it can all get very hectic and pressure-filled.

But here is the thing, you do not need to go all out to have a memorable Valentine’s Day, or to make your partner feel special.

Just make a little decoration here and there in the house, get your partner a beautiful dress, and so on can also brighten up the day making it one to enjoy and always remember.

14 Romantic Candle Ideas for a Cozy Valentine's Day

With the right ambiance all this can feel so much more special once done right, and this is where the Valentine’s Day candles come in.

Beautiful candles can make for a good gift and also set the mood just right, let’s take a look at some of these beautiful and romantic Valentine’s Day candles.

1. Ribbed pillar candles

ribbed pillar candles review

This scented candle from the MTLEE brand is a candle to choose, from to help you light up your home to make a special Valentine’s Day occasion while giving your living room or bedroom a beautiful scent.

It is also very good for gifts and works for surprises as well, just set them up and surprise your partner with them while making a beautiful memory that you can both cherish.

2. Red glittery candles

Glitter is so Christmas but why not bring them back now?

Set the mood of your special day with these cute scented glitter candles and they will thank you for it.

3. Bath & body candles

Make your friends, family or SO laugh out loud with this bath and body replica.

I also heard this candle lasts quite a while and smells amazing.

4. Yinuo scented candles

Wanna have a good time and still smell amazing in the process then invest in scented candles.

Apart from Valentine's Day, scented candles are good for the home; I explained more in this post.

So, buying these Yinuo scented candles will serve you two purposes: a nice-smelling home and a wonderful time with your loved ones.

5. Diamond heart shape scented candles

These Valentine’s Day candles that come in elaborate designs can be used not just only in the house but for a surprise Valentine’s date.

But also used to decorate your reserved table at a fancy restaurant. 

It has a beautiful scent that fills the air and sets the mood just right.

6. Burning heart shape candles

This Valentine’s Day candles come in a romantic stack heart shape, an 6-pack heart candles that make for beautiful decorations, it is available in pink, rose red, white, and red.

They can burn up to 8 hours and are ideal for making a surprise on Valentine’s Day while setting the mood for a romantic evening.

7. Rose peony candles

rose peony candles

This Valentine’s Day candle comes in a total of 4 pieces which are designed in two different styles, the shape style and the heart shape style.

These candles can be used for other occasions to spice up your relationship, occasions like Halloween, anniversaries, and so on, it is available in a variety of colors and quantities.

8. Eorish floral candle

Floral candles are one of my favorites and I'm so coping them this Valentine's Day.

My partner loves scents and I am absolutely sure that she will appreciate this one as a gift.🤞 

9. Hugging aroma candle

Wanna make Valentine's Day obvious to your guests then get this hugging couple candles.

Not only would it be funny to anyone who sees it, but you can also enjoy a nice aroma in your home while you are all snuggled up with your SO.

10. Just for him

Wanna let your man know it is his then make him smile contentedly by gifting him this hilarious candle.

11. Cowgirl candles

Want to be funny on Valentine's Day why not surprise your guests or special guest with these funny cowgirl boots candles?

And I promise you, they will totally appreciate your effort to make them smile on a day like this.

12. Pink rose

Since roses are the poster child for Valentine's Day so why not get some but make them candles?

These really cute rose-inspired candles will set the mood on that special day.

13. Dessert pie candles

If food is your thing and you wanna rep your favorite food, then better cop this food-themed candle.

The good thing is they come in many different food types like waffles, cereal, cookies, and so on; so you will have a good number of options to choose from.

14. Twirl candles

It's really no secret that twirl candles are trending now and since it's Valentine's it's a good reason to buy them.

You cannot go wrong with these types of candles.


If you plan to have a beautiful Valentine’s Day with your partner without having to go all out with plans and spending a lot on excessive gifts and decorations, Valentine’s Day candles are exactly what you need.

You can get some of these Valentine’s Day candles in personalized forms and scents that would suit your exact needs.

They mostly come in floral scents which smell like roses and that is very good for a romantic Valentine’s Day evening.

I hope this guide has been able to help you find beautiful candles for your Valentine’s Day evening that would make the holiday extra special for you and your partner as a couple. 

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