20 Cute and Easy Galentine's Day Party Theme Ideas

Galentine's Day is one of the best days of the year for a girl, having to celebrate the bond and friendship they have with their good, close, and best

20 Cute and Easy Galentine's Day Party Ideas

Are you looking to celebrate Galentine's Day with your special friends, or best friend?

Galentine's Day is one of the best days of the year for a girl, having to celebrate the bond and friendship they have with their good, close, and best friends, this is something they often look forward to as a new year starts.

Meeting up with your friends that you have not had the chance to see or hang out with during the holidays and having a party with them.

Catching up, hanging out, and having a lot of fun, is something you would all love and enjoy.

Now the trick is how to throw a party for Galentines Day that would be lovely, memorable, and fun, without you breaking the bank so you and all your friends and best friends can have a wonderful time. 

20 Cute and Easy Galentine's Day Party Ideas

Now let us explore 20 cute and easy ideas for Galentine's Day party that you and your friends can enjoy without going overboard or breaking the bank.

1. Organize A Trendy Brunch For You And Your Girlfriends

Hosting a trendy brunch with a variety of meals available with drinks can be a nice Galentines Day idea. 

You can have brunch in a local restaurant around you. 

Or you can decide to host the brunch at your home, anyone that is most convenient for you, if hosting at home is your go then go for meals that are less time-consuming to prepare.

2. Go For A Photoshoot That You Have All Wanted To Go For

People don’t usually go for a group photoshoot especially when they get caught up with life, getting a group professional photo shoot can also be a cute and memorable idea for Galentines Day.

Having a beautiful photoshoot at a beautiful location outdoors especially can go a long way, this helps to embrace your femininity, getting your nails done, hair done, makeup, and so on while feeling so beautiful and special.

3. Organize A Picnic For You And Your Girlfriends

Picnics can be a really cute and fun way to celebrate Galentines Day, get a good location, get some food or preferably snacks for the picnic.

As long as there a nice weather, this idea can make your Galentines Day lovely and memorable, take lovely pictures, and have a whole lot of fun with your girlfriends.

4. Organize An Elegant Dinner Party At Home

Sometimes the best thing to do for a Galentines Day celebration is to have an elegant dinner party.

A private party at your home makes it easy for you and your girlfriends to feel comfortable and enjoy yourselves.

Get a bit of decoration, make some nice meals, get drinks, wear a pretty dress, get your nails, hair, and make-up done, and enjoy the evening. 

Everyone deserves to feel special and good about themselves.

5. A Dress Code Party

When organizing a little get-together for you and your girlfriends on Galentine's Day, you can set a dress code where everyone wears something similar to each other making you all look cute and allowing you to take glamorous pictures together.

6. Organize Gift Bags Filled With Goodies

You can get some nice gift bags to pack up some nice goodies for your girlfriends when they come around for Galentines Day, this makes for a cute idea, you can fill up the bags with candy, nail polish, lipsticks, chocolate, snacks, customized mugs, and other little party gifts.

7. Arrange For A Girls' Movie Night

Sometimes a simple girls' movie night can count as a cute and perfect way to celebrate Galentines Day with your girls, you can arrange heart-shaped appetizers for your friends while you guys have fun and enjoy the movie night.

8. Get Nice Drinks For The Day

You can order nice drinks, nothing too strong like some light pink wine or a nice red cocktail. Something you can all enjoy without being worried about getting drunk or anything excessive. 

Or you can mix some simple drinks to form something new and fancy that you can all enjoy.

9. Make Galentines Day Postcards

Making postcards is common for Valentines Day, this is also something that can be done on Galentines Day, it is a really cute idea to send out postcards. 

Make postcards for your girlfriends, say nice things in them, and remind them why you all love each other so much.

10. Go Bowling

Sometimes going out to have fun with your girlfriends on Galentine's Day can be just what you all need, especially when you haven’t had time to catch up in a while. 

Going out to bowl can be really fun and it can help you all bond so much more as you do so.

11. Get a Karaoke Microphone

For a fun activity you and your girlfriends can engage in on Galentine's Day, singing karaoke with a karaoke microphone and some music videos from YouTube on your TV screen can turn your home into a karaoke bar where you and your friends can have fun singing your best songs.

12. Make Some Interior Decorations

You can set up some interior decorations just for your girls on Galentines Day. 

You can write up something that means something special to you all, and get some red and pink decorations like balloons, flowers, heart banners, and so on.

13. Get Wall Arts

Getting wall arts that express heartfelt messages for your girlfriends or best friends is one of the things you need to have for Galentines Day, it makes the day feel a lot more special.

14. Go On A Girls' Shopping Trip

It can be funny sometimes how much ladies love shopping, planning a shopping trip for you and your friends on Galentine's Day. Going shopping on Galentines Day with your girls has its own taste and that can be something to savor, enjoy, and hold on to.

15. Have A Party in your Backyard

As far as throwing parties go, backyard parties can be really fun. 

Throwing one for you and your girls on Galentines Day can be just what you girls need, people prefer backyard parties most times anyway.

16. Bake Or Order A Galentines Day Cake

Who says baking or ordering of cakes can only be done on birthdays, well no rule says that. 

You can decide to get a nice cake for you and your girlfriends to celebrate Galentines Day.

17. Get Galentines Day Cupcakes

While hosting a Galentines Day party, you can easily get heart-shaped cupcakes, such tasty-looking colorful heart-shaped cupcakes that you and your girlfriends can eat and enjoy.

18. Arrange Galentines Day Games

You can make some nice games for Galentine's Day get-together with your girlfriends, some simple yet fun games that can make you and your girls giggle and have an amazing time together.

19. Have A Rom-Com Marathon

One of the many things ladies love is a good rom-com, having a rom-com marathon can be a good way to spend your Galentines Day evening with your girlfriends. 

Binge all those rom-coms you’ve all wanted to see for a long time.

20. Appreciation Postcards

You can arrange appreciation postcards for your girlfriends, to thank them for showing up to your party, get-together, or hangout. 

The postcard can also remind them of what you love about them, how you value them in your life, and how special their friendship is to you.


Making beautiful memories with your girlfriends and best friend on Galentines Day is something to look forward to every year on February 13th.

From organizing an indoor party to going for picnics and so on, there are so many cute ideas that you can choose from to have a wonderful Galentines day. 

So here are 20 cute Galentine Day ideas, celebrate with your girlfriends and make so many memories, as ladies you all deserve to feel special about yourselves as much as possible.

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