Can I Use CeraVe Cleansers And Vitamin C Serum Together? Answered

Can you use CeraVe cleansers with vitamin c?

If you are wondering if you can use CeraVe cleansers with Vitamin C serum, you are not alone.

It's no secret that Niacinamide when paired with vitamin C can irritate your skin and trigger breakouts and almost all the cleansers in the CeraVe skincare line contain the former.

Vitamin C on its own promotes skin brightening and has antioxidants that fight skin conditions.

However, it needs to be used in little percentages as using too much can increase the sensitivity of the skin which is why it is always advised to pair it with a good sunscreen.

Niacinamide on the other hand has similar properties except for the oil control part; that is it can be used in high percentages to achieve better results.

This means that due to the sensitivity of vitamin C, the two ingredients cannot go together, and using them can irritate the skin further.

But what happens when the Niacinamide is in a cleanser that you can just wash off? Can a vitamin C serum be used after or not?

Can I Use CeraVe Cleansers And Vitamin C Serum Together?

The answer to this question is yes, you can use any CeraVe cleanser that contains Niacinamide together with vitamin C serums.

Every skincare regime needs a good cleanser and most CeraVe cleansers are known to be gentle, non-foaming, and hydrating, so you can't skip that step.

Irrespective of the volatile reaction between the two ingredients and also your skin goals, both products are still important to the skin.

Another reason why you can use Niacinamide cleansers and vitamin C serums together is that cleansers are usually washed off after massaging them into your skin, and little or no residue is left behind.

Assuming you follow up with a non-niacinamide toner, the traces of the Niacinamide in the cleanser will almost cease to exist.

So when you apply your vitamin C serum after washing off the cleanser, the level of volatile reaction becomes low thereby making it quite safe for your skin.

Also, due to the sensitive state vitamin C leaves our skin in, dermatologists have advised that it should be used once a day, at night time paired with a broad spectrum sunscreen.

However, if your skin is prone to irritation and breakouts, you might want to consider a cleanser without Niacinamide, there are a lot of them in the market.

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Depending on your skin goals, Niacinamide, and vitamin C are important in every skincare routine, they both have different key benefits on the skin.

The verdict is that CeraVe cleansers that contain Niacinamide can be used before vitamin C serums, however, the cleanser should be washed off thoroughly before applying the serum.

Another conclusion is that vitamin C should be used once a day at night with sunscreen to minimize skin sensitivity.

However, if you have sensitive skin, you can always opt for cleansers that do not contain Niacinamide and pair them with any vitamin C serum, ask your dermatologist first.