13 Scrumptious Italian Recipe Ideas That You Need To Try

I have prepared 13 incredible Italian recipe ideas for you, so you can make those top-rated Italian classic dishes that you love from the comfort...

Italian recipe ideas

Are you a lover of Italian food, and because of how much you enjoy their delicious food, you want to learn how to make it yourself?

Making nice Italian meals by yourself can get rather messy, and then it makes cleaning up after a bit of a hassle. 

That is why you should use cooking utensils like an instant pot to avoid that, and it also makes it easier to make Italian dishes.

One of the best things about most of the Italian dish recipes we have for you in this guide is that they are easy to make, and get ready quickly, you just have to know what to use and how to use it.

I have prepared 13 incredible Italian recipe ideas for you, so you can make those top-rated Italian classic dishes that you love from the comfort of your home.

13 Scrumptious Italian Recipe Ideas That You Need To Try

1. Linguine with Tuna Puttanesca

Italian Recipe Ideas

It's a delicious Italian pasta recipe that comes together quickly. 

A mix of tuna, anchovies, capers, and garlic, prepares the sauce while the pasta cooks, so the dish can be ready quickly.

2. Chicken Cacciatore

Italian Recipe Ideas

An Italian classic, you must have had this delicious Italian classic dish at one point, if not you’re missing out. 

It is easy to make as it pretty much cooks itself, it is a meal the whole family would love.

3. Chicken Marsala 

Italian Recipe Ideas

Another tasty Italian chicken dish. 

Chicken marsala is an exceptional dish, made with tender chicken which is coated in creamy marsala sauce.

Earthly mushrooms are added to it to give the sauce more flavor.

4. Lasagna

Italian Recipe Ideas

One of the most popular Italian dishes ever made. 

This ultimate meat lasagna has four cheeses, a few chef tricks, and homemade marinara to get an amazing flavor for this Italian dish.

5. Shrimp Pesto Pasta

Italian Recipe Ideas

An easy-to-make Italian meal for dinner. 

As a dinner recipe, this meal is easy to make and comes together quickly. 

Have the noodles covered in glistening green basil pesto, everyone would love this meal.

6. Prawn Risotto with Peas

Italian Recipe Ideas

Prawn risotto is pretty much the same as shrimp risotto. 

This risotto with Peas is easy to put together, extremely delicious, and perfect for dinner.

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You can even use it for a dinner party meal, or if you just want to sit on the couch and watch TV, that works too.

7. Creamy Tuscan Sausage Pasta

creamy Tuscan sausage pasta recipe

This creamy Tuscan sausage pasta is a very delicious Italian dish. 

You would want to cook this meal over and over again after the first time.

Everything is made in one pan, making it easy and quick to assemble.

8. Minestrone Soup with Sausage

Italian Recipe Ideas

A delicious take on the classic Italian soup, it is filled with beans and veggies. 

A great soup meal that’s perfect for soup season or any nice occasion, the Italian sausage with so much flavor makes the soup a whole lot more delicious.

9. Instant Pot Polenta

Instant Pot Polenta recipe

You can use an instant pot to make this hearty Italian meal, instead of going through the stress of stirring with a wooden spoon over and over again. 

Best served with pork ribs or Italian sausage, you can also add additional cheese if you wish.

10. Penne Arrabbiata 

Penne Arrabbiata recipe

It is another easy Italian dish that comes together quickly. 

It is saucy and spicy, with a combination of spicy tomato sauce, penne noodles, and parmesan cheese. 

It gets ready in about 20mins and it is irresistible.

11. Spaghetti Marinara Sauce

spaghetti marinara sauce recipe

With this spaghetti marinara sauce, you can make certain nights of the week spaghetti nights. 

This fresh tomato marinara sauce goes too well with the pasta, you would want to eat like 3 to 4 times each night with this delicious Italian spaghetti marinara sauce.

12. Spaghetti Carbonara 

Italian Recipe Ideas

Another extremely delicious Italian pasta recipe. 

But unlike the other Italian meals, this one was not originally from Italy, it originated in Deli. 

Italians adopted it and swapped most parts of the dish with pasta, turning it into an Italian classic meal.

13. Italian Cheese & Potato Frittata 

Italian Cheese & Potato Frittata recipe

This is a delicious Italian dish developed in Northern Italy. 

It is an Italian dish that can be made quickly and it is also easy to put together. 

This incredible frittata is made from potatoes and Montasio cheese.


Italy makes some of the best dishes in the world and the best part about most of them is they are easy to make and can be put together quickly, I mean Italy is the home of the lovely and delicious pizza that we all love to eat.

Remember it is not difficult to whip up those lovely, hearty, and delicious Italian meals you’ve had, as long as you know the right recipe, what to use, how to use it, and when to use it then you’re good to go.

Now you have the recipes for 13 amazing Italian dishes, you can make them from the comfort of your home and enjoy them with your family.

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