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15+ Easy Balloon Decoration Ideas For A Graduation Party

Balloon decoration ideas for any graduation party (12th grade, preschool, college, high school, etc.) that your guests will totally love.
15+ Easy Balloon Decoration Ideas For A Graduation Party

Are you looking for balloon decoration ideas for your upcoming graduation party?

Whether you are about to celebrate or host your high school or college grad party, the chances that you would need a balloon for a certain décor are usually high; that is why balloons are the most used party décor supply in the world.

Balloon decorations usually range from backdrops to centerpieces down to even photo booths; you have to use your imagination when it comes to things like this.

However, in situations where you don’t have a lot of ideas on how to go about your party decorations, especially the balloon-themed ones, posts like this are a godsend.

Keep scrolling for all sorts of genius balloon decoration ideas that will impress everyone with your creativity.

15+ Easy Balloon Decoration Ideas For A Graduation Party

1. Balloon garland

balloon garland tutorial for parties

Garlands are not just made from flower vines, most of them are being made with balloons these days.

if you are looking for something simple yet put-together, then a balloon garland is one the best décor to have at your grad party this season.

A tip: it is best to always go for balloon garlands with two colors especially if one of the colors is gold or white irrespective of your party theme.

2. Balloon centerpiece or weights

balloon centerpiece and weights tutorial for parties

Who knew you could make centerpieces with balloons; well, you can and they are quite simple to put together.

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However, when going to balloon centerpieces, consider the theme and color scheme of your party so that nothing will be off.

3. Balloon backdrop or wall

balloon wall and backdrop tutorial for parties

Here is a nice idea for a balloon backdrop for your planned party.

This can be recreated in other colors and is very important for every party for photos and the aesthetic.

4. Balloon entrance décor




Another great way to get creative with balloons: using them to create a nice party entrance or even wreaths.

This is actually easy to recreate with the right tools and video or just seek the services of event venue decorators.

5. Balloon photo booth

balloon photo booth decor tutorial for parties

Want to build a nice booth for pictures with family and friends on your big day, then consider a balloon photo booth like this one.

Although there are other things you can use to make party photo booths check them out in this post.

6. Balloon numbers

balloon number decor tutorial for parties

This photo goes to show that there are endless things you can create with balloons and making numbers with them is up there.

You can create even letters or your name with balloons not just numbers by the way.

7. Balloon arch

balloon arch decor tutorial for parties

Balloon arches are similar to balloon entrances but better, they can also be used in other locations not just entrances.

If you are interested in learning how to make a balloon arch then you should check out this video.

8. Balloon columns

balloon columns tutorial for parties

Another party entrance idea can be made with balloons.

This is always a cute look at parties and recreating them will genuinely impress everyone.

9. Balloon strands

balloon ceiling decor tutorial for parties

Another creative way to use balloons at your graduation party – balloon strands.

This balloon décor is best for ceilings, mostly for indoor parties.

10. Balloon chandelier

balloon chandelier tutorial for parties

Who would have thought that you could make chandeliers out of balloons? Not even I.

The good thing about balloon chandeliers is that they can be made in many different shapes and colors; so, it is a case of “balloons are your oyster”.

11. Balloon photo display

balloon photo display tutorial for parties

Photo displays are almost similar to photo booths, the difference is that you just display developed pictures on the former.

12. Balloon floaties

balloon ceiling decor tutorial for parties

Similar to balloon strands but bigger as you can see from the picture.

This is best for indoor parties or even Valentine’s Day after-party on your big day.

13. Balloon sculpture

balloon sculpture tutorial for parties

This is the most viral way to use a balloon on your grad party day.

Sculpting almost anything with balloons goes to show there are endless things you can do with them.

14. Balloon gift table décor

balloon decor for gift table tutorial for parties

Another way to prep up your graduation party gift table – with balloons.

The best tip when it comes to decorating gift tables is to keep every décor minimal to avoid taking attention from the purpose of the table – gifts.

15. Balloon flower

balloon flower tutorial for parties

Balloon flowers or petals are the cutest balloon décor I have ever seen and I’m happy to add them to this list.

This is a super creative way to impress your guests at your graduation party; you can learn how to make balloon flowers in this video.


These are all balloon decoration ideas for any graduation party (12th grade, preschool, college, high school, etc.) that your guests will totally love.

And the good thing about them is that they are quite easy to recreate, just with a few supplies you would have the best party decorations in a matter of minutes.

However, if you are not design-savvy, you could check out the YouTube video I linked under some of the balloon décors on how to go about the DIY. 😉

If you need more graduation party decoration inspirations you could check out these other graduation below:

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