10 Ridiculously Cute Wrapping Paper Ideas For Valentine's Day Gifts

Looking for wrapping paper to wrap up gifts or flowers on Valentine’s Day? Then you're in luck!
Cute valentine's day wrapping papers

Looking for wrapping paper to wrap up gifts or flowers on Valentine’s Day? 

Having to celebrate Valentine’s Day with someone you love is a special feeling, one that we all want to feel and enjoy with that special person in our lives. 

Making memories we would never want to forget, one that we would love to cherish and hold on to. 

So if you are planning to get a really nice gift for your partner for Valentine’s Day, and you need to get wrapping paper that would make the gift look even better when presented to your partner, then you are at the right place. 

Let’s have a look at some nice Valentine’s Day wrapping paper. 

10 Ridiculously Cute Valentine’s Day Wrapping Paper Ideas 

1. Lip print theme

You can never go wrong with lip prints wrapping papers; they are like the poster child for Valentine's Day gifts.

Perfect for gifts for a girlfriend, or best friend.

2. Letter theme

Best for wrapping items with a smooth finish; it is quite durable.

The design is not gender specific, so it is a good thing.

3. Vintage flower print

This is another wrapping paper design you can never go wrong with.

Vintage wrapping papers are quite gender-neutral but tend to lean towards females. 

4. Pink and red heart print

This wrapping paper is perfect for Mother's Day, Weddings, Christmas, Graduation, Baby Showers, Birthday, and of course Valentine's Day.

And it is a good thing it is reversible, the back is solid red and the finish is glossy. 

5. Red lip print

This reversible wrapping paper with red lip designs in front and little hearts at the back is simply the cutest. 

Perfect for girly gifts and this season. 

6. Preppy pink print

This pink Y2K theme is super cute for gifts for kids and adults on birthdays and special occasions.

Quite durable for a smooth finish paper. 

7. Black heart print

If you want to gift a casual friend or coworker then this is the perfect wrapping paper for it. 

8. Custom wrapping paper

Want to make things a little personal on Valentine's Day then getting your and your loved ones' picture printed on wrapping paper is quite thoughtful.

9. Dark theme

Recognize this wrapping paper?

Yes, they are mostly used for flowers but you use them for gifts for him.

10. Lightening theme

This pink-themed Valentine's Day wrapping paper is great for all kinds of gifts.

Perfect for Valentine, bachelorette, and even baby showers.


Packing a gift for your partner on Valentine’s Day needs to be done right, using a good wrapping paper with colorful designs is a good way to go.  

Whether you are gifting out flowers or another type of gift, getting these wrapping papers would make your Valentine’s Day together as a couple much more lovely. 

There is nothing as romantic and thoughtful as gifting your partner a beautiful gift all wrapped up, especially as a surprise on Valentine’s Day.

I hope this guide has been able to provide you with colorful and beautiful Valentine’s Day wrapping paper.
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