23+ Jaw-dropping January Nails And January Nail Designs Trends You Should Jump On

looking for nails to copy for your next nail appointment for this new month of January? If yes, then you are in luck...

Are you looking for nails to copy for your next nail appointment for this new month of January?

If yes, then you are in luck as today your inner eyes will be fed with jaw-dropping nails perfect for January, the first month of the year.

Jaw-dropping January Nails And January Nail Designs

January is a very looooong month, to say the least; it is in January that we find New Year's Eve events, and co.

So with all the events that happen this January, it is only safe to say that the most popular nail polish colors for January are red, brown, white, pink, and all the other serious or bold colors around the world!

In January, you can opt for brown or black colors too for classy and minimalist nail looks if you are not into bold colors like me.

23+ Jaw-dropping January Nails And January Nail Designs Trends You Should Jump On

Most people like me in the past used to consider January a very "serious" month so, I never look forward to it.

I have always hated the amount of attention paid to it; I prefer February, April, and every other month of the year.

Additionally, the best nail looks to go for in January are usually "serious" so expect some of them below.

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Well now, you know why I am super neutral about this month and all that comes with it.

With that said, let's get started on some of my favorite nail design Ideas for May. 

1. Pixie tips

Best January nails

Cray about short almond minimalist nails? Then consider these brown Frenchies.

The little white feather designs help give these sets a mocha pixie vibe.

2. Purple thunder

Best January nails

These hollow-looking nails that are trending now are getting creative. 

I love the white thunder lightning designs, it makes it unique, different from what you have been seeing all over the internet.

3. Metallic coffee

Best January nails

Metallic nails in nude colors will always be my favorite.

It's so stress-free and yet makes you appear all put-together when you have them on.

4. Pixie dust

Best January nails

If the nail you look like you want to go for this January, the start of a new year is soft and cute then get these set.

If you are scared of appearing too girly, you can always switch the baby blue to black.

5. Black stars 

Stars nail designs Ideas
Star nail designs, my love for you knows no bounds. 

These nail designs mean to me what metallic nails do; it's like you can just slap on any color and you are good to go. 

You can always replace the base color with a milky or jelly-white color and the stars can be any color; this is what I mean.

6. White & black swrils

swirl nail designs

Back in 2022 swirl nail designs were trending like no tomorrow but we guess the excitement has died down for now. 

But you can bring them back because there's something mysterious about jumping on an old trend. :)

7. Metallic grey

Best metallic nails for January 2024

Wearing these grey metallic nails this January is going to give off a 'boss chick' vibes so why not try it? 

If you trying to be a little dramatic, add black stars to them.

8. January jingles

Pink nails for January
To me, as long it's winter, every month is Christmas to me. 

If you are like me that doesn't like January at all, then definitely get snowflakes nails like these to piss it off.

9. Baby blue claws

Best blue claw nails ideas

I always have mixed feelings about these claws-looking nails and all I can say is "These nail techs are extra". 

Despite how I feel about them, I have been seeing them a lot all over the internet so who am I not to add them to this list? 

The baby blue makes this design a bit soft and I think if I ever want to get these types of designs on my nails, I would go for exactly these set.

10. Red swirls

Best red nails for January
Swirl nail designs again and this time in red. 

Red is a good color for these types of nail designs. 

I also love the fact that they added a white color to the swirls to tone the red color down a bit.

11. Blue & gold nails

Gold and royal blue are a very daring color combination but it appears fine here. 

If you want to know what it is like to look like royalty then get these set this January and find out.

12. V-shaped frenchies

Best January nails
V-shaped French tip nails are my favorite after the regular kind. 

This is because they are unique, but I prefer getting them in these exact colors or red.

13. Add a touch of neon

If you want to go a little crazy this January with your v-shaped French tips, you can always switch the white to another color like neon and some glittery magic!

14. Or go rainbow

And with a little bit of every color, you won't be able to miss out on anything this month.

15. Green January

Green is a not very popular choice for January nails but dare to be different. 

The marble designs give the forest green color a swirling vibe which is good.

However, getting these exact nail colors will require you to dress (black, gold, white, or brown clothes) to match them that is if you are anything like me.

16. Pink glitter

Pink glitter nails ideas
I know pink glitter nails is so last month but who says it can't be a thing now? 

With my hate for January not changing any time soon, I am going to keep recommending snowflake nails. 😂😂 

These pink glitter nails will pair well with most clothing and events including weddings.

17. Black abstract

Edgy nails for January

What is a new month without black nails?

I love black a lot and these black-and-white abstract designs are so edgy.

18. Red spider

Best Halloween nails
No, it's not Halloween yet but it wouldn't hurt to try out this beauty. 

Red means danger and what is the best way to mark your territory this new year than getting these set?

19. Checkmate

Edgy nails
Talk about edgy nails, these beautiful nails with chess designs are a look that I have been dying to copy. 

So if you are like me, you love black and you want an edgy nails vibe these January, copy these nails now.

20. Red Claws

Best red nails

The claws are back again on the list and this time in black and red. 

I like these nail designs but I prefer them in softer colors like baby blue or pink. 

However, if you are going for a daring and bold nail look this new year, you can always start with these designs.

21. Metallic blue

Best metallic blue nails
Metallic nails are my weakness and if you have read this whole post you will find out why. 

Get these set for good luck this new year and come back and leave me a comment.

22. Cow print nails

Best cow print nails 2024

Cow print nails are so 2021 but I'm bringing them back to your screens again because I could resist these sets.

And since January is the first month of every new year whatever nail you decide to get first has to be unique, different, and pretty too.

23. Lacey nails

January nail ideas

These fabric-looking nails are just gorgeous to look at.

I love the lace fabric detailing, very creative.

This looks like what I would wear to school but shorter.


And that is all we have for now on "January Nail Designs That Are Trending Now".

In summary, a couple of events happen for you in January and it is always best to keep your nail fashion updated as much as you can; I call it "riding the wave".

Also, January nails should be classy, bossy, cute, or just plain; in any moderate length, shape, or color, depending on your preferences.

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