How To Fix Channels Disappearing On Discord

How To Fix Disappearing Channels On Discord

Are the channels on your Discord server disappearing from view?

This is a known issue with Discord and it can be resolved very quickly. 

Discord servers are a great way to bring people together from all around the world with different interests. 

In every server, some channels house different interests; it could be on any topic ranging from movies, and languages, to games or even recipes.

In this guide, you will learn how to bring back disappeared channels on a Discord server.

Why Are Channels Disappearing On Discord?

The reason for this is not specific, it could be a bug, or you may have mistakenly muted the channels.

In a case where this disappearing issue is not caused by you muting the Discord channels unknowingly, you may have to check if you are using an outdated version of Discord.

How To Fix Disappearing Channels On Discord

To fix channels disappearing on Discord, you need to check if you have unknowingly muted those channels.

You can also update your Discord app on your mobile or desktop.

Additionally, improving your internet connection can fix this problem.

Method 1. Unmute the channels

As we mentioned, you may not be seeing some channels on a server on Discord because you may have unknowingly muted them.

To check if you have muted any channels, click on the dropdown button next to the channel category, tap and hold on any greyed-out channel, select unmute from the options and that's it.

Method 2. Update your Discord app

Another method is updating your Discord app from the Play Store or App Store depending on your device.

Once you have done this, you may now go ahead and check if the channels are back in the server.

Method 3. Switch to a better internet connection

If you have updated your Discord app and you still can't see the missing channels, your internet may be too slow to load the Discord server properly on your device.

To fix this, switch to fast mobile data or even a hotspot.


And that is how you can fix channels disappearing from a server on Discord.

All the methods in this guide have been proven to work very well especially for Discord mobile app users.

Additionally, if you are the Discord server owner you can create new channels if the methods in this guide did not work for you.

Other than that, you can contact Discord support for more help.

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