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16 Easter/Spring Decorations Ideas To Recreate

You can create your own Easter/spring decorations or get professional ready-made décor to use around your home to make your home look wonderful both..
16 Easter/Spring Decorations Ideas To Recreate

As Easter keeps getting closer with every passing day, are you having a hard time choosing what kind of decorations you want for your Easter celebration?

It doesn’t matter if you’re hosting an Easter celebration, or hosting an Easter dinner, or you’re not hosting anything, you’re just excited to welcome the spring season, you have to decorate your home for Easter.

That is just how it is, and there are so many ways to go about the decorations. 

You can make homemade (DIY) decorations, or get professional decor, like those ready-to-go Easter decorations they sell on Amazon and so on.

We’ve decided to make decorating your home for Easter easy for you, that’s why we’ve created a list of Easter/Spring decoration ideas that you are going to love, and that would bring the joy of Easter to your home.

16 Easter/Spring Decorations Ideas To Recreate

1. Spring Lantern Centerpiece 

Easter/spring decoration ideas

This spring lantern centerpiece is perfect for an Easter table, set on the table so everyone can see it as it beautifies your home. 

Make a bunny nest inside the lantern, put colorful Easter eggs and stuffed Easter bunny then place carrots outside and on top of the lantern to finish up the décor.

2. DIY Beautiful & Cheerful Easter Egg Tree

Easter/spring decoration ideas

This Easter egg tree isn’t just beautiful, it is also cheerful, as it makes your living space lively and cheerful. 

It is easy to put together, all you need is a flower vase, some twigs with lots of branches, colorful Easter eggs, and colorful ribbons to use to attach the eggs to the tree.

3. Easter Carrot Tiered Tray Décor

Easter/spring decoration ideas: tray

These carrots come in a set of three, but they can be purchased in a set of two or even one. 

The carrots are made of soft fabric that makes them have a comfy feel, and they are adorable with different colors and designs. 

They are good to decorate on tiered trays, shelves, and small vignettes and they can be added to wreaths.

4. Easter Topiary Ribbon Tree

Easter/spring decoration ideas: tree

Add that fancy touch that is missing in your Easter décor with this lovely Easter topiary ribbon tree. 

It is perfect to decorate a shelf or mantel with, it is made with eleven different colorful ribbon patterns, with a jute bow and glittery egg at the top, the tree is in a Terra cotta pot filled with foam and floral moss.

5. Easter Carrot Candlestick 

Easter/spring decoration ideas for table

An extremely pretty Easter carrot candlesticks décor. 

They have lovely texture and dimension, each candlestick has one large carrot, with designer ribbon, florals, and carrots. 

This is a very welcoming Easter décor that your guests would love and admire, they are perfect for a table, mantel, or even kitchen island.

6. Easter Carrot Balloon Egg Front Lawn Décor

front lawn decor ideas for easter

When setting up your Easter/Spring decorations, and your home has a front lawn, then you can recreate this Easter/spring decorations idea. 

Get different sizes of orange egg balloons and get green long balloons, attach the orange balloons from the smallest ones at the bottom to the biggest ones at the top to form a carrot then use the green balloons to make the carrot top. 

Make as many as you can and place them standing on your front lawn.

7. Bunny Floral Carrot Wreath

Easter/spring decoration ideas for door

This front door wreath is just beautiful. 

Fill the wreath with lovely flowers of different colors, orange, red, green, and white, use colorful ribbons to hold the flowers on the wreath, then place a green Easter bunny inside the wreath with two carrots on both sides. 

Let this beautiful wreath welcome your guests to your home.

8. Spring/Easter Front Porch Décor

Easter/spring decoration ideas for front porch

Make your front porch a Greenland by decorating it with lovely greenery. 

First, hang a beautiful green flower wreath with a ribbon in the middle, then place two lovely green Easter trees with ribbons and carrots attached to them on both sides of the door,  and a green Easter door mat that says “Happy Easter" that has a bunny holding lots of carrots.

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9. Front Porch Bunny Floral Lantern

Easter/spring decoration ideas

A simple yet beautiful front porch décor. 

First, you need an adorable hydrangea bunny and a lantern that is the perfect size for the bunny to nest in. 

Then get a lovely lantern stand that can also house flowers, fill it with a bouquet of pretty flowers, then place the bunny-nested lantern inside the flowers on the lantern stand.

10. Carrot Bunny Floral Chandelier 

Easter/spring decoration ideas for ceiling

Setting up your home Easter/spring décor means leaving no stones unturned. 

Increase the beauty of the decorations by decorating your chandelier for Easter with lovely flowers, small carrots, and a cute Easter bunny holding three big carrots that get to the top of the chandelier.

11. Easter Porch Carrot Garland

Easter/spring decoration ideas banner

Turn your front porch into a garden of carrots.

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This front porch carrot garland is lovely and very welcoming, your guests are so going to love it just from looking at it from a mile away. 

Attach nice cardboard carrots & bunnies to green flowers and place Them on both sides of the door and over the door.

12. Easter Bunny Pushing An Egg Cart

Easter/spring decoration ideas for front porch or patio

Your kids are so going to love this Easter bunny décor. Get a cute big Easter bunny and a nice cart, fill up the cart with lots of flowers, green, pink, and yellow flowers. 

They place big colorful eggs inside the cart to make it an egg cart, then place the Easter bunny at the back of the cart.

13. DIY Button Egg Topiary 

Easter/spring decoration ideas topiary

This is creativity at its peak. 

Create a lovely colorful button egg topiary, first you need a Styrofoam egg, lots of pins, a wooden dowel, floral foam, a flower pot or flower container, and lots of colorful buttons to set this up. 

Pin the buttons to the Styrofoam eggs, make sure you cover all the spaces as best as possible, stick the wooden dowel into the egg, and place the other end of the dowel into the flower pot filled with floral foam.

14. Happy Easter Banner

Easter/spring decoration ideas for chimney

Decorate your mantel fireplace with this lovely Easter banner. 

Get a different banner piece that spells out “HAPPY EASTER" with each word being a different color on a separate piece, use a rope that is the same color as the banner pieces, and attach it to your fireplace from one end to the other.

15. Easter Bunny Banner

Easter/spring decoration ideas for wall

A lovely simple Easter kid-friendly bunny banner décor. 

This décor is perfect for the walls inside the house, you can design many and make sure every corner of the walls in your house has one hanging on it. 

Get bunnies made from glitter cards and glitter cards, and attach them to a rope with each end starting with a glitter bunny.

16. DIY Easter Bunny Flower Tray

Easter/spring decoration ideas for table

A simple Easter/spring décor for your table. 

Use materials you have in the house to arrange this décor, first you need a nice white table tray, two Easter bunny vases, one fabric stuffed bunny, a clear flower vase filled with lovely flowers, two big empty glass candle stands with big colorful Easter eggs in them. 

Then place all of it inside the tray and you are done.


Remember that you don’t have to celebrate Easter to decorate your home for Easter/spring, as it is a joyful time even without an actual celebration or serious party. 

You can create your own Easter/spring decorations or get professional ready-made décor to use around your home to make your home look wonderful both inside and out.

You can’t go wrong with these lovely 16 Easter/spring decoration ideas that we have listed for you to recreate as you celebrate Easter this spring.

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