How to spot fake c.c beanies like a pro

Want to know how you can spot a fake C.C beanie?

Spotting a fake C.C. (Cheveux Corp) beanie is the same process used in identifying counterfeit versions of other popular brands like Gucci, LV, and the rest.

Yes, it can be challenging because forgers often try hard to imitate the authentic product, and most can do that well.

In this post, you will learn how you can effectively spot a fake C.C. beanie.

How to Spot A Fake C.C Beanie

To spot a fake C.C. beanie, you will need to go through a couple of processes.

Some of them include checking the label for any abnormalities and the quality of the beanie in question.

You can also try to check the stitching style, the price of the beanie, and even where the beanie was originally bought.

Note: Before you go about trying to spot fake fashion items, make sure to familiarize yourself with the appearance and quality of authentic ones to avoid hurting the owner’s feelings in the process and it will also help you spot intricate differences as fast as possible.

Here is how you can spot a fake C.C beanie like a pro:

Step 1: Check the label

Everyone knows that authentic C.C. beanies always come with a C.C. label on them.

And not just the label, make sure that the stitching of the label is neat and detailed.

Also look for any weirdness, misspellings, or fading ink, in the way the C.C. is writing on the label.

Step 2: Quality of the beanie materials

Authentic C.C. beanies are known for their quality materials and are most often made from soft and cozy knit fabric.

If the material on the beanie you are suspecting might be fake feels cheap, scratchy, or just not right, then it's likely a fake.

Step 3: The stitching on the beanie

Carefully examine the stitching on the beanie just like how you did on the label.

Usually, authentic C.C. beanies typically have even and well-executed stitching.

If you notice loose threads, careless stitching, or any signs of poor artistry, it may be a fake.

Step 4: Price

Since C.C. beanies are best known for their quality, low prices could indicate it is a counterfeit.

If the price of the beanie seems too good to be true, this is a huge red flag unless it was bought in a thrift shop.

Step 5: Where the beanie was originally purchased from

This is also known as retailer reputation, if the supposed C.C. beanie was bought from a reputable retailer like Amazon, or the official C.C beanie website then chances are it is authentic.

Step 6: Packaging and purchase receipt

Authentic C.C. beanies sometimes come with branded packaging, so check the packaging for signs of authenticity too.

If you still have doubts, you can ask the seller for proof of genuineness, like a purchase receipt statement confirming the beanie is genuine.


And that is all the steps involved in spotting fake C.C beanies.

Despite the temptation to always trust one’s instincts it is best to always check the facts first before concluding anything, especially fashion brands.

In summary, to reduce the risk of buying a fake product be cautious and vigilant where you buy them from even though counterfeiters can be quite devious these days.