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7 Best Colors To Paint A Laundry Room

You don’t have to worry much about some of these nice colors to paint your laundry room, because I am here to do that for you...

Don’t like how your laundry room looks like and you are contemplating on what would be the perfect color to paint the room to make it look better?

To set the mood of your laundry room you would need to paint it with nice colors that you might not use anywhere else in your home as a whole.

Whatever size your laundry room is, you can get it painted with nice colors that leave it vibrant, neutral, beautiful clean, or even playful looking, either way, there are lots of nice paint ideas for a laundry room.

You don’t have to worry much about some of these nice colors to paint your laundry room, because I am here to do that for you. 

Let’s take a look at some of the best laundry room paint colors.

7 Best Colors To Paint A Laundry Room

1. Gloss Green Fog


We start the list with the gloss green fog paint, this is a lovely paint color to paint your laundry room with to give it a makeover and leave it vibrant looking. 

One of the best parts of this gloss green paint is stains on the walls can get wiped off and the paint still retains its shiny beauty.

2. Matching White


A fun way to have your laundry room looking cool and fun is with a nice white paint color. 

It always helps to match the décor and washing machine in the room. 

A color that would attract in the laundry room.

3. Bright Fun White with a Touch of Yellow


Have your laundry room looking super bright, fun, and lovely with this bright white color. 

This bright white color sets the mood of the laundry room and it is even better with the touch of yellow, which is added with the yellow lime design added to the walls.

4. Pure White and Evergreen


Nothing or no rule says you have to paint your laundry room with one color, you can mix up the color like that in this picture. 

We love this color pattern with the roof painted white to match the window, wall shelf, washing machines, and evergreen for the wall to add depth to the room.

5. Bright Cream Color


Some colors were just meant to be used in laundry rooms to add depth and make the room look more live, fun, and better in every way. 

If you want to have a makeover for your laundry room then this bright cream color is a good choice for you. 

It goes well with the yellow color of the shelves and cabinet.

6. Spark With Pink


A lovely paint color that would leave your laundry room looking so chic, a perfect paint color for a laundry room owned by a lady. 

You can also go ahead to get items like laundry baskets in the color Pink to add a matching taste to the pink paint color.

7. Glitter Wall Paint


Bring out the shine of your laundry room with glitter wall paint

A space where you do your laundry, and where you keep your clothes clean, should also be clean, vibrant, and shiny in every way possible. 

Warm up the room with this deep shiny laundry room glitter paint color.


A nice secret to having a lovely paint color for your laundry room is picking a color you love especially if it is a bright and lovely color and a color you likely haven’t used anywhere else in the house. 

The size of your laundry room matters very little when you want to give it a makeover with a nice paint color, also you can mix and match colors, not just use a single color in the room.

I hope you have been able to find a nice vibrant, fun, clean, cool, and nice laundry room paint color in this guide from the list given above.

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