20 Nugget Couch Fort Ideas Your Kids Will Love

Here I have listed some nice nugget couch ideas that you can use to create a fun place for you and your kids to play together, relax, and have...

how to make fun things for your kids with nugget couches

Are you looking for some of the best nugget couch fort ideas for your kids to sit and have fun on?

Kids love Nugget Couch, I know I loved mine as a kid, and it is no surprise that you would want to get one for your kid/kids to make the perfect addition to your kids’ playground or kids’ room.

This toy has suddenly become parents everywhere's favorite toy to get their kids, as nugget couches are a nice place for any kid, be it one of an older age, they can all relax on a nugget couch to play games or watch a movie.

We have some nice nugget couch ideas that would provide endless hours of creativity for your kids, that come with a lot of build ideas that will leave your kids entertained all the time.

20 Nugget Couch Fort Ideas Your Kids Will Love

1. Create a Reading Area with Nugget Couch


A crafty way to style a nugget chair for your kid, this idea is perfect for a kid on the older side where he/she can have a nice place to relax and read a nice storybook or a school book. 

Arrange the nugget couch into a proper couch form with handles by the side and place a chair pillow in it.

2. Nugget Couch Tree House


Every kid has had the fantasy of having a tree house, now your kid can make one with a nugget couch. 

Create a nice treehouse by stacking up a couple of nugget couches arranging the top in the form of a square house or a trailer house and attaching one part as a slide from the house to climb in and slide out with.

3. Create A Pink Princess Castle


A nugget idea for girls, every little girl loves pink and they have all at some point dreamt of owning a castle. 

Build a lovely pink castle by stacking nugget couches on each other, to form a story-building castle then add a small brown chair at the top, and a small blue chair at the bottom.

4. Neutral DIY Nugget Couch


Sometimes to create a nice nugget couch fun area might just be making a neutral relaxation spot. 

This is especially related to kids who are on the older side. 

Stack 3 nugget couches on one another and add 3 nice pillows of different sizes to make a place to relax where they can play a fun game or watch a nice movie.

5. Build a Fun House with a Slide


There are so many fun ways to build a nice nugget couch fun house, this one is really lovely with different places to go in and out of the fun house and there is also the slide. 

Construct a fun house by stacking different colorful nugget couches together, and then attach a nice plastic slide for kids to slide out of the fun house with another nugget couch as the landing place from the slide.

6. Twin Monster Nugget House


Kids love to watch cartoons, and most of them have seen cartoons like Monster Inc., or Monster House, with fun monsters that kids love. 

You can create a nice monster house for them to play in, by stacking the nuggets on top of one another and adding a plastic toy monster eye. 

It can also serve as a sleeping spot for your kids.

7. Chair Cushion Nugget Slide


There are so many creative ways to style a nice nugget couch and create a fun place for you and your kids to play in. 

Arrange a nugget couch on an actual chair cushion to form a slide, use one nugget couch to hold up another one, and use another couch as the landing part from the slide.

8. Create a Relaxation Spot

nugget couch ideas for kids and adults

One of the best things about the nugget couch is not only kids can make use of it, but even adults can use it to have a nice time. 

Create a relaxation area where you can kick back and work or watch a movie by arranging one couch on the floor with two smaller couches put together to rest your leg, and another one to form a part where you can rest your back.

9. A Nugget Couch Animal Zoo


Make a nice nugget couch stuffed animal zoo for your kids to play with and in. 

Kids love the zoo, and what better way to bring a zoo to your kids than to make one with a nugget couch? 

Form a four-corner cage with a nugget couch, and place stuffed animals, or chair animal pillows in it to make a nice zoo.

10. Nugget Restaurant


A lovely nugget couch restaurant where your kids can play pretend like they are actually in a restaurant ordering nice meals to eat. 

Form a square-like sitting place but with an open space, and then arrange a table by stacking four nugget couches on each other to make a table and chairs around the table.

11. Nugget Couch Circus Tent


Everyone loves the circus, especially kids—a place where they can see people with amazing talents, clowns, and sometimes circus animals. 

Let your kids be circus entertainers as they play in this nugget tent. 

Put up like 6 nugget couches or more to make a circle and use a colorful curtain to make the cover of the tent and hold it up with a smaller nugget couch.

12. Create a Concert Stage


Create a space where your kids can perform their favorite music in their way to laugh and have a fun time. 

Make a stage step by stacking four nugget couches on one another, form a wall at both sides and a wall at the back with the form wide open, and use a nice white curtain to cover the top of the concert stage.

13. Nugget Couch Farm House


Farmhouses are beautiful and nice places to go for vacations, so recreate a farmhouse with a nugget couch where your kids can play and feel like they are on vacation. 

Make a wall with a nugget couch, and a roof, and another part of the roof held up by 3 smaller nugget couches.

14. Nugget Bowling Alley


Set a nugget couch on the floor with the two little couches on each side beside it, and make a wall at the end of the line to hold the bowling pins in place. 

Get two plastic bowling balls and bowling pins to have fun.

15. Nugget Ball Swimming Pool

make a ball pool with nugget couch

Ball pools are fun places where kids love to hang out and play, even teenagers and adults swim in ball pools too.

Bring the ball swimming pool to your kids’ playground with a nugget couch, arrange the nugget couch around a wall to make a deep hole, and fill it with rubber balls to make the ball swimming pool.

16. Nugget Bouncing Castle


Sure, a nugget couch doesn’t bounce, but that shouldn’t stop your kids from having fun bouncing on them.

Create a bouncing castle that little kids can play on and have fun, form a wall, and a roof, and set a nugget couch on the floor to set up the bouncing castle.

17. Build a Story Building


Have your kids join you in building a nugget story building that would be a nice say for you and your kids to play together. 

Stack the couches on each other to make a foundation, a wall, a roof, and again to make the building above. 

Get a nice soft couch step and set it on the smaller nugget couch.

18. Create a Trampoline

make a trampoline with nugget couch

A trampoline can serve as a good exercise for kids not just a place to play. 

Make a nice trampoline with a nugget couch so your kids can exercise and get them to relax, have fun, and get some rest afterward. 

Set two couches on the floor and two smaller couches on the edge of the ones on the floor, then place two other couches on them to make a trampoline.

19. Stuffed Turtle Cave


There is no end to how creative you can get when creating something nice from a nugget couch. 

Make an animal home like a turtle cave for your kids. 

Arrange the couch to form a circle wall with an open space in front, place the other couch at the top to cover the cave, and then use the little couches to make a pathway out of the cave. 

20. Nugget Train


Every child at one point has played in the fashion of driving a car, a bus, or even a train. 

Create a train with a nugget couch to help your kids play driving better, stack different sizes of nugget couches together to form a sitting spot.

Place two different ones in front, and use the little couch to form the train chimney, the use floor cushion to make the tires of the train.


There is no way your kids wouldn’t love to play with a nugget couch especially when it has been constructed into a nice playing place for them. 

You can also use it to make a way for them to exercise.

Teenagers and adults can also make use of nugget couches to make a nice relaxation spot, to watch movies, play games, or get some form of work done.

Here I have listed some nice nugget couch ideas that you can use to create a fun place for you and your kids to play together, relax, and have nice fun adventures.

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