18+ Easy DIY Graduation Party Decorations That You’ll Want To Copy

In this guide we will provide you with graduation party decorations that you can get done yourself, that is DIY graduation party decorations.

Easy DIY Graduation Party Decorations

Looking for easy DIY graduation party decorations to fix up yourself?

Having a graduation party is something to look forward to after your graduation, spent so much time in school, years gone by working hard to have the best grades, and then it is time to move on.

Years fly by and school is done, now it is graduation time, you celebrate with your friends and joy fills the air. 

One of the best things about graduation is your graduation party decorations which is all you can think about.

Honestly to host a graduation party isn’t all that hard contrary to what most people might believe. 

In this guide I will provide you with graduation party decorations that you can get done yourself, that is DIY graduation party decorations.

18+ Easy DIY Graduation Party Decorations That You’ll Want to Copy

1. Organize a Themed Table

One of the best DIY graduation party decorations you can create is a themed table, you can decorate the table with items that fit into your chosen theme, be it a dessert table, a snack table, and so on.

2. Design Your Photo Booth

Can’t have a party without a photo booth, especially a graduation party.

A photo booth allows you and your friends and family to make lovely memories with pictures of that day.

3. DIY Candy Bouquet

It isn’t a graduation party if there are no candies, organize a candy bouquet yourself so everyone at the party can have something to munch on as they enjoy your graduation party.

4. DIY Curtain Fringe Backdrop

Feel good about yourself and your decorating skills as you arrange a DIY curtain fringe foil backdrop to beautify your graduation party and also make a cool photo booth spot for nice pictures.

5. DIY Tassel Garland

Create your tassel garland and use them as decorations around the house for your graduation party, they are sure to look adorable when you mix up the colors and patterns to match the chosen theme.

6. DIY Balloon Garland

Balloons are always a nice touch to a party, especially a graduation party. 

Make your graduation party balloon garland to your specific taste to have a nice and unique balloon garland.

7. Doughnut Wall

Who says your graduation party decorations can’t be edible, organize a doughnut wall with different flavors of doughnuts for everyone at the party to admire and eat from as they all enjoy the party.

8. Photo Memory Board

Put together your fun and cute pictures of you and your friends and your family for a photo memory board and have it on display for everyone to see. 

Wouldn’t that make for a nice decoration?

9. Giant Size Grad Balloons

Have a giant size grad balloon on display where it would be noticed by everyone, this can be any color from gold to red or pink or black, or any color that speaks to you. 

Personally, I prefer the gold balloons they are more elegant.

10. Have a Grad Themed Cake

Put more fun and more sweet delicacy to be had by your guests at your graduation party by having a cake, and not just any cake but a grad-themed cake.

11. Cupcake Stand

Have a cupcake stand on display, cupcakes with different flavors, they won’t just be there to be eaten but they will also beautify and compliment your graduation party décor.

12. Personalized Party Cups

Organize and customize your graduation party cups, what better way to make everyone participate in your graduation than with a graduation party cup for all guests at the party?

13. DIY Polaroid Photo Booth

Set up a DIY Polaroid photo booth that goes along with your preferred theme and sets the mood for everyone to take amazing pictures.

14. Personalized Grad Theme Napkins

Make it all about the graduation by making DIY personalized napkins. 

Don’t they just look really good? you can recreate this graduation party decoration to your specifications.

15. Cupcake Toppers

Get grad cupcake toppers and set them up for your graduation party, instead of having ordinary cupcakes, make them into grad cupcakes with grad cupcake toppers. 

This is a nice decoration.

16. Welcome Balloon Arch

Set up a DIY balloon arch, and have this on display as the first thing your guests see, welcoming them to your graduation party which would be so much fun.

17. DIY Hat Cake Plate

Have your graduation cake on display with this hat cake plate. 

It is easy, looks good, and gives the dessert table the perfect grad touch that it needs.

18. DIY Grad Thank You Cards

Organize a DIY thank you card, have them on display close to the exit and when it is time for the guests to leave hand one over to each guest, thank you cards are really important in a graduation party.


Setting up your graduation party is not as hard as you might think, all you need are some simple ideas and someone to point you in the right direction.

That is what we have tried to accomplish in this guide, pointing you in the right direction for your DIY graduation party. 

It is not something to be bothered about, you can organize an amazing graduation party by yourself.

We have listed some of the easy DIY graduation party decorations above, if you are interested in organizing your graduation party by yourself then browse through the list and pick the decorations to recreate that suit you best.

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