10 Insanely Cute Wallpaper Ideas For Dorm Rooms

In this post, you will see recommendations of insanely cute wallpaper ideas for your dorm room and where you can buy them.

10 Insanely Cute Wallpaper Ideas For Dorm Rooms

So, you just moved into your dorm and you are looking for a way to spice things up a bit?

Decorating a dorm room is very easy because of the size of the space per person; so, it doesn’t require much.

At the same time decorating a dorm can be a bit limiting due to space and keeping things minimal but somehow making your space as homely as possible.

Wallpapers are a good option for your walls instead of paint; easy to remove and last for as long as possible; also, they are cheaper than paint!

Even if your dorm room has a rule against sticking things on the wall, don’t worry you can always use the gentle adhesive that I will recommend in this post, they come off the wall without ruining the initial paint on the wall.

In this post, you will see recommendations of insanely cute wallpaper ideas for your dorm room and where you can buy them.

10 Insanely Cute Wallpaper Ideas for Dorm Rooms

Cute Wallpaper Ideas for Dorm Rooms
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When it comes to painting, you can’t change them or keep repainting them whenever you start hating the color; for a college student on low funds, this might be quite impractical.

That is why wallpapers are better in my opinion, and why I will be recommending some of my favorite ones in this post.

Let’s get started.

1. Decorate with checkered wallpaper

Checkered wallpaper for dorm rooms
credit: @honeyidressedthepug

Wallpaper | String lights | Tassel blanket

This light purple and white wallpaper is definitely a look you would want to copy for your dorm room.

It gives off warm cheery vibes and what else is better than that?

2. Decorate with tiny prints wallpaper

Tiny prints wallpaper Ideas for dorm rooms
credit: @thesydneyhargrove

Wallpaper | Neon Light

Depending on your preferences you could also keep things simple by using these peel-and-stick wallpapers on just a small area on your dorm room wall just like in this picture.

That way you will leave room for other decor like posters, string lights*, and more!

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3. Decorate with tiled wallpaper

Tiled wallpaper Ideas
@Shaela Ashley


I'm in love with this white tiled wallpaper idea for dorm rooms because of how homely it looks.

Want to appear really extroverted but put-together then is the style of wallpaper you should go for.

4. Decorate with patterned wallpaper

Preppy wallpaper for your dorm room
@Nashville Cotton

One of the best ways to achieve a preppy dorm room vibe is to through a wallpaper like this.

This hypnotic dark blue patterned wallpaper will make your room look so elegant and chic.

Also, if you like minimalism, this is a great way to stan' that.

5. Decorate with petals prints

Cute wallpaper for dorms
@Laura Smolen

Wallpaper | Poster | Mirror

This is a very cute wallpaper for a dorm room and I just love the "Home" poster on the wall.

All together, it gives off an insanely cute minimalist vibe to the room. 

6. Decorate your walls with gold prints

Gold wallpaper Ideas for dorm rooms

Similar wallpaper | Headboard

I love it when wallpapers matches the room or piece of furniture just like in this photo.

The little gold hoofs design on this wallpaper did not forget to do justice.

7. Decorate your walls with nature prints

@Futurist Architecture

Similar wallpaper | Bed sheets

If you love nature and all that comes with then get this wallpaper for your dorm room.

Although you could get actual dorm room plants* you can start with this if you are scared of splurging or the commitment that comes with being a plant mom.

8. Decorate with Boho garden prints

Wallpaper Ideas for dorm rooms
@Milton & King

Similar wallpaper | Headboard | Faux blanket 

This wallpaper is really fire, plus the lighting on the wall.

I love how it compliments the fur balnket and the white walls of this room, looks sophisticated and pink.

9. Decorate with colorful prints

Pink wallpaper Ideas for dorm rooms
@Vivian Ferne

Similar wallpaper | Bean chair

Angel wings, heartbeats, and rainbows all in one canvas, what more would one ask for? 

This wallpaper is so cute it almost hurts; why not wow your friends and roomie with this vibrant look?

10. Decorate with black Boho wallpaper

Boho wallpaper Ideas for dorm rooms
@Jessica Lux

Similar wallpaper | Throw pillows | Neon sign

This wallpaper is giving bohemian and vintage vibes and I love it.

If are a Boho type of gal then this should be a great addition to your dormitory room decor.


And that is all we have on “insanely cute wallpapers ideas for dorm rooms”, that are mostly peel-and-stick, and where you can buy them if you ever want to.

In summary, wallpapers are cheaper, more practical (you can always switch to new designs) than paint, and easy to remove when you don’t want them anymore.

Another thing we love about these wallpapers for dorm rooms is how cute they are especially the stars-themed ones.

So why not ditch the permanent paint and switch to wallpapers today, I promise you will be glad you did.

Hi there, I’m Peach; an almost extroverted fash-loving gal and the one behind this blog. I aim to bring to your screens all the nice things about beanies you will love.