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19+ Coastal Bedroom Ideas That You'll Love

In this guide, you will see image ideas on some of the best coastal or ocean-themed bedrooms for anyone, and my favorite inexpensive coastal bedroom d
20 Coastal Bedroom Ideas That You'll Love

So you want to renovate your bedroom and you have chosen to do a coastal theme?

Coastal means ocean, beach, coral reef, and everything in between.

Coastal-themed bedrooms are mostly blue as in water, sometimes pink and other colors as in underwater so keep that in mind when scrolling through this list.

In this guide, you will see image ideas on some of the best coastal or ocean-themed bedrooms for anyone, and my favorite inexpensive coastal bedroom decor items.

20 Coastal Bedroom Ideas That You'll Love

I'm glad you are reading this guide as I am about to wow you with the best coastal bedroom ideas.

These ideas can be recreated in your homes or even your dorm room.

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1. Welcome to the beach

Coastal Bedroom Ideas
credit: Pinterest

So here is a simple bedroom that gives off ocean vibes.

Perfect for minimalist people and art lovers.

2. Seaside

dim Coastal Bedroom Ideas
credit: Pinterest

This coastal bedroom screams seaside and beach chairs.

There is this vibrant vibe about it that I love.

3. Girly reef

beautiful beach bedroom
credit: Pinterest

So if you want to be extra while renovating your bedroom to a coastal theme then here is a look I think you will love.

4. Western pastel blue 

coastal bedroom ideas for adults
credit: Pinterest

If you have been hearing a lot about western bedrooms but haven't seen one before, here is what it looks like but with pastel blue wall paint.

5. Coastal bedroom for boys

Coastal Bedroom Ideas for boys
credit: Pinterest

I termed this "coastal bedroom for boys" because of the baby blue colors going on.

However, this can be recreated by a girly person too.

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6. Bright blue

blue girly bedroom ideas
credit: Pinterest

This is the brightest blue bedroom I have ever seen in my life and it is insanely cute.

If you are not interested in dark feminine* bedrooms then go crazy with this idea.

7. Coastal dorm room

credit: Pinterest

When I mentioned that any type of room can have an ocean, beach, or coastal vibe, you thought I was kidding right.🤣🤣

Well here is proof that any theme of the room is possible even in a small space.

*Break in transmission*

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8. Sand by the sea

beach bedroom ideas
credit: Pinterest

Talk about sticking to a theme.

See how even the throw pillows and blanket almost match the color of the beach sand?

Super genius.

9. Orange coastal bedroom

orange bedroom ideas
credit: Pinterest

Remember I mentioned that coastal bedrooms don't have to be blue.

This orange coastal bedroom is a total look, you can recreate even in a small space.

10. Oh la la

soft bedroom ideas
credit: Pinterest

This is obviously a girly bedroom.

The softness, minimalism, and femininity of this room are super gorgeous.

11. Boho coastal bedroom

blue boho Coastal Bedroom Ideas
credit: Pinterest

If bohemian style is your thing, you might like this coastal bedroom that has a bit of Boho vibes.

12. Simple coastal bedroom

simple ocean themed bedroom ideas
credit: Pinterest

Another coastal bedroom idea for a minimalist.

Super cozy and warm, perfect for the soft gals.

13. Woven coastal bedroom

credit: Pinterest

This room screams Western and bohemian.

I love everything about it from the woven rug to even the chairs.

14. Clean girl

credit: Pinterest

Nothing screams rich and hotel suite vibes than a room that looks like this.

I love how the decorator didn't go overboard with the ocean vibes.

15. Sea of dreams 

credit: Pinterest

Imagine sleeping in this bedroom every day, you would never have a nightmare.🤣🤣

Super cozy and oh I love the dim lights too.

16. Beach waves

boho coastal bedroom ideas
credit: Pinterest

You can totally tell how I got the name of this bedroom.

The wall art is cool, and gives off a serious love for the ocean; I love the photo display on the wall too.

17. Small space woven and beach bedroom

credit: Pinterest

Just as the name implies, this bedroom is a good way to keep the decor minimal if you don't really like idea number 13 above.

18. Pink coral bedroom

coastal bedroom ideas
credit: Pinterest

Here is another non-blue coastal bedroom idea but this time it's in coral.

I love the girly vibes this bedroom gives off.

19. Surfer coastal bedroom

pink Coastal Bedroom Ideas
credit: Pinterest

If you are a girly girl who loves surfing, here a coastal-ocean beach-vibe bedroom decor ideas for you to copy.


And that is all I have for now on coastal bedroom ideas that you will love to recreate.

In summary, coastal bedrooms mean bedrooms that have been decorated with almost everything that represents the ocean in general.

To further help you, I have also included some of my favorite budget-friendly coastal bedroom decor items that I think you will love.

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