10+ Adorable Aqua & Pink Nail Design Ideas To Obsess Over

In this guide, you will see ideas of some of the cutest aqua and pink nail designs that you can wear this summer, spring, any other season, or just an

Are you looking for aqua and pink color nail design ideas that you can wear for any occasion? 

Then you have come to the right place; we at Peachyamore might have what you are looking for.

23+ Cute Aqua & Pink Nail Design Ideas To Obsess Over

Aqua and pink color colors have now become one of the best nail polishes you can wear on your nails as opposed to the past.

They give off coral, underwater, or mermaidy vibes to the wearer and they are so cute too.

In the past, people hardly used aqua and pink colors on their nails due to how bright the two colors are.

This is not the case anymore, especially with the advent of acrylic nail coatings which can prolong the life expectancy of any nail color.

Now aqua and pink colored nails can go with any outfit, on any length and shape of nail but they are better used on the hands.

In this guide, you will see ideas of some of the cutest aqua and pink nail designs that you can wear this summer, spring, any other season, or just any occasion.


10+ Cute Aqua & Pink Nail Design Ideas To Obsess Over

1. Swirly nail art

Swril aqua pink nails
Meet the number one on this list with the infamous swirl design!

The colors used for this set are like summer itself.

I love how shiny they are too with that coat finish.

You can wear these to any event, and they are easy to recreate with these colors.

2. Gold flakes nail art

Almond aqua pink nail Ideas
I love the attention to detail at the tips of this set.

Instead of the classic French tips, this is a good alternative.

They look durable too, the gel finish will make them last for a long while without chipping.

3. Trippy nail art 

Almond aqua pink nail Ideas
Wanna look mysterious at any event? then get this set.

I love the matte finish and the way they limited the designs to just two fingers.

I also think you can wear them short if that is your preference, I think this design can work a shorter length of nails.

4. Color smudge nail art

Short aqua pink nail Ideas
@Kersten Mischka

Meet our smudge nail art in the colors Aqua and pink!

They have bright mermaid-looking vibes like the spring.

They look clean and fancy and the glossy top coat is a good way to make them last.

They can be worn for any event mainly because of the length, short nails are just best.

5. Ombre nail art

Stiletto aqua pink nail Ideas

This Aqua pink ombre nail with a matte finish looks adorable.

I love how there are no designs but if you want to switch things up you could always go for silver glitter.

The stiletto shape is also the best way to make a bold statement without really trying.

6. Short and glittery

Short aqua pink nail Ideas

What other ways to adorn short nails than with glitter?

I love how simple yet cute this set is; the way the nail tech avoided over using the two colors is a special skill.

7. Shiny ombre

Short aqua pink nail Ideas

Another ombre look but this time its short with a glossy finish.

I love the length and easy-to-manage they look.

If you prefer simple nails and want to try out aqua and pink color combo then I recommend this set.

8. Sparkly almond

Stiletto aqua pink nail Ideas

What about this milky pink and aqua set for your everyday look?

The nail polish is one of the things I love about this set, the glossy and expensive look.

The minimal design is also a look too; very chic and simple.

9. Mini geometric

Short aqua pink nail Ideas
Elevate your style with this enchanting geometric set of aqua and pink shades.

Wow everyone with your fingertips this season and beyond.

10. Starlight

Coffin aqua pink nail Ideas
This set is so cute and gives off warm summery vibes.

The sparkly designs on the nails are just awesome, I think the nail tech did a very good job.

No matter your mood, there's a design for you and if this set doesn't excite you then I don't anything would.


Aqua and pink nail combo are awesome but it's not a lot of people are leaning toward them.

I believe so because it took me days to compile pictures of these unique aqua pink nails and I was only able to come up with just 10!

So, I'm going to have to keep updating this post anytime I come across more designs.

Nevertheless, I think that the colors are cool for nails made for any occasion, they are easy to work with and don't need lots of design to pop.

The colors look really durable unlike white or yellow; overall, these colors are adorable and quite trendy.
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