12 Best Easter Crochet Patterns That You Can Copy

Crocheting is pretty much one of the best activities to engage in during the Easter season, you can make so many things from Easter eggs, to Easter...
12 Easter Crochet Patterns That You Can Copy

Is crocheting an activity you love doing, so now you need nice crochet patterns for the upcoming Easter/Spring holiday?

There are so many crochet patterns out there that can be made for Easter, there is hardly any other activity that is better to engage in during Easter and springtime than crocheting.

We have prepared a list of 12 lovely crochet patterns, from baskets to eggs to bunnies, with these patterns, you can create beautiful Easter décor, that can be displayed and some are even wearable.

Let’s now explore the list below.

12 Easter Crochet Patterns That You Can Copy

1. Easter Chick Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Easter Crochet Patterns

A creative Amigurumi crochet of a chick coming out of an egg, it is cute and sure to make you and your family happy during Easter. 

Your kids are surely going to love this; get the crochet pattern here.

2. Amigurumi Crochet Little Bunny

Easter Crochet Patterns

Wow, this is just so cute, a very creative little bunny crochet. 

It is perfect for a gift especially if it is a gift for kids, it would be nice to use as a décor too though, it would add a cute look to whatever space it is used on.

Get the crochet pattern here.

3. Chic Crochet Spring Bunny

Easter Crochet Patterns

Just from the first glance, you can tell that this is a girly crochet bunny. 

It is very chic and girls of any age would love to have this spring crochet bunny as a décor for their room or living space, it can even make a nice toy for a little girl.

Get the crochet pattern here.

4. Crochet Easter Peep

Easter Crochet Patterns

It is a very cute Easter peep, it is even more adorable because of the size. 

Have these around the house for your Easter celebration and anyone who sees them would love it. 

They can be made in all sorts of colors; get crochet pattern here.

5. Crochet Bunny With Easter Egg

Easter Crochet Patterns

These Easter crochet bunnies with Easter eggs are really good for decorating the home during Easter, they make lovely décor for a mantelpiece.

They can also be used as Easter gifts; get crochet pattern here.

6. Crochet Easter Egg Bunny

Easter Crochet Patterns

An incorporation of Easter eggs and Easter bunnies into one. 

The eggs are also the bunnies, they are perfect for decorating at Easter time, this crochet bunny is inspired by spring, bunnies, Easter eggs, and pretty ribbons. 

Get a crochet pattern here.

7. Easter Crochet Minions Egg

Easter Crochet Patterns

Reinvent your Easter crochet pattern with this lovely Easter minion egg crochet. 

I love despicable me, especially the minions, if you do too then you should consider crocheting this lovely piece.

It works as a hook holder and a place to keep your Easter chocolate eggs.

Get the crochet pattern here.

8. Basic Easter Crochet Basket

Easter Crochet Patterns

A simple-looking crochet basket that can be filled with Easter eggs, this crochet pattern is easy enough for even beginners with not much experience can make it. 

This does look amazing; get the crochet pattern here.

9. Crochet Drawstring Carrot Treat Bag

Easter Crochet Patterns

A cute crochet pattern, it is crochet design is made into a carrot, and it is a drawstring treat bag that is perfect for giving pit treats during Easter/Springtime. 

It is easy and quick to stitch up and put a smile on people's faces by filling up this treat bag with lovely wrapped candies.

Get the crochet pattern here.

10. Bunny Crochet Cup

Easter Crochet Patterns

Crochet bunny baskets that are cup-sized, so we refer to them as bunny cups. 

They make a perfect candy treat holder, it is easy to make and they are great to give out as gifts for Easter or Springtime. 

Get the crochet pattern here.

11. Free Crochet Easter Eggs Pattern

Easter Crochet Patterns

These are mini crochet egg patterns, despite how simple they are, these crochet eggs are perfect and beautiful for your home décor. 

They are easy to make, you can make them in different colors, and they are great for stash busting. 

Get the crochet pattern here.

12. Bunny Beanie With Ears

Easter Crochet Patterns

A super adorable bunny beanie with ears, it is a perfect gift for an Easter celebration. 

Gift it to a little kid and watch the kid pretend to be a bunny, the kid would look adorable and he/she would love it extremely.

Get the crochet pattern here.


With lovely crochet patterns, you can make your Easter/Spring very special, use the patterns for unique and lovely decorations, use them as gifts, can even make some just to give to your family members.

Crocheting is pretty much one of the best activities to engage in during the Easter season, you can make so many things from Easter eggs, to Easter baskets, and nice Easter bunnies.

There are so many crochet patterns out there to recreate for Spring/Easter, we made it easy for you by listing 12 nice crochet patterns for you to indulge yourself in and recreate.

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