20+ Walk-in Closet Ideas That Are Quite Practical

If your walk-in closet lacks the proper design, even the extremely big ones would still feel like it is lacking storage space. Not to worry I...
best walk-in closet ideas

Are you thinking about getting your walk-in closet, and you are looking for how to style it to come out amazing like a lot of walk-in closets out there?

Everyone has at one point or the other dreamt about having a luxurious or dreamy walk-in closet, as it offers a nice and quiet storage space where you can prepare yourself for a new day.

However not all walk-in closets are very big or look extremely expensive, there are ways to design your walk-in closet to look as simple as possible, despite it performing all that you need it to do. 

If your walk-in closet lacks the proper design, even the extremely big ones would still feel like it is lacking storage space. 

But not to worry I have some nice walk-in closet ideas for you that would suit every need you have.

20 Walk-in Closet Ideas That Are Quite Practical

1. Narrow Long Walk-in Closet

narrow walk in closet ideas

A walk-in closet should look creative, seeing as it is a place where all your outfits are stored, and where you would get dressed in whatever outfit you pick for the day. 

You can recreate this walk-in closet style with lots of drawers on the side, an open space to store bags at the top, two different hanger parts, and two separate show parts.

2. Glass Door Wide Walk-in Closet


A spacious walk-in closet, I love this closet idea as it isn’t too big nor too small, a somewhat perfect size. 

It has a side storage part just for bags, top storage for traveling boxes, hanger storage, drawers where you can store more private wear, a beautiful cream-colored rug, and a nice floor cushion where you can sit and put on your outfit.

3. Have Your Closet Items Grouped


Having your items in your closet grouped is a nice way to utilize small walk-in closet space.

It also helps you to easily get dressed for the day as you can easily find what you are looking for. 

This closet has a long hanger space, a space mainly for shoes, drawers for more private wear, and a top space for blankets & bedsheets.

4. Bedroom Partition Walk-in Closet Idea


We love the creativity of this walk-in closet, partition your bedroom to make out a nice narrow but long walk-in closet. 

Set it up with two hanger storage spaces, a separate storage space for shoes, and another one for sneakers only, 6 drawers at the bottom, and a top storage space to store anything you like.

5. Wooden Wall Walk-in Closet


The creative design never ends with a unique style for a walk-in closet with walls made out of wood. 

This closet is very spacious and can house anything you want, with different hanger spaces for shirts, different hanger spaces for jackets, bottom storage for shoes, and top space for traveling boxes, you can also hang your TV on the wooden wall to face your bed in the bedroom.

6. DIY Elegant Walk-in Closet


You don’t need to go all out with your walk-in closet design to get an elegant Walk-in closet. 

Check out this improvised Walk-in closet with a nice long closable curtain to separate the bed space from the closet. 

Then set up a top-to-bottom storage space, from travel boxes at the top to foldable cloths at the next space, a hangar space next, shoes at the bottom, and drawers at the side.

7. Luxurious Walk-in Closet Idea


Just by taking one look at this Walk-in closet, you can tell that this closet is luxurious and very beautiful, it is spacious and has storage space for pretty much anything. 

Different hanger storage spaces, 10 regular drawers, lots of shelve spaces, top storage space for bags and boxes, and a slide-in and out storage space where you can store your shoes and sneakers.

8. Master Bedroom Walk-in Closet


This is a really big and expensive walk-in closet, if you’re a fan of a really big master bedroom closet then this is one idea you would want to recreate. 

There is a storage space with drawers that serve as a table right in the middle of the closet, lots of open shelf spaces to store about anything, two inner closet spaces with doors where you have hangers, and a place for more private wear. 

9. Make Your Walk-in Closet a Relaxation Space


A multipurpose walk-in closet. 

Transform that big luxurious closet into a place where you can not only store your clothes and pick your daily outfits but also a space to relax whenever you want. 

Have two comfortable chair cushions with a small coffee table and a nice lamp in the closet, 6 hanger spaces for shirts, trousers, and jackets, 9 drawers, and top storage spaces for bags and boxes.

10. Stick to One Side Walk-in Closet


Utilize a small and narrow walk-in closet space by having the storage units on one side. 

Recreate this closet idea with long drawers that can easily house many clothes, long hanger space for shirts and jackets, top storage space for boxes and bags and a free space beside the drawers to be used anyhow you see fit.

11. Maximize Your Walk-in Closet Space


There are a couple of ways to maximize a small walk-in closet space, and this idea is highly recommended. 

Create lots of open storage space and have just 4 drawers for private wear, two hanger spaces one long and the other short, 4 long open spaces for boxes, blankets, and bedsheets, and other open spaces on the other side for any other items that you need to store.

12. Stylish Walk-in Closet Idea


It is a very simple and stylish walk-in design. 

This closet utilizes its storage space, with 5 hanger spaces at the top and bottom, 14 drawers to accommodate any private wear and other things, 7 small open shelves to store anything you like, and a tabletop for bags and boxes.

13. DIY Custom Walk-in Closet


The best part about DIY walk-in closets is the fact that you get to design them however you want, take this one for instance.

There is a round medium wall mirror, and lots of drawers designed with cabinet tops that can be used to store things as well and place décor, two hanger space, shoe space, and regular cloth space.

14. Fashion Lifestyle Walk-in Closet


A walk-in closet idea for those who love to Instagram their closet and show off their fashion sense. 

This closet can house a lot of nice clothes, shoes, and sneakers. 

The layout of the closet is nice with 6 drawers. 

The 6 hanger spaces top and bottom that are filled with cloths, with nice tiles, and an elegant space to take lovely pictures.

15. Beautiful and Colorful Walk-in Closet


If you have the space for such a beautiful closet and you love nice colors then you should consider recreating this walk-in closet idea. 

A mixture of red and white with most parts of the closet being red, 5 hanger spaces, 5 drawers, and lots of open shelf spaces, with a nice white floor cushion to spice up the color and décor.

16. Dreamy Walk-in Closet with Doors


A dreamy walk-in closet where you walk into the closet and still have the storage space covered with doors.

Outside drawer dressing cabinet with glass, shoe rack on the side with rotatable standing mirror, and the closet space itself with 16 storage spaces, that is 8 small spaces at the top and 8 regular-sized spaces below.

17. Masterful Walk-in Closet


Live like a master with this lovely walk-in closet idea, absolutely masterful. 

Decorated with a nice rug, a chandelier a comfy brown square-shaped floor cushion, a rotatable standing mirror that you can use to check yourself out at any corner of the closet, lots of drawers, a large shoe and sneakers space, top space for bags and boxes, and a few hanger spaces.

18. Super Tall Walk-in Closet


A tall walk-in closet where you require assistance to store and take things from some parts of the storage space. 

This Walk-in closet has a ladder and rails to help you get to certain places in the closet. 

Very spacious closet with a different section for just shoes, a different section for clothes which has mirror doors within the closet, and a nice big drawer cabinet with 6 drawer spaces.

19. Design Your Closet with Wallpaper


Add an extra touch to your walk-in closet when creating it with nice wallpaper which would add more beautiful to the closet space. 

7 open shelf spaces for bags boxes and little décor, a single hanger space, bedsheets storage space, 5 spaces for shoes, and 3 drawers.

20. Hallway Walk-in Closet


A stylish walk-in closet that looks like a hallway was converted into a closet; the length of this closet is amazing.

The length lets it house a lot of storage space, from 5 hanger spaces at the entrance and end of the closet, 10 drawers, and lots of open shelf spaces where you can store pretty much anything you want.


Remember that you can have just about any type of walk-in closet you want if you have the space, the right idea, and the money to design the closet just how you want it to be.

Despite the space of a walk-in closet, if it isn’t properly styled, it might still seem small or like it lacks the necessary storage space to house all that you want it to.

Check out these 20 walk-in closet ideas that we have listed for you above and create that dreamy or luxurious Walk-in closet that you have always wanted.

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