25 Thoughtful Graduation Gift Ideas For Girl Best Friend

In this guide, you will get at least 25 nice graduation gift ideas for your girl best friend.

25 Thoughtful Graduation Gift Ideas For Girl Best Friend

Think of getting your girl best friend and a gift and you don’t know where to start.

After spending a long time in school, and then finally graduation period fast approaching you can’t feel anything but excitement to be done with that phase of your life and move on to the next phase.

I’m pretty sure everyone loves graduation and we celebrate it with our best friends and those who mean a lot to us. And when celebration comes up then gifts are sure to be involved.

So if your girl best friend is about to graduate, then you would want to get her a nice gift to celebrate her graduation with her, to make her happy, and to show her how proud of her you are.

If this is what you are after, then you’ve come to the right place. 

In this guide, you will get at least 25 nice graduation gift ideas for your girl best friend.

25 Thoughtful Graduation Gift Ideas For Girl Best Friend

1. Sweet Scented Perfume For Ladies

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A perfume always makes for a nice gift no matter the occasion, so get your best friend one for her graduation.

It would be best if it was a perfume she likes but hasn’t worn in a while to make her nostalgic.

2. Personalized Best Friend Graduation Plaque

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This is one of the best gifts you can get your girl best friend to celebrate her graduation with her. 

Show her how much you are proud of her with this graduation gift idea.

3. Custom Grad Phone Case

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Let your girl best friend show off on her graduation with a custom grad phone case.

You can have her name customized on the phone case as well.

4. Pink Nike Snickers

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Doesn’t this look cute, get a pink Nike Snicker as a graduation gift for your best friend.

This would make a pretty nice gift especially if she loves pink. 

5. Strawberry Lip Gloss

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Sometimes the gift doesn’t have to be anything fancy, the thought behind it is what truly matters. 

This does make for a simple and nice graduation for your girl best friend.

6. Gucci Floral Gorgeous Gardenia Perfume

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This Gucci gorgeous gardenia floral perfume would leave your best friend smelling so nice, she would feel gorgeous and smell like pretty flowers.

7. Cute Pajama Set

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Who wouldn’t love a cute pajama set like this one? 

Put a smile on your girl best friend’s face with this graduation gift idea, and let her sleep that night feeling like a princess.

8. Sculpting Body Suit

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Anyone would feel amazing in their skin and body with a nice sculpting body suit like this one. 

As far as graduation gift ideas go, this is also a good one.

9. Grad Personalized T-shirt

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Have a Grad personalized T-shirt made just for your girl best friend, let her wear the T-shirt as she celebrates her graduation and all her hard work and accomplishments over the years.

10. Personalized Grad Mug

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I can’t think of any other graduation gift for your girl best friend that is simpler yet really cute than a personalized graduation mug.

11. Grad Gold Necklace

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This is beautiful don’t you think? 

Set your girl's best friend's mood up for her graduation celebration with this nice gold grad necklace.

12. Bath Bomb Gift Set

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Put a wide smile on your girl's best friend's face with this bath bomb gift set as a gift for her to celebrate her graduation.

13. Classic Zipper Tote Bag

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A classic zipper tote shoulder bag for ladies. 

Get your girl best friend to look really classy with this tote shoulder bag. 

Tote bags make nice presents, so get your best friend one today.

14. Heart Pearl Earrings

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One word for this is gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. 

You can’t go wrong with a gift like this, your best friend is sure to love and feel loved with these heart pearl earrings as a graduation gift from you.

15. Lip Glow Oil

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Girls love lip glow oil, so why not get your girl best friend one for her to celebrate her graduation, one special lip glow oil from you her best friend?

16. Foundation Makeup Brush Set

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Get that makeup done girl!

Have your girl best friend look like a snack on her graduation day as she gets her foundation makeup done with this foundation makeup set. 

17. Nina Ricci Fragrance

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Nina by Nina Ricci!

Getting perfumes is a really nice graduation gift idea, go for Nina by Nina Ricci for ladies and have your girl best friend smell like a queen all the time.

18. Instax Mini Camera

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Once there is a celebration, there is the overwhelming need to take pretty pictures, and what best way to do that than with an Instax mini camera. 

Make it a graduation gift our your best friend and have her take amazing pictures with it.

19. Personalized Scented Graduation Candle Gift

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Your room and house are sure to smell nice with a scented candle. 

Have one personalized for your girl best friend and gift it to her as a graduation present.

20. Graduation Bangle Bracelet

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Show your best friend how proud you are of her as she graduates by getting her a graduation bangle bracelet.

You could even have it personalized if you have the time.

21. Silk Scrunch Set For Hair

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Get that hair packed in different styles with silk scrunch. 

Let your best friend have her hair packed in different styles with this pretty silk scrunches set.

22. Personalized Graduation Picture Frame

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Surprise your best friend with a personalized graduation picture frame with heartfelt words, and remind her of how much you love her and how much she means to you.

23. Personalized Best Friend Graduation Quote

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Remind your girl best friend with a graduation quote how much your friendship with her means to you, how you’re lucky to be her best friend, and that she’ll always have a place in your heart.

24. Personalized Jewelry Box

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The thoughtfulness behind a personalized gift cannot be matched. 

A personalized jewelry box is a really good graduation gift idea, so have one made for your best friend as her graduation draws close.

25. Fashion Classic Designer Glasses

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Gift your best friend something high fashion and classy, like classic designer glasses. 

If she loves sunglasses, she is going to love this one as a graduation gift.


As your girl best friend's graduation is fast approaching, and when there is graduation there is bound to be celebration, and where there is celebration there are bound to be gifts. 

To get your best friend a good gift is not as hard as you might believe, you just have to know the kind of things she likes or just gift her something from your heart she’ll love it.

But if you are having trouble finding something that would make for the perfect graduation gift, just check out the 25 graduation gift ideas we have provided for you above.

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