15+ Graduation Party Games Ideas For A Fun Time With Your Guests

In this guide, you will get a list of some really fun graduation party game ideas.

15+ Graduation Party Game Ideas For A Fun Time With Your Guests

Do you need some really fun games to play at your graduation party?

A graduation party is always something nice to look forward to, the celebration, the food, the drinks, the lovely pictures to be taken, and the fun memories to have with your friends and family.

All these are things that excite everyone about graduation parties, there is also one other thing that keeps everyone entertained at a graduation party, and that is fun graduation party games for everyone to participate in.

Fun graduation party games bring everyone together, put a smile on their faces, and joy in their hearts, and make it a day to always remember.

In this guide, you will get a list of some really fun graduation party game ideas.

15+ Graduation Party Game Ideas For A Fun Time With Your Guests

1. What Do You Meme?

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This is a fun game that everyone at the graduation party can participate in and have a fun time doing it. 

You can either play the game in teams or everyone can play for themselves. 

There would be a judge to judge those who win the game once it starts.

2. The StoryMatic Rememory Game

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To play this game you would draw three cards from different places that correspond to a person in the party, a loose prompt, and a time frame. 

Whoever draws the card has to talk about a fun memory to everyone playing the game, this is a fun way to reminisce and the fun times you all had before graduating.

3. Taboo Board Game

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The taboo board game is a common fun graduation party game, it is a game to be played in teams, there is a time limit to every turn of the game, and your teammates have to guess every turn. 

A highly recommended graduation party game for a fun time.

4. Who In The Room?

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A fun game to play with your guests at your graduation party, where you ask questions found on deck cards which all begin with “Who In The Room?”. 

It is a game that is sure to make you and everyone at the party laugh hard.

5. Heads Up Party Game

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You need to download the app for this game and get two sets of teams with equal numbers. 

Then a player in a team would try to guess a phrase that only their team can see as the player holds the phone on their forehead. 

It is a really fun and competitive game.

6. We’re Not Strangers Card Game

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This card party game is going to reveal things about your friends that you didn’t know about even from your best friend. 

It is called a “Purpose-driven card game", and it is sure to make your graduation party as fun as possible.

7. Grad Libs Game

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Grad Libs is the graduation mad libs. 

And what better place to play grad libs than at a graduation party? 

This game is played preferably in pairs, one person holds the book which has the story prompts and they ask others to fill in the blanks with verbs, nouns, or adjectives.

8. Face The Cookie

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Face the Cookie is a party favorite game that is sure to get everyone pumped. 

Get everyone into teams, choose a member from the team to represent the team, place a cookie on their face (eye region), and set a timer. 

Anyone who gets the cookie from their face into their mouth in time without using their hand wins a point.

9. Graduation Bingo Game

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A game created specifically for graduation parties, get your guests to play the graduation bingo game, let those who win get points and after the whole game, those with the most points get some fun prizes.

This is sure to boost their game spirit.

10. How Well Do You Know The Graduate?

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A printable game, a fun game that is sure to challenge everyone at the party on how well they think they know the graduate. 

You can even have a prize for whoever can get the most correct answers.

11. Graduation Jenga

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This is pretty much the same as playing the regular Jenga only this time everyone gets to take a turn removing a piece from the board. 

You can add a twist to it to make the game more fun, anyone who removes a piece and collapses loses, and they get a dare which they can’t back out from.

12. Chat Pack Card Game

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This game is not only a fun game to play, it is also a game that can help you bond with a family member or a friend you haven’t seen in a while. 

You can also learn new things about your friends with this game, you also have the chance to choose from the different variations of the game that exist like “Chat Pack: Stories", and “Chat Pack: Celebrate the Family".

There is also a variation meant for just kids.

13. Truth or Dare

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One of the most common games played in any type of party. 

It remains one of the most challenging and fun games people can play at a party. 

You can have everyone paired into groups give a printout of the truth or dare card and watch everyone have fun.

14. DIY Guess Who Game

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A printable DIY "Guess Who Game"! 

Get childhood pictures of your teachers attach them to the printable sheets and share them among your school friends, everyone gets 2 trials with a timer of 1 minute to guess who each teacher is by looking at their childhood pictures.

15. Game That Song

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A fun game that you and your guests at your graduation party can take turns playing. 

A player picks a card and the player has to sing the song on the card, if the player misses a single line they lose.

Anyone able to complete one or more songs without missing a word wins.


When having a graduation party, one of the best things to do to bring everyone together to have fun, laugh, and enjoy the party is to play some nice fun games.

Is it really a graduation party if there are no games involved, the games let everyone have a fun time as they all celebrate the new graduate among them.

I have listed 15 graduation party game ideas that you can play during your graduation party to have a fun time. 

Now browse the list, take your pick, play the game, and watch everyone have an unforgettable time at your graduation party.

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