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16 Easter Crafts Ideas To Sell For Money

Celebrate rebirth with friends, family, and loved ones, but you can also make it a time to put some extra cash in your pocket with some nice Easter cr
16 Easter Crafts Ideas To Sell For Money

Is there a craft show coming up during the Easter/spring holiday, and do you intend to make some nice Easter crafts to sell?

Easter is a time of gathering many people like friends, family, and loved ones alike, to celebrate a period of rebirth just like how Jesus Christ died and rose again (rebirth). 

It is a perfect time to test your abilities and how creative you can be by making some nice Easter crafts that you can sell at a craft show or craft fair, to make some extra cash during the holiday.

So, we have decided to help you along by creating a list of Easter craft art that you can recreate on your end, be it lovely DIY Easter crafts/art or some other ready-made crafts that can also be recreated.

Let’s explore the list below

16 Easter Craft Ideas To Sell For Money

1. Easter Deco Mesh Wreath

DIY Easter Deco Mesh Wreath

This Deco mesh wreath is really pretty and colorful, despite how it looks it is easy to put together. 

You can have a lot of fun while you make this lovely Easter craft to sell, and make as many as you want.

2. Painted Wooden Easter Eggs

DIY Painted Wooden Easter Eggs

Another simple Easter craft idea that you can get on. 

Decorate wooden eggs with lovely patterns that are made from vinyl tape.

If you decide not to sell these lovely wooden eggs, they can make for nice Easter décor in your home as well.

3. Adorable Easter Bunny Butt Bunting Banner

DIY Easter Bunny Butt Bunting Banner

Kids are going to love this Easter bunny butt-bunting banner, so it will sell quickly. 

Make your Easter craft fun and adorable with this easy-to-make bunny butt Bunting banner.

4. Yarn Wrapped Easter Egg Wreath

DIY Yarn Wrapped Easter Egg Wreath

A lovely Easter egg wreath that is colorful and vibrant. 

It is easy to make with some plastic Easter eggs wrapped in yarn, faux grass, and a lot of hot glue. 

Anyone would want to get this for their front door.

5. Easter Grapevine Bunny Butt Wreath

DIY Grapevine Bunny Butt Wreath

Go rustic with this Easter wreath idea. 

Create a nice wreath with grapevines, then add a nice bunny butt or bunny bottoms as it is properly called. 

It is simple to make, it is not expensive, and rustic lovers would want this piece.

6. DIY Mini Bunny Easter Baskets

DIY Mini Bunny Easter Baskets

Create mini bunny Easter baskets that you can sell, people would love these adorable bunny baskets. 

They can be filled with goodies like candy, gifts, toys, chocolate, and so on.

7. DIY Easter Porch Sign

DIY Easter Porch Sign

A really simple and creative Easter craft idea. 

This craft is easy to put together and almost anyone can do it, it is catchy and people would love to buy it, people love buying pretty and catchy Easter crafts.

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8. Dollar Tree Easter Egg Wreath

Dollar Tree Easter Egg Wreath

Put together this pretty-looking Easter egg wreath craft with dollar tree items. 

This dollar tree egg wreath is colorful, shiny, beautiful, and fun to make, it is also easy especially if you have a crafting experience.

9. DIY 4-Foot Easter Egg Topiary 

DIY 4-Foot Easter Egg Topiary

This a highly creative Easter craft idea, utilizing lovely Easter egg picks. 

Make a colorful Easter egg topiary that is significantly tall, with nice flower vases, Styrofoam, colorful eggs, ribbons, and Easter egg picks.

10. Moss Covered Bunny Door Hanger

DIY Moss Covered Bunny Door Hanger

Love this Easter craft idea, it is creative and unique. 

The best part about this moss-covered bunny door hanger is it is really easy to put together without much stress, people would rush to buy this.

11. Fuzzy Grass Easter Bunny

DIY Fuzzy Grass Easter Bunny

There are so many lovely Easter craft ideas to bring made, and this is one of our favorites. 

This fuzzy grass Easter bunny is cute and has a fuzzy texture that anyone who holds it would love, this piece would sell a lot

12. Bunny Butt Flower Pot

DIY Bunny Butt Flower Pot

Bring your bunny butt ideas to life with this lovely bunny butt flower pot craft. 

The bunny butt has made of white pom pom, get a little pot of flowers and place the pom pom in it to make seem like the bunny is digging in the garden.

13. Quick & Easy Colorful DIY Easter Wreath

DIY Easter Wreath

Creating colorful crafts for Easter is genius, I mean who wouldn’t like a colorful and pretty Easter wreath like this one? 

It is made with different colors of net sponges, like green, blue, purple, pink, and yellow, and filled with different colors of jellybeans.

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14. Thread Wrapped Easter Eggs

DIY Thread Wrapped Easter Eggs

This Easter craft idea comes together easily, and it doesn’t take much time to make it too. 

Use daily thread, faux Easter eggs, and some other easy-to-find materials to put this thread-wrapped Easter egg craft together.

15. Easter Candy Topiary Centerpiece

DIY Easter Candy Topiary Centerpiece

Get the sweetness out there for everyone with this Easter craft idea. 

Put together a sweet candy topiary with those Easter sweets that you love, they are perfect for an edible centerpiece. 

Make as many as you can, these are guaranteed to sell out quickly.

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16. DIY Faux Faberge Egg

DIY Faux Faberge Egg

A very pretty faux Faberge egg.

It is easy to put together so you can decide to make as many as you like, you can even improvise to make yours look different and unique when making this lovely Easter Faberge egg craft.


You can make your Easter holiday not only a time to celebrate rebirth with friends, family, and loved ones, but you can also make it a time to put some extra cash in your pocket with some nice Easter crafts.

There are so many Easter craft ideas out there, from Easter wreaths to colorful eggs, to creative centerpieces, to cute bunny crafts, and sweet craft ideas like candy topiary trees and so on.

We have made it easy for you to create your own Easter craft to sell at the upcoming Easter craft show or craft fair, with these lovely 16 Easter craft ideas.

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