How To Hang Beanies On The Wall

Looking for ideas on how to hang beanies on the wall?

If yes, then you have come to the right place.

There are many ways to hang beanies on a wall, and no I'm not talking about hanging them on nails hammered to the wall.

Hanging beanies on nails is not effective in the long run because it will cause sagging and make your beanies lose their fit.

But, there are more practical ways to hang your beanies on the wall.

In this post, you will learn the best ways to hang a beanie on walls.

How To Hang Beanies On The Wall

The best way to hang beanies on walls is to use a hanger with cloth pegs like this one.*

To do this, you have to hammer a nail or two on your wall if you haven't already, fold your beanies in half, peg it to the hanger, and then place the hanger on the nail on your wall.

If you don't want to use nails for this tutorial, you can also place the hanger with your beanie(s) connected to it on a door or wardrobe handle, or even the metal protector on your windows.

These are the best ways to hang beanies on a wall to avoid sagging, ripping, or any tears.

However, placing your beanies in a drawer organizer is still one of the best ways to store them after washing.


And that is all there is to know about the best ways to hang beanies on a wall.

In summary, it is recommended you hang your beanies on those types of hangers that have cloth pegs.

That way it will not lose its fit or tear even if it is hanged for a long time.

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