The Best Way To Regrow Your Hair and Thin Edges (DIY & Organic)

Lucky for you, this is what I will be doing in this guide, showing you some of the best hair growth products and mixes that have worked for me and why
The Best Way To Regrow Your Hair and Thin Edges (DIY & Organic)

Edges are the most important part of the human hair; without them, a lot of hairstyles won't make sense to us.

When it comes to hair growth some people still believe that it is a natural occurrence and not doing anything helps.

I don't believe that so much due to my experience with trying to regrow my edges.

I struggled a lot with thin edges and very unhealthy hair for quite a while to know that letting your hair be will hardly aid in its growth.

From what I know, a lot of products and ingredients work very well, you just have to find THE ONE.

Lucky for you, this is what I will be doing in this guide, showing you some of the best hair growth products and mixes that have worked for me and why I honestly recommend them.

The 3 Best Ways to Regrow Your Hair and Thin Edges (DIY & Organic)

Re-growing your hair and thin edges is worth the investment and if you are serious about it you will be happy with the results in a matter of days.

The first step to inducing hair growth on your own is getting the right mixture of ingredients.

In the market nowadays, there are lots of organic and DIY products you can use.

I prefer the DIY ones that I mix by myself because I have somewhat sensitive hair; this means that I have to be extra careful with chemicals or any ingredients I am not sure of.

Moreover, what helped my hair and edges grow healthily was a DIY mixture I made myself.

Of course, I tried some organic products like the biotin-infused ones and co which worked btw but I felt more comfortable with my DIY potion due to my chemophobia.

Also, hair growth DIY mixtures are less expensive in my country. ;)

1. Cloves, rosemary, & olive oil (my holy grail DIY)

The first on this list is *drum roll* my favorite oil mixture for hair and edge growth.

The ingredients for this mixture are just 1/2 pure olive oil, 1/3 cup of rosemary, and 1/3 cup of cloves.

I make this hair growth oil by soaking the three ingredients overnight and then straining out the liquid later.

Some people prefer to boil everything together and squeeze out the juice after it's cool but I don't do that because I think heat might ruin some important ingredients.

To be honest, I discovered this recipe on TikTok and ever since then I have loved how well my hair adapted to it.

I usually apply it generously on my scalp with a spray bottle 3 times a week with a heat cap after.

I let it sit on my scalp for 2-3 hours, and then I wash it off to avoid staining my pillowcases.

To stop the hair rosemary and cloves growth oil from going bad you can always refrigerate it.

Additionally, I started seeing results in almost 3 weeks, I didn't notice this mixture changing my hair color as I have black hair; I didn't notice any stains on my scalp either.

The reason why this works is that rosemary itself contains an active ingredient known as eugenol, which promotes blood flow in the hair roots and thereby induces hair growth following a long period of use.

2. Castor & peppermint oil

Castor oil has always been a holy grail oil that can be used for everything even used in some skincare.

For peppermint oil, there have been serious claims that it helps with growing your edges and all, and here's why I believe them:

When I was searching for hair growth tips, I came across a lot of products like this one*  and most of them if not all contain peppermint oil.

That should tell you that it does something and that something is a good thing.

If I wasn't such a chemophobia I would have added castor oil to my DIY hair growth oil I mentioned previously but I wanted to keep things minimal.

So if you can get your hands on some peppermint and castor oil, using the same approach as my "DIY potion" above, you might have healthy hair in a matter of weeks.

3. Mielle hair straightening organic oil

This oil contains rosemary, biotin, peppermint, and other essential oils.

It is best for people with dry scalp and split ends who are also trying to re-grow their hair.

I used a bottle of this oil once during my hair growth journey and I loved it.

I am a sucker for natural ingredients, I loved and wasn't scared of most of the content of this hair growth oil.

However, I had the stop because I couldn't keep up with availability; I couldn't find this product almost anywhere in my country and when I did I wasn't sure if it was the real one.

Best Protective Hairstyles While Treating Thin Edges

While on the journey of re-growing your edges and hair in general it is best to avoid making your hair if you can.

If you can't, then you must limit any hairdos to the protective ones that way you avoid straining your poor edges. ):

Some of the best protective hairstyles for thin edges are:

1. Loose and low ponytails and buns

Yes and yes, if you want your edges to last you a lifetime avoid tight hairstyles.

That is why loose and low ponytails will help your hair life if you have thin edges.

These types of hairstyles don't usually put a lot of pressure on your edges so why not?

2. Box braids & Crochet braids

Braids can be a little tricky when it comes to getting them done while you are on a journey of hair re-growth.

However, as long as you are not making them too tight then it should be fine.

3. Cornrows with your natural hair

While I was on my hair growth journey, I had to be on natural cornrows all the time since I had thick hair and needed easy access to my scalp.

So, if you can, go for natural cornrows until you can see results from your thin-edged re-growth therapy.

4. Non-frontal wigs

Non-frontal or closure wigs are a must-have for any female human.

They are better than frontal wigs (the ones they use glue on), quote me anywhere.

They are safer for your edges in the long run too as they don't need glue to look "snatched".

If you can, avoid frontal wigs forever or wait till you are done with your hair growth journey.


And that is all we have on the best ways to grow your edges and hair again and the best protective hairstyles for thin edges.

In summary, rosemary should be the most important ingredient to include in any hair growth product and loose protective hairstyles will help your edges while you treating them.

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